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Monday, June 12, 2006

More bag Reviews for Independence Day :)

SHAMELESS SELLING PLUG: Today is the day I made my decision. I am letting the LV Denim Baggy PM go, along with the extra strap (long) that I purchased, with the intention of making it into a body bag for travel. I know, I know, isn't it a rather nasty decision to sell something that someone close to you had given (yes, every opportunity for you to take a potshot at me-- ok ok call me ruthless haha)? Well, let's you and me hear this--> It was DH's idea to sell the bag. He said (verbatim) "Sell na the denim bag and use that to offset the payment for your pink 'Kel'. That way it would be like I paid for your pink one." Geez, this guy keeps outsmarting me each time (that and his "suggestion" would make me seem like I'm not broke *muwahaha covering up again, what a faker hahaha*. But the reality is, I AM BROKE that's why I am selling the bag! *muwahaha*). So I told him, " But for the money you paid for the denim isn't even a quarter of the amount for the Kelly!" To which he answered "Well, I'd like to think I'm part of that Kelly investment of yours."

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! See, now THAT'S him. Calling my bag an INVESTMENT. In official terms. Not like us, when we say "investment", we really don't mean it as "investment"-- it's just another lame excuse for us to buy the bag *muwahahahahaha!!!* (Ahh the truth comes out once again, shallow bag hags *cough* UNITE hehe)

Ok so anyway, with that little conversation and a lil tete a tete over vanilla almond tea, WE both agreed, the denim baggy PM will be sold (now don't you go castigating me or giving me the guilt trip!). I have lovingly used this bag. In fact, it had travelled with me and the orange Goyard fidji to Egypt and to Turkey :) And there is very little dirt on the cowhide strap, and the patina is still fairly pale. The long strap was only used ONCE. So you know how clean that would look like. I am letting them both go for Php 58,000. The Denim Baggy PM now sells for Php 67k at the boutique. And the long strap alone already costs over 7k. So the total for the bag is just a few hundred short of 75k!!

Anyway, here she is:sooo hags, if you are interested to see the item, please contact TRESOR at +63916758-0857.

The next bag in line for selling would be the Charms pochette, although I have not yet set a price for it. *see, spring cleaning HAPPENS in summer!!*

Ok now, let's talk sale. I was checking Chloe at Neiman's and the Gladys Tote is now just US$1,350 *I used the word "just" because the price is a much better amount to pay than the original US$1,800 hehe. Even then, I still don't have the funds for this bag. Ahh sad-- NOT* The tote is huge too, at 10 1/2"H x 15"W x 5 3/4"D. I can only think of this bag with one purpose-- DIAPER BAG!!! *wooohooo* Ok.. maybe not... Can't have the baby puke on this leather tote now. But I love the functionality of the bag with its zippers! And that luggage tag too, it kills me!! :-)

Here's a Bottega Veneta version of the LV Batignolles :)
*Seriously, don't they sorta share the same style? :)* It is also now on sale from US$2,690 to US$1,883.00! If you own a BV bag, especially an intrecciato leather designed one, you never, never sell it! How can you go back to regular leather bags when you have felt BV leather? I simply love it, and this style looks quite good too!

And here's the last bag of the day. I never really wondered why this bag went on sale. Because it's BUGLY!!! Gucci Pineapple Print top handle bag.
Heck even at the discounted price of US$1,323.00, I still will not buy this bag. Even if the bag gets a further 50% reduction. Sorry. It's really not doing anything for me. I could care less about this bag, because from its genesis, it could have very well been stocked at the bargain bin and I still won't give it a look. (WOOHOO BAG HAG BIATCHIN!!) Ahhh... that biatchin' felt gooood :)

This post will NOT end on a sour note, I promise you. Look on further...

BRAG A BAG ALERT: I love our ultimate bag hag
Paz. Here she is with her white HERMES JPG shoulder birkin (not carried on the shoulder :D). Woman, I ENVYYYYY YOUUUUUUU :) Ey, I love that shirt. I should get one and parade around the house to show the DH that he has been replaced as my best friend :) *snicker maybe he will get the message and get on my good side and get me MY new best friend so that he becomes MY best friend again hahaha ok that was shallow*

And here is another baghag (ohmygawd) MT who finally emailed me a photo of her LV collection.
Ok, I am sooo bowled over. This is AMAZING. MT: I'll trade places with you ANY DAY!! :) *OGLE OGLE OGLE everyone!!! This bag collection is from ONE baghag!!!*

Ok that's it for tonight (heck that's A LOT to handle tonight! Count the bags!!!!). Oh and hags, thanks for your well wishes. I really don't quite know what I have, except that I do get sore throats and then the occasional itchy nose (like I am getting a cold), but apart from that, I am fine (thanks to the prescribed medication). I hate getting sick. It's like a dark cloud looms over my head and on my bag (and the worse part is, the bag ain't waterproof *hahaha what an analogy*).

Enjoy the remaining hours of the Independence Day break!



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thanks, mrs.T! am so photogenic! LOL!

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