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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Bag Reviews + DaphP's Charm necklace + Brag some bags!

So the bag hag continues to do a little surf shopping (here's proof that you don't have to have the money to surf shop :D just DON'T buy!!) *muwahaha*

At net-a-porter.com, I found some pretty good pieces that I would not mind owning.

Here are the winners for the night:

ANTIK-BATIK-- No, these are not the same as Antik jeans. (I was a sucker too, I really once thought they were one and the same). This Clio travel bag is quite big, and it works as an overnight bag easily. What I like about it is the small sequinned pouch attachment that comes along with it. It not only makes the travel bag look prettier (with it attached), it also is useful for an evening out. You can't possibly lug around that big bag to some nice restaurant or bar right? I mean, it's like practically lugging an overnight bag! So that little pouch will come in handy and will add a little bling to your getup. Bag is priced at £157.45 and also comes in white :) *I'd do the darker color* (Bag has leather handles)

BURBERRY-- This Jermyn leather tote looks like a typical leather bag, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. The leather looks so soft, and the whole bag reminded me of the Lanvin Kansas bag without it looking too "shaped" (i.e. rectangular). Looks pretty roomy too! Would work so nice with a neutral shirtdress :D (ok, lemme look in my closet if I have a shirtdress...) Priced at £761.70.

CHLOE-- So call me a latebloomer for liking the Edith bag a bit later than everyone else. I think the bag grows on you. I have been thinking that Chloe was engraving its own epitaph by overproducing Paddington bags (they are everywhere!!!), but this bag continues to be sold out at £560.85. I have seen a few at the resale stores in HK, but never really gave it a second look. Maybe I should've. This might be the better cure for Paddington overdose (by the way, I still am keeping my own indigo paddington-- I still love it *sans the padlock* because of the soft leather, but that's just me). (NOTE: This is real funny, so I went to Tint this evening and I saw the same style of the Edith bag in their store! Since I didn't really have time to go in and ask the price *I was with my DB*, perhaps the next few days I will go check it out :) Hey, put it this way, Tint may have taken another brand's design, but at least it ain't a fake designer bag. Nothing worse than fake designer, really)

Since I did pass by Greenbelt 3 tonight, I wanted to tell you the real reason I went there (no I DID NOT "pass by" bag boutiques again haha). I went there to meet up with DaphP. And voila, Here's my new necklace!! :D I photographed it in the "raw" so you can see the beauty of it. It would look so great too, layered with another gold necklace :D And I can actually put 2 photos in the locket! That pinkish pendant is a pretty cameo. The whole piece is beautiful. *dreamy* I've always wanted an antique charm necklace and woohoo now I have it!! :)

Quick holler to DaphP-- THANK YOU!!!!!! So hags, if you are interested in antique charm necklaces such as this beauty here, please do contact our resident fashionhag DaphP at daphneosena@yahoo.com :D

I looooove my necklace and I shall sleep well tonight knowing tomorrow I shall be wearing it to dinner out with the Metro girls :) *hehehe shallow, but hey, as long as it makes me happy :D)

OOh Ooh, the night won't be complete without...

BRAG YOUR BAGS ALERT: Baghag KY who is one of the few who have been brave enough to send me photos of her bag, made me DROOL and green with envy! Check out her collections, and dream about it tonight :DNight hags!!! xoxo


Anonymous paz said...

oooooh, you can match that necklace with your other cameo necklace (or was it a pendant?). the more you pile, the richer it looks and don't we love that? not too much though and you might end up looking like a rapper! LOL!

10:36 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

I want a small Edith! :(

11:56 AM  
Blogger Pia M said...

Speaking of rapper (he-he... I just can't resist a good pun!) I'm posting because I'm concerned about your allergy and just want to give my advice--unsolicited as it is--to you: try taking ZYRTEC in the mornings, just one tab lasts all day. It doesn't cause drowsiness nor does it make you lethargic... unless you already are! He-he :)
Take care and best of luck to you!
Love, Pia M

10:15 PM  

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