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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kelly bag makes a sugary debut

You know you're a bag addict when:

You plan your bag's proper "coming out" by attending a party. Case in point-- ME and my Kelly (ding ding, bag addict!!)

I planned to take my pink Hermes Kelly to the book launching party of Pastry Bin's Penk Ching.

There was another event tonight, the launch of bags by Luis Espiritu for Tru (err, apparently my invitation to that launch is left at my former office), so I didn't go to that one (hello, I social climb, but I don't gate crash... at least not yet hahaha) although I did pass by the place since I was at Rockwell this afternoon.

So, it was to Penk Ching's book launch, that the pink Kelly will make its first public appearance. :D *addict! addict! err... pathehhhhtiiiic!!!*

The party was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula. Prior to that, I had a rush meeting with bag hag TS (who is just gooooooorgeous!!!!). It was off for both of us to The Pen.

Bag hag in swinging action-- I whipped out that camera and started shooting, of course!

The best wedding photographer in town and the baghag's good friend Patrick Uy, with Philippine Star/ People Asia editor Joanne Rae- Ramirez (and beside them, a beautiful pagoda cake with crystal drops, made by cake masters Penk Ching and sister Shen Ratilla)

Fibre's Margie Duavit (woohoo with her Chanel bag!!)
Audrey Tan- Zubiri with mom Dette, and Tintin Bersola- Babao (carrying Louis Vuitton)
Inquirer's Sea Princess Tessa Valdes-Prieto with that fantabulous gown and *Wolfwhistle* her Bea Valdes Bag (on the very left side of the photo is a lady carrying a Gucci bag with pink leather trim)
Here are two more cakes that just blew me away (made me wish my wedding cake was this one haha)

London stripes cake (inspired by Paul Smith)
The immaculate cake with heavy drapery that resembles fabric and not sugar!
Oh, and just to prove to you that even cake masters like Penk Ching and Shen Ratilla are bag hags, they made an edible version of the Bea Valdes Bag :D Too good to eat!! (photo credit: Caked in Sugar)

Now, peeps, go get the awesome cake book, CAKED IN SUGAR, which will be available at leading bookstores :)

P.S. A few baghags came up to me and were surprised that Hermes made Kelly bags in bright colors too. So I'm glad I toted this baby. I have successfully disproved the perception that Kelly bags are for "older" people (ouch, but wait, I AM a matronista... Muwahaha!). Anyway, I think more ladies see the Kelly in a different light now, now that they know that they do come in bright colors too :D *WOOHOO that's one small step for the bag hag, one giant leap for Hermes!! Watch out Hermes, the baghags are gonna come a-knockin not for Birkins but for Kellys!! :D)


Anonymous Janelle said...

You Kelly is so beautiful! You're making me want one so very badly :D You have the best taste in bags

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Margaret: I think I saw you yesterday at the cake party! Wow so you are the bag hag! I notice your bag first ha ha! Your bag is so beautiful! I wish I knew it was you pala so I would have come up to touch your bag ha ha!

5:41 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

hey mrs.t, yours is a chevre kelly right? my dad told me that chevre is soft and stuff like that but he didn't tell me what it's made of.:)

so, what's it made of? :P

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Ms. J said...

Loving your Kelly Mrs. T! At the Hermes store in Sydney there's a lush white Kelly on display *drool* I'll take a pic of it next time I walk past!

& those cakes look divine!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.T I would like to know what you think of the YSL Muse, is it a classic bag?

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! geesh! I missed that party..We arrived aroun7+ but couldn't find a parking space, valet service was also bad-- too long. So we ended up going back home-- i should have asked hubby to just go around while I peek inside so I can meet your Kelly.

9:57 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Janelle: Thank you :) Save up girl! It's worth it. You get to grow old with an Hermes bag :)

Margaret: Oh I wish I met you! You should've come said hello to the bag :)

Patrickkk: Chevre is goat leather, same material as Suhali. It's not so soft, rather more structured :)

MrsJ.: Oh my! How much is that white kelly and whats the size and leather????

anonymous on Muse: Yes it's a classic shaped bag, so I think it's gonna stay awhile :) It doesn't seem to be "trendy". The bugatti shape has been there for a looong time, as evidenced by LV's Alma bag :D

anonymous on Penk's launch: Aaaargh, you should've just dropped in!! TOo bad :(

12:06 AM  
Anonymous twinkle said...

Hi Mrs. T.

The drapery-esque cake was our wedding cake.

I'm so envious of your Kelly. Luscious color, too. :D

12:08 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

GOAT? oh my god i heard they're expensive. same as the suhali line [100000++PHP]

so my father was wrong all along. hahaha i knew it. i think he just told me it was soft because he wanted me to stop bugging him. HAHAHA :)

so it will cost more than everything in my room... :P

12:19 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

opps. additional. haha sorry!

mrs. babao's monogram mat LV pretty much looks like a hermes plume! :) except for the handles. and the size of the body of the bag :)

12:21 AM  
Anonymous shopdiary said...

mrs. t, i'm late to the party but i wanted to congratulate you on your tres chic bag. nice color and size too. i'll need to save up for one!

2:59 AM  

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