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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shameless Plugging, "Swipe" Abuse, Lusting, ALL justified!

I can honestly never really justify my shameless plugging of my own bags (to sell), but if it belongs to a fellow bag hag, I can't help but talk about some of their bags that catch my eye.

Case in point. Chanel hags, pay attention here. This is probably PC's last bag which she will sell. This is a *woohoo* Jumbo Chanel 2.55 bag in an alternative style from the diamond quilt. This is a Caviar leather (more coveted than lambskin because it doesn't scratch as easy), and has vertical "quilt" stitching. The bag is HUGE, and the logo is HUGE :D *ooohoooo this is practically orgasmic for logomaniacs out there (err... me included)*

The bag measures 12"L x 9"H x 3.5"W and is so roomy. I can vouch for this because I also have a Chanel jumbo bag and it is perfect for packrats like me. You can shorten the strap by pulling it off from under the flap, and carry it like this, or carry it in its full length drop of 14" (bag drops down to the waist area) or you can also carry this as a body bag. The bag's interior has a hologram sticker with identification number on it, however the numbers have been rubbed off over time due to use of bag. But the bag, again is guaranteed authentic and will come with its original Chanel box. Asking price is Php 38,000. A new Chanel caviar 2.55 bag (not even in this jumbo size) already costs approximately Php 95,000. So you are only paying 40% of the original amount for this bag! At Php 38,000 this classic iconic bag is already a steal. And from what PC tells me, this is the last Chanel bag she is willing to part with. (I hope not girl, I am still eyeing your pink caviar tote.. hahaha sell it sell it sell it! I'll buy it hahaha *even if I'm supposed to be broke*) The Chanel caviar jumbo chain-leather strap tote is available at TRESORMAKATI.

Ok anyway on to the real news. Well, so much for being broke. I guess we hags find every single excuse to get ourselves something new almost every month-- expensive or inexpensive. Doesn't matter. Bottom line, something new, something tangible (I swear we all have "swipe" abuse issues!!!)

So today, as it was DT's first day of school, I sneaked off (an hour into class) and headed to Greenbelt 4 (the sinful edifice of indulgence *muwahaha*). I hoped to just "pass by" without incident. You know :) *but geez who are we kidding! Since time immemorial-- the time I needed a new couch (the time I HAD money to buy a new couch), I have not really successfully mastered that art of "just passing by". Today, because of all that "just passing by" visits, I STILL don't own a new couch. And by golly it's been almost a year since I mentioned needing a new couch, and I still have NONE!! Go figure! *scoff, idiot baghag!*

Nye nye nye... Anyway, I went into the YSL boutique to check out the La Boheme fringe bag (the bronze on I featured from neimanmarcus.com is not yet available, but they have La Boheme fringe bags with the horn handle for over Php 70K) and intricate leatherlacework Mombasa for someone who wanted my opinion on whether it is a buy or not. I looked at the bag, and quite frankly, liked it. Mucho. But I have to ask you (YSL bag hag in doubt) if you will use the white bag often or not. White leather bags can be quite notorius with dirt and marks if not used "correctly". When I say "correctly", I meant, make sure that the place you are going to with your white bag, is not gonna make your bag get in contact with factors that can cause it to mark. You can use the bag with jeans of course, but just make sure not to rub the bag against the denim (coz denim bleeds). Never, never put your bag on the floor, or if you plan to seat your bag, make sure the surface is clean and dry (I know, be OC if you have to, it pays off. Heck it's a white bag!). Our resident fashion guru DOP hates to see bags on the floor (I would too, especially if the bag is expensivo! *wink to BB*) So, all those factors aside, I think the YSL leatherlace Mombasa bag is beautiful. :)

Apres YSL, I passed by Louis Vuitton. You know, just to "pass by" and say hi to Abby. But we all know, there is no such thing as a "say-hi-kinda-visit" to "the house that monogram built" (in BB's words). You know your addiction takes over you once you set your foot into LV. And lo and behold. I heard myself asking for the Damier Alma (secret desire bag but never really bothered to get). Abby also shows me a Damier Speedy 30. Do I want one? Nope not this time. I was deadset on an Alma. I've been wanting one ever since but just never really solidified that "want" into a "need". But today, it ceased becoming a want. It was necessary to walk away with one. (Postscript: DH could only shake his head and laugh at this *hehehe* By the way, he paid for tuition this time. I guess next semester is my turn?! *ohpleaseplease let me win the lottery please!!*)

Just as I was admiring the beauty of the Alma (I love the bugatti shape, really really do), did someone familiar walk in. OHMAHGAWD it was baghag mama MG!! OhMAhGawD, I was sooooo busted!! As it turns out, her Damier Speedy 30 had also arrived, and she was picking it up :D So, *woohoo* a token photo became necessary, resulting in this!!! Pssst, MG-- we sure had a blast today didn't we :)
The Damier Kissing Cousins *hahahaha* (MG's bag had the plastic and cardboard stuff still-- again, yet ANOTHER proof that LV bags DO come with plastic AND cardboard!) Note that this photo was taken INSIDE the Louis Vuitton boutique in Greenbelt 4.

Well, this Alma bag is my birthday pressie to myself (sigh, yet another excuse, I know, I know). And since some of you have been nagging me to tell you when my birthday is (and more importantly, how OLD I am), I can tell you this much-- I have the same birthday as King Edward I of England (woohoo am I a proven Royalista or what?!). Also Greg Kinnear, Barry Manilow, and I all share the same birthdate (although not the same talent haha oh how I wish!). So there. Those should be enough hints! As for the age thing, HAH! You can't fool me into giving you my birth year :D Sorry better luck next time *snicker* ok I am GETTING old, alright? It will not be a long time from now that I will be needing obagi and botox and all those stuff *muwahahaha* and when that day comes, you will be sure to see a LOT of my bags for sale haha!!! Can you believe it, those Obagi things already cost 18K?!?!! *shock, that's the price of an LV Monogram Wapity already and change!*

And before I say adieu for the night, a quick two- bag post from neimanmarcus.com :

This Marc Jacobs metallic tote is on sale from US$895 to just US$627.00 and it's just too cuuuuute!!

Oh dear another metallic tote. Burberry's shadow check tote which I find myself liking (gee, thanks baghag glamstudio AO for giving me this new bag to lust for haha) has its price marked down from US$495 to US$371.00. A nice change from the usual tartan checks of Burberry! :)

Ok anyway time to get offline now. I need shuteye. Nyquil beckons. I've been taking Dayquil AND Nyquil to suppress a supposed cold. I know, it's not good to suppress it, but at this point, this is way better than letting a cold run its course. It's school opening and I can't really afford to be "sick". So the colds will have to take a sabbatical :D *teehee*

P.S. Quick Holler to baghag JY who flew in from Bangkok sometime last week (tsk jetsetter galore, girl!). She gave me a mini bag booklet which contained all the hot bags to lust for (it was in Thai, but who cares, EYE CANDY!!!) THANK YOU so much JY! You have contributed greatly to my insomnia and I love you for it anyway :D *hehehe*


Anonymous MG said...

That WAS a blast!!! Regards to "Alma"!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous JE said...

I love the Damier Alma!!! Great purchase and happy birthday!!

10:54 AM  
Blogger JY said...

Hi Mrs T! You're very welcome on the mini bag booklet... I was so thankful that at least the brand names were not in Thai hahaha!:) I haven't given the Perfo Speedy 30 to my mom yet as I'll be delivering it personally to her this Friday (jetset again!:D)..or I'm just trying to hold on to it for a little bit longer hehehe! I love your new Alma Damier bag! You deserve it for your birthday! :) Do you like dried mangoes Mrs T? :)

3:32 PM  
Blogger gracious said...

hi,your new bag is gorgeous. =)

've been thinking of getting a speedy 30 ( i thought it's perfect for work) but I've seen some sagging speedys around... any tips to prevent the bottom part from sagging?

6:45 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Tossitini: hey there! there is actually not one way to keep the bag from sagging unless you put a carboard at the bottom of the bag. The bag's natural cause of action is to sag after a while of use because the canvas becomes softer. Hope that helps! I do know some people who did make a cardboard to put as a base for the bags because they like their Speedy structured :)

jy: I loved the bag booklet :D Damnit and I hate to drool when I see the bags there! :) I do eat mangoes :D *heck I eat anything, eating is just sheer joie de vivre baby!*

je: thanks for your well wishes :-) I wish birthdays came with immediate erasures of wrinkles and age- related fats :D and oh yea I love the damier alma :) Im not worried about putting it down anywhere too!

mg: cheers to our damier cousins :) we are officially related haha

12:55 AM  
Blogger Pia M said...

Congrats on your Damier Alma! You know, I don't own any LV's but if I were to choose one, the Damier design would be it. But you actually picked the one with the best style and best shape in my opinion. That's great! Oh, and BTW< I have an extra COUCH, if you want it! ;)
Love, Pia M

10:21 PM  
Blogger Pia M said...

Oh! And the metallic Burberry? Very BABY PHAT, if you ask me! And I know my "ghetto" fashion ha! he-he!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

la lohan has a chanel bag of that size. but hers is in the hybrid [?] line. saw it in the net :D

10:58 PM  

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