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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bag Review Day3 + Introducing Marc Marmel

Ok. I can't sleep. Hence yet another post! I haven't had Nyquil (ran out) for two nights now (yes I barely slept last night too, but decided not to go online). It's because yes, I ran out of meds, and another, because I realized I did NOT have a pending cold after all (see, I'm not really addicted to Nyquil. And tsk, no wonder I was not getting "well" and the "colds" didn't run its course!) It was a damn allergy, and Nyquil sure ain't gonna cure THAT. (See what an idiot I am?! Trust your old bag hag NOT to check with a doctor when it comes to taking meds. Tsk. Que horror! Medicine 101--- NOT! )

Anyyyyway, I was continuing my search on bags at net-a-porter, and voila, these popped out and were just begging to be reviewed.

BOTTEGA VENETA--While I continually rave about Bottega's signature intrecciato leather bags, I can't help but think "Hermes Garden Party tote" when I saw BV's canvas tote. Thought it isn't as expensive as the Hermes canvas tote, I still think £302.13 ain't small change. For the same style of a bag, I'd rather get it through a less expensive (or lesser known) brand. There are many brands out there who make this exact same style. It's just knowing where to get it. For example, I have a (way larger) green and navy canvas tote similar to this (although of course BV beats out my bag quality-wise hands down haha and well my bag actually, come to think of it, looks hella UGLY hahaha), and I had bought mine at J.Crew for US$75. But hey, ugly as my bag may be, it's as sturdy as a damn ox I tell ya. Not only that, it's huge and it has been schlepping around with me (as an overnight bag) for quite some time. And I never worry about it catching dirt. If this were a BV, well I'd be worried about dirt the moment I carry it out of my room!

Ahh the Novak. I remember about three seasons ago when this bag was just so hot that Neiman Marcus (SF) wasn't even carrying it in black and only in red (and it was just sooo sold out). Now it is available through net-a-porter for £621.28. Though originally thought of as a "hot" bag to have, I have somewhat changed my stance about it. Is it because it had transcended its time and didn't fly off to the land of iconic bags? Perhaps. It's pretty alright but I don't think this bag has the "IT" factor to be carried by just anyone. This bag will surely not look right for a petite bag hag, sadly (the bag looks too long-- vertically). That being said, I can't possibly think of it as a "good" bag. A "good" bag is one that works for either a tall or petite person. I guess that's why the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag continues to be one of the most wanted bags. It has not really been on these last two seasons' IT bag, and although the momentum has slowed down since its "official" debut (debut was a loong time ago, but it was only when the likes of The Olsen twins, the Hiltons carrying the bag did it become "cause celebre" if I may use that term), the demand for it hasn't really stopped. I know more than a handful of people who would love to get their hands on Balenciaga bags with popular colors such as turquoise, lime, and magenta. So anyway (boy did I stray), the Novak bag may look great on a tall person, but it's not meant for everyone (and that would include me-- the leather alone of the bag is enough to discourage me-- Hello scratches!!).

Luella Charms Satchel--
Now what on earth were the editors of net-a-porter thinking by touting this Luella Charms bag as one of the most wanted ?? The bag screams tacky, tacky, tacky. I think Luella was a one- hit wonder. It is sad that I think of her bags this way. The first time she came out with the Gisele bag in candy pink patent leather, I swore that her bag was so pretty. I HAD to have one. But season after season, she began bastardizing that Gisele design, adding cutout flowers, redesigning the shape into a frame doctors bag, then adding scalloped edges... I just think she over-experimented, and this bag is not spared from my analysis of her designs. It tries too hard. For the pricetag of £676.50, I'd much rather spend my money on the Alexander Mc Queen Novak. The Luella charms bag is becoming much of a cross between Moschino's really fun bags *NOT trying too hard* and Juicy couture bags (don't get hurt here, some of the Juicy bags are cute, but the others are ?!!?). Don't waste your money on this bag. Even if I see this bag on some chic celeb, I wouldn't bother taking a second look. Luella's bag time is over until she reinvents her designs again. (Oh and the fruit charms-- tsk... soo Hermes)

I also took time out to view bags by Marc Marmel, upon the kind recommendation of another bag hag named after the House that made the iconic Birkin *what trivia!* (baghag HT is only 20 years old *ahh to be young again hehehe*). Marc Marmel is apparently a newcomer in the bag industry (woohoo we always welcome newbie designers!!!). Marcwas inspired by the vintage pieces of Hermes and Louis Vuitton when he created this collection. And with that in mind, I checked out the bags. I immediately fell in love with the "look" of the bags. They have this weathered, "cracked" leather look (but they are NEW) and I just love it! That red bag you see being carried by that *woohooo* muscular arm and hand *hehee* is practically perfect, if it weren't made as an overnight bag (which it is unfortunately-- the bag has a rather thick width). But boy oh boy if that was a day tote, ohmahgawd you'd be sure to see me getting it (and worrying about paying for it the day after I get it *hahaha). Some of my faves of Marc Marmel's collection would be the Mail bag (more known to us hags as the Steamer bag, the precursor to the modern day Birkin), and the Duffle barrel bag (hello papillon hehe but hmm the size might be a wee bit too... long), and the classic Doctor's bag (aka Speedy haha), although an external pocket or two would make this bag look better in my opinion (or heck, a nice contrasting leather trim like that duffle would make this bag more different). Carrying a Marc Marmel bag would surely not make a bag hag worry about it as much, since it already looks weathered and "old", as HT rightfully said. So HT, I give this brand two thumbs up for its "luggage" collection. Again, I would not mind owning a piece or two of this brand (think of the cream colored bag!! yummmmmy). Marc Marmel bags are available at Harrods and Matches (UK), Holt Renfrew (Toronto), Maxfield (Los Angeles, CA), Bergdorf Goodman (New York), Lotte (Seoul), 4510 (Dallas, TX), and Isetan (Tokyo). And thanks again for introducing this brand to us, HT!! Watch out for Marc Marmel, bag hags!!

Ok enough for now. I think I have done a nice job of trashing some of the bags at net-a-porter (hahaha ok that was plain mean-- errr wait. Am I PMS'ing again so soon?! Or it's mid life crisis?! Errr.. Me think. I turn a year older very soon and it is really beginning to dawn on me that age is catching up with my body *oh yes, downing a whole friggin' family size pizza and not gain an ounce was a thing of teenage yesteryears...LONG GONE!!! Bawl!!!*)

Later hags! Perhaps I can talk nice and not biaatch later... Ah well who knows!! :D

P.S. I am actually sorta freaking out because my webmonkey has decided to leave his post *bawl* so what happens now to my website?! *major bawl* Stress, stress... (actually it's my fault. I didn't wanna face him because I didn't wanna learn to maintain it on my own *hehehe* Now I'm forced to. Coz I sure can't afford to keep a webmonkey around to maintain it for me all the time :D *cough CHEAPSKATE*)

P.P.S. I might not be posting tomorrow night. I'm gonna be out with the girlfriends for some good dindin and a fancy time together since our dear galpal FionaL, Metro Weddings Fashion editor, is leaving for London on June 10 *she is going to Fashion school!!!* and won't be back til, oh dear, I don't know when! :( We will really miss her :( Fi, Come back and visit us (or we'll go there and crash at your pad haha.. Trust me, you DON'T want that to happen *muwahaha*)!!!

And finally, good night! :)


Anonymous patrickkk said...

i love that birkin like bag! :)

oooh i do hope i get my croisiere on my brithday. it's in two months! :(
and i guess i cannot wait for the custom striping and initialising :(:(:( because i don't know it can be delivered straight to our front door!

but i do hope for a black 35 with tan handles :)

12:18 PM  

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