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Sunday, June 04, 2006

BAG REVIEW-- Neiman Marcus

It's that time again. BAG REVIEW!
This time, bags come compliments of neimanmarcus.com

CHLOE-- Just when I thought the death of the Chloe bags was imminent, did Chloe come out with a Betty satchel in pewter. Though Baghag doesn't think US$1,995.00 is a fair amount to pay for this bag, it is nevertheless a beauty. Washed metallic leather sans the heavy padlock is attractive enough for me. Besides, I would still want to own a metallic leathered handbag, and this would fit the bill quite nicely. (This works, or a Chanel bowler in Silver :D)

-- La Boheme Fringe hobo bag is beautiful. I just sold this exact style recently to a bag hag (but in rust color), and this bag looks so easy to use, and is roomy enough. At US$945.00, the bag is quite a bargain. Let me go and check this bag out in Greenbelt. I did see this style, but was not quite sure if it was in the same color. It's a yummy bag and I wouldn't mind using this if I were to be given one (hint hint) :D

LORO PIANA-- While I appreciate the simplicity that this large tote has to offer (plus it is made of buffalo leather), I cannot fathom forking over US$3,180.00 for it. I have seen a similar, smaller Loro Piana bag (in lilac) on sale at last year's Boxing day, and had almost bought it for myself, had it not been for the tiny dink on the leather. I remember the bag was selling for US$800. It was 30% off. Loro Piana is a relatively unknown brand in the bag world (at least in our bag world), but has been producing cashmere and fine wool fabrics for men's and women's clothing for over 80 years. I like Loro Piana bags, although they lean toward simplistic, uncomplicated styles. I guess they meant to design bags that way so that they will transcend time and trend. But I do wish they're cheaper :D

Anyway, I've been real good this weekend, slept early since I was coming down with some colds. So let me continue being good. Tomorrow is the first day of school as well for most of the kiddos (and we moms are gonna send em to school :D), so time to take off for now!

Til the next post hags :D


Anonymous paz said...

there are lots of bags on sale, too! check 'em out!

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Perfume Lady said...

I love the La Boheme Fringe hobo bag.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

the betty satchel does look a little like a video camera [the vhs types or whatever] case...

but yeah, it looks nice. but very expensive for a simple looking bag. :)

9:53 PM  

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