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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The sickly bag hag returns :(

Ugh. I woke up today with a nasty throat. That, coupled with a few tense body muscles= flu- like symptoms. I needed to get some professional help. I had to take antibiotics just to get the inflammation down. It's horrible :( Anyway let me put you up to date with what's been going on.

Met up with the Metro gals the other night. Daph, Mel, Jo, and Fi. Fi is leaving this coming weekend for San Francisco (not London yet. I totally messed that up *hello earth to Mrs. T*), so we had a dinner get together at L'Opera. Ok, hags if you can't decide what to order there, I just want to recommend the Angel hair pasta with saffron and garden vegetables. I've been consistently ordering that there everytime I do get the chance to eat there, and the dish has been consistently good.

By the way, caught Daph "at work" fixing Fi's necklace and HAD to take a shot. Foreground is Mel's Fendi Mini Spy bag (ooh Mel your bag is sooo famous now hahaha).

And here's Fi with her Fendi WHITE Spy :) *don't forget to check out her pretty necklace by Daph!)

I guess the other night was Spy Night :D I am pretty perturbed with how I feel (physically and mentally *which is another issue*) sleep this off. Tomorrow will be better I hope (I better lighten up or I'll get pelted with tomatoes or worse, rocks!!). And for sure, more bag talk tomorrow.

P.S. thankfully I had not been able to post the other night because I totally biatched *hahaha*. Basically, I just bitched about not having a steady stream of "income" (hello dingding freelance writing= not a stable source of income *unless I become an OFW for a looong time :D*). I just get real slighted when people think that I have all the time in the world to go shopping and buy whatever I want-- peeps, I am a proud hands- on Mama. Plus, since the time I began this blog, have I not made it clear that I am BROKE (because of all the bags I bought last year hahaha)? *and that I did the economical thing by spring cleaning so I can buy more bags?*. Ain't life a biatch for you to know that! *harharhar* I love to be your taitai and all that, but alas, a taitai wannabe like me will need more than just the average daily socialclimbing to buy what I want... something called WORK. *muwahahaha* Anyway, enough biatching. Time to find work with VERY decent pay or no moolah to pay for household expenses (I junked the couch fund looooong ago), and worse, no moolah to fund a new bag! *Don't you just wish money grew on trees?!* (fine fine, take your potshots at this ditzy bag hag, but my life does NOT revolve on shopping for bags alone... although heyyy, I would LOVE to do that for a living... hehehe... so if you want a bag here where I'm at, let me know... Next week. I need to get well THIS week :D)

P.P.S. Oh and here's something that I sooo totally love. My best friend KG sent me this photo taken in Vancouver-- the HUGEST Hermes Kelly I have ever seen !! :D *Now THAT is what I call an HERMESSSSSSSS BAAAAAG :)* (KG: you, me and Cat can fit into that bag comfortably!!! *hehe and by the way, did you ask how much that bag cost? hehehe*)

Have a good looong weekend! Meanwhile I need to recover from this bug. I have cancelled my "work" meetings as well as consignment meetings to get some rest... Being sick is really a bitch :(

Hags, if you had questions or wanted to meet up for consignments and stuff, let's reschedule to mid next week. I would absolutely NOT want to spread my ill health around (even if it's not contagious *blech thanks Doc!*)



Blogger Bryanboy said...


8:03 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

holy flying F*..... that's one big Kelly! talk about one-upmanship. it's the bag that will settle once and for all who's boss. get well soon Mrs T!

8:36 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

OMG, that giant kelly is my husband's worse nightmare! he's probably hoping i won't want that! ha ha!

10:24 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...


12:59 AM  
Blogger jencc said...

hey, hag, get well soon. seeya maybe next week, huh?

-shampoo now makeup hag =)

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i love all the pictures of the bags that you post, it makes me feel better that i'm not the only bag crazy lady out there. i'm just curious though, why do you post pictures of all your friends, your friends with their bags and yet post no pictures of you?

we'd love to see pics of the bag hag with all her loot! :)

5:03 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

OH MY GOD. BIGBIGBIG! and i love the color of the leather too!

12:31 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

to anonymous about why i dont post my photo: Honey, i have a face only a blind parent could possibly love. So to post my photo on this blog would do everyone i know serious injustice for them associating themselves with such a hideous hag. *muwahahaha* if you recall, i did mention that obagi can do nothing to my face. in the end, im still ugly. sooo, that said, you are better off seeing the pretty faces of my friends. after all, thats the reason why i socialclimb (to make up for my ugly face!!) *MUWHAHAHA*

As for my bag collection trust me, i have very little compared to all the other hags here :) i'd rather just look at everyone else's stuff :D

sigh, gotta take a nap now. i now have the much dreaded cough (and my usual inflammed larynx)

5:04 PM  

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