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Thursday, June 22, 2006

BAGHAG has MOVED to thebaghag.blogspot.com


I can finally access THIS blogspot account AGAIN after practically TWO weeks! Thanks to blogger, who FINALLY read my emails about the problem of inaccessibility of my account (and there I thought I used up too much of their space for my photos *hehehe guilty!!!)

I just wanted to let you all know that I have set up another blog to "replace" this one.

It's http://thebaghag.blogspot.com

Please do check that out, as I figured I will just let this be an ARCHIVE site.

Too bad though, I have already had over 7 months of stuff in here.

Nevertheless, I will rethink this over, on whether to use this again, or just go with the new site.


The same crazy baghag is there :-D And I'm still Mrs. T (ahhh typecast forevah *hehe*)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT on Tresormakati :D I am now claiming the title "THE BAG HAG" (wannabe only, OK? *hellooooo pretentious hag alert*) Hehehe...


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I went to Rockwell Mall today to get a hobo bag from Coco and Tres for a lovely bag hag down "south" :D And while I was there, I bumped into an "old" friend (we went to the same marriage seminar AND lamaze classes together too), popular TV host and MEGA woman Suzi Abrera! This woman just gave birth to her third baby (another cute little bag hag :D woohoo) some TWO MONTHS ago and she looked this svelte already !!!OK, Suz, you look WAY thinner than me and I gave birth over a year ago already!! (ugh I really envy women who could lose all the pregnancy weight Pronto. Siiigh, maybe it's time I look into mesotherapy *bawl!* And that will set me back by HOW MUCH again?! Then again, making me thinner won't make me look prettier. Think obagi-- sure make my skin better, but I'll still look like an old HAG *literally!* And slimming down won't get me brownie points either. *bawl... I'm a hopeless case!!! BAWL BIG TIME* Someone please take pity and sponsor me for a full-on plastic surgery.

Platinum digger alert (we don't like gold anymore haha): Err on second thought, forget it. Just give me the moolah and I'll buy new bags.. hehe I'll make your money worth MY while *selfish hag!!*

Eeeeeesh... Enough self deprecation for now or I'll truly feel like crap *if I don't feel it already feel like crap physically hahaha* So guess what, I have finally been convinced to post a photo of most of my bags *I'm posting a photo of the bags I used for this month* (you'll know what convinced me to do such a thing in a bit). Take note these are already most of my bags, so don't go expecting much more *muwahaha, I am telling you guys, I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF BAGS (wait til you scroll down further and you will choke!! hahaha)*

HERE they are-- MRS. T's Flavors of June *hehehe don't go expecting for more, that's all the photo I am sharing. EVER! (JP: I hope you are happy :D)*: HERMES Paris- Cannes purple bag, BALENCIAGA applegreen motorcycle city, GOYARD white croisiere 35, HERMES blue jean 30cm togo birkin, HERMES havanne 28cm croc kelly, FENDI embellished baguette (practically vintage!), HERMES fuchsia 35cm chevre kelly, BOTTEGA silver perforated pochette, LV damier alma, CHANEL large lambskin 2.55 (thanks to DM), GOYARD marine blue fidji, GOYARD orange fidji, LV cherry blossom red on cream papillon.

THERE. Are you all happy now? I practically revealed my SOUL here. And before you even start saying "no wonder she's broke" or, "oh my goodness, what a waste of good money coz it could go to her kids' education or to charity (which would actually be a good way to "spend" money *ok crap, I feel really guilty now sniff... wait... let this post be a happy and guiltless one for now, please?*), let me stress that my bag collection is truly nothing compared to some of our own bag hags (who have WAY more but are just too much of a "closet case" to reveal all! Tsk, you bag hagging hypocrites *guffaw guffaw :D*).

So now, WHY did I really post a photo of most of my bags? Is it because I have super low esteem today that I felt the need to brag about something I have to make myself feel better? (you know, men brag about their *ahem* size, and we brag about well, size as well *hahaha of our bag collection*) Not really. I didn't think there was a need to brag about a collection that TOTALLY PALES IN COMPARISON to many other bag hags. So let me tell you WHY. Well, because I got an email from purplegirl and I swear, she + her sis+ her mom are BAG GODDESSES (and she made me feel that my bag addiction is practically in its infant stage *wooohoo!* And THAT my dear hags, made me feel better, that's why I posted a photo of My bags... hahaha because it proves that I am NOT the only bag crazy lady here)!!!

To prove my point that I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF BAGS (as compared with other hags)-- read on...

BRAG A BAG COLLECTION: Presenting, the collection of BAG HAG ROYAL, purplegirl. This is actually purplegirl's mom's bag collection (no matter, it's still technically yours and sis's too! Dannnnng). HOLD YOUR BREATH, CHECK IT OUT, OGLE, AND DROOL hags, because baghogging can't get any better than THIS!!

Purplegirl's own bag collection ain't even included yet!!! * YOU ROCK!!!!* You guys have MORE Hermes boxes than any Hermes boutique I know :D Not only that, you have MORE BAGS than any Hermes boutique I know :D And let me tell you hags, this baghag royal family not only collects all things Hermes, they do so with LV and Chanel! With mucho gusto I might add! :D

I am totally green with envy (Pssst, can we come out and play with your mom's bags too? :D We won't even take it out of her closet! Promise! :D *Wo0ohaaa!!*) Thank you for making my own bag collection completely forgettable :D Purplegirl, your exhibition of excess will give me endless nightmares for the rest of my life (and BB's life hahaha). Thank you :) *muwahahaha I love it I love it I love it!!!!*

So now you see, my bag collection really is forgettable :) Have a great evening and let purplegirl's two photos haunt you for the rest of the night :D

P.S. Speaking of royalty, Turkish princess RuffaGB. is back in our town. Hopefully I get the chance to meet up with her this time. We will talk bags, what else :D *hehehe socialclimbing hag at work!*

P.P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OTHER DB who like me, appreciates the finer things in life :-D


Monday, June 12, 2006

More bag Reviews for Independence Day :)

SHAMELESS SELLING PLUG: Today is the day I made my decision. I am letting the LV Denim Baggy PM go, along with the extra strap (long) that I purchased, with the intention of making it into a body bag for travel. I know, I know, isn't it a rather nasty decision to sell something that someone close to you had given (yes, every opportunity for you to take a potshot at me-- ok ok call me ruthless haha)? Well, let's you and me hear this--> It was DH's idea to sell the bag. He said (verbatim) "Sell na the denim bag and use that to offset the payment for your pink 'Kel'. That way it would be like I paid for your pink one." Geez, this guy keeps outsmarting me each time (that and his "suggestion" would make me seem like I'm not broke *muwahaha covering up again, what a faker hahaha*. But the reality is, I AM BROKE that's why I am selling the bag! *muwahaha*). So I told him, " But for the money you paid for the denim isn't even a quarter of the amount for the Kelly!" To which he answered "Well, I'd like to think I'm part of that Kelly investment of yours."

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! See, now THAT'S him. Calling my bag an INVESTMENT. In official terms. Not like us, when we say "investment", we really don't mean it as "investment"-- it's just another lame excuse for us to buy the bag *muwahahahahaha!!!* (Ahh the truth comes out once again, shallow bag hags *cough* UNITE hehe)

Ok so anyway, with that little conversation and a lil tete a tete over vanilla almond tea, WE both agreed, the denim baggy PM will be sold (now don't you go castigating me or giving me the guilt trip!). I have lovingly used this bag. In fact, it had travelled with me and the orange Goyard fidji to Egypt and to Turkey :) And there is very little dirt on the cowhide strap, and the patina is still fairly pale. The long strap was only used ONCE. So you know how clean that would look like. I am letting them both go for Php 58,000. The Denim Baggy PM now sells for Php 67k at the boutique. And the long strap alone already costs over 7k. So the total for the bag is just a few hundred short of 75k!!

Anyway, here she is:sooo hags, if you are interested to see the item, please contact TRESOR at +63916758-0857.

The next bag in line for selling would be the Charms pochette, although I have not yet set a price for it. *see, spring cleaning HAPPENS in summer!!*

Ok now, let's talk sale. I was checking Chloe at Neiman's and the Gladys Tote is now just US$1,350 *I used the word "just" because the price is a much better amount to pay than the original US$1,800 hehe. Even then, I still don't have the funds for this bag. Ahh sad-- NOT* The tote is huge too, at 10 1/2"H x 15"W x 5 3/4"D. I can only think of this bag with one purpose-- DIAPER BAG!!! *wooohooo* Ok.. maybe not... Can't have the baby puke on this leather tote now. But I love the functionality of the bag with its zippers! And that luggage tag too, it kills me!! :-)

Here's a Bottega Veneta version of the LV Batignolles :)
*Seriously, don't they sorta share the same style? :)* It is also now on sale from US$2,690 to US$1,883.00! If you own a BV bag, especially an intrecciato leather designed one, you never, never sell it! How can you go back to regular leather bags when you have felt BV leather? I simply love it, and this style looks quite good too!

And here's the last bag of the day. I never really wondered why this bag went on sale. Because it's BUGLY!!! Gucci Pineapple Print top handle bag.
Heck even at the discounted price of US$1,323.00, I still will not buy this bag. Even if the bag gets a further 50% reduction. Sorry. It's really not doing anything for me. I could care less about this bag, because from its genesis, it could have very well been stocked at the bargain bin and I still won't give it a look. (WOOHOO BAG HAG BIATCHIN!!) Ahhh... that biatchin' felt gooood :)

This post will NOT end on a sour note, I promise you. Look on further...

BRAG A BAG ALERT: I love our ultimate bag hag
Paz. Here she is with her white HERMES JPG shoulder birkin (not carried on the shoulder :D). Woman, I ENVYYYYY YOUUUUUUU :) Ey, I love that shirt. I should get one and parade around the house to show the DH that he has been replaced as my best friend :) *snicker maybe he will get the message and get on my good side and get me MY new best friend so that he becomes MY best friend again hahaha ok that was shallow*

And here is another baghag (ohmygawd) MT who finally emailed me a photo of her LV collection.
Ok, I am sooo bowled over. This is AMAZING. MT: I'll trade places with you ANY DAY!! :) *OGLE OGLE OGLE everyone!!! This bag collection is from ONE baghag!!!*

Ok that's it for tonight (heck that's A LOT to handle tonight! Count the bags!!!!). Oh and hags, thanks for your well wishes. I really don't quite know what I have, except that I do get sore throats and then the occasional itchy nose (like I am getting a cold), but apart from that, I am fine (thanks to the prescribed medication). I hate getting sick. It's like a dark cloud looms over my head and on my bag (and the worse part is, the bag ain't waterproof *hahaha what an analogy*).

Enjoy the remaining hours of the Independence Day break!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

BRAG YOUR BAG COLLECTION (One guy has it all)

Finally, another step to putting an end to the counterfeiting designer merchandise trade. Fendi (part of the LVMH group) is suing Walmart and Sam's Club stores for "allegedly selling handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets and key chains that imitate the designs of the Fendi products and that bear reproductions, counterfeits, copies or colorable imitations of the Fendi trademarks." The merchandise were said to be selling for as much as 68% off real store prices.

Way to go. Also last week, I was told that a raid was conducted somewhere in our own town in Baclaran to wipe out all counterfeit LV bags... Now this I'm not sure of the news' accuracy, but the abovementioned lawsuit was filed last June 9 in New York (for more on that story, check out MSNBC website)

Sigh, what really bothered me the most about the counterfeit designer trade industry was that they use children to make these things, and underpay them. Sure, the idea behind "who are you really fooling" when you use a fake designer bag is annoying, but the main point is, who are these industry players USING to make their bags? That is what bothers me the most.

Copy the style and all, sure ok, that just basically says you have no sense of originality, but geez have the decency NOT to copy the brandname as well. Sigh... this is a pretty frustrating battle I guess, one that would probably be overcome but not won.

Anyway enough said about counterfeits and all. This might just ruin our week altogether. Perhaps I am just in a foul mood because I am sick (yeah that's right. Cough and all, thank you).

So I will part with this one shot that's enough to stun anyone who reads this post (me included).

BRAG BAGS HOLLER: JP you are one awesome LV collector. Someday when I win the lottery, I will be able to accumulate as much as you. :)

Everyone else : DROOOOOOOOL!!!!! :-P~~~~~

P.S. Today is my parents' wedding anniversary (if only my Dad were still here)... Soo happy thoughts for today... :-) Smile! And if you are carrying an authentic designer bag, carry it proudly today :)


Saturday, June 10, 2006

The sickly bag hag returns :(

Ugh. I woke up today with a nasty throat. That, coupled with a few tense body muscles= flu- like symptoms. I needed to get some professional help. I had to take antibiotics just to get the inflammation down. It's horrible :( Anyway let me put you up to date with what's been going on.

Met up with the Metro gals the other night. Daph, Mel, Jo, and Fi. Fi is leaving this coming weekend for San Francisco (not London yet. I totally messed that up *hello earth to Mrs. T*), so we had a dinner get together at L'Opera. Ok, hags if you can't decide what to order there, I just want to recommend the Angel hair pasta with saffron and garden vegetables. I've been consistently ordering that there everytime I do get the chance to eat there, and the dish has been consistently good.

By the way, caught Daph "at work" fixing Fi's necklace and HAD to take a shot. Foreground is Mel's Fendi Mini Spy bag (ooh Mel your bag is sooo famous now hahaha).

And here's Fi with her Fendi WHITE Spy :) *don't forget to check out her pretty necklace by Daph!)

I guess the other night was Spy Night :D I am pretty perturbed with how I feel (physically and mentally *which is another issue*) sleep this off. Tomorrow will be better I hope (I better lighten up or I'll get pelted with tomatoes or worse, rocks!!). And for sure, more bag talk tomorrow.

P.S. thankfully I had not been able to post the other night because I totally biatched *hahaha*. Basically, I just bitched about not having a steady stream of "income" (hello dingding freelance writing= not a stable source of income *unless I become an OFW for a looong time :D*). I just get real slighted when people think that I have all the time in the world to go shopping and buy whatever I want-- peeps, I am a proud hands- on Mama. Plus, since the time I began this blog, have I not made it clear that I am BROKE (because of all the bags I bought last year hahaha)? *and that I did the economical thing by spring cleaning so I can buy more bags?*. Ain't life a biatch for you to know that! *harharhar* I love to be your taitai and all that, but alas, a taitai wannabe like me will need more than just the average daily socialclimbing to buy what I want... something called WORK. *muwahahaha* Anyway, enough biatching. Time to find work with VERY decent pay or no moolah to pay for household expenses (I junked the couch fund looooong ago), and worse, no moolah to fund a new bag! *Don't you just wish money grew on trees?!* (fine fine, take your potshots at this ditzy bag hag, but my life does NOT revolve on shopping for bags alone... although heyyy, I would LOVE to do that for a living... hehehe... so if you want a bag here where I'm at, let me know... Next week. I need to get well THIS week :D)

P.P.S. Oh and here's something that I sooo totally love. My best friend KG sent me this photo taken in Vancouver-- the HUGEST Hermes Kelly I have ever seen !! :D *Now THAT is what I call an HERMESSSSSSSS BAAAAAG :)* (KG: you, me and Cat can fit into that bag comfortably!!! *hehe and by the way, did you ask how much that bag cost? hehehe*)

Have a good looong weekend! Meanwhile I need to recover from this bug. I have cancelled my "work" meetings as well as consignment meetings to get some rest... Being sick is really a bitch :(

Hags, if you had questions or wanted to meet up for consignments and stuff, let's reschedule to mid next week. I would absolutely NOT want to spread my ill health around (even if it's not contagious *blech thanks Doc!*)


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bag Review Day3 + Introducing Marc Marmel

Ok. I can't sleep. Hence yet another post! I haven't had Nyquil (ran out) for two nights now (yes I barely slept last night too, but decided not to go online). It's because yes, I ran out of meds, and another, because I realized I did NOT have a pending cold after all (see, I'm not really addicted to Nyquil. And tsk, no wonder I was not getting "well" and the "colds" didn't run its course!) It was a damn allergy, and Nyquil sure ain't gonna cure THAT. (See what an idiot I am?! Trust your old bag hag NOT to check with a doctor when it comes to taking meds. Tsk. Que horror! Medicine 101--- NOT! )

Anyyyyway, I was continuing my search on bags at net-a-porter, and voila, these popped out and were just begging to be reviewed.

BOTTEGA VENETA--While I continually rave about Bottega's signature intrecciato leather bags, I can't help but think "Hermes Garden Party tote" when I saw BV's canvas tote. Thought it isn't as expensive as the Hermes canvas tote, I still think £302.13 ain't small change. For the same style of a bag, I'd rather get it through a less expensive (or lesser known) brand. There are many brands out there who make this exact same style. It's just knowing where to get it. For example, I have a (way larger) green and navy canvas tote similar to this (although of course BV beats out my bag quality-wise hands down haha and well my bag actually, come to think of it, looks hella UGLY hahaha), and I had bought mine at J.Crew for US$75. But hey, ugly as my bag may be, it's as sturdy as a damn ox I tell ya. Not only that, it's huge and it has been schlepping around with me (as an overnight bag) for quite some time. And I never worry about it catching dirt. If this were a BV, well I'd be worried about dirt the moment I carry it out of my room!

Ahh the Novak. I remember about three seasons ago when this bag was just so hot that Neiman Marcus (SF) wasn't even carrying it in black and only in red (and it was just sooo sold out). Now it is available through net-a-porter for £621.28. Though originally thought of as a "hot" bag to have, I have somewhat changed my stance about it. Is it because it had transcended its time and didn't fly off to the land of iconic bags? Perhaps. It's pretty alright but I don't think this bag has the "IT" factor to be carried by just anyone. This bag will surely not look right for a petite bag hag, sadly (the bag looks too long-- vertically). That being said, I can't possibly think of it as a "good" bag. A "good" bag is one that works for either a tall or petite person. I guess that's why the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag continues to be one of the most wanted bags. It has not really been on these last two seasons' IT bag, and although the momentum has slowed down since its "official" debut (debut was a loong time ago, but it was only when the likes of The Olsen twins, the Hiltons carrying the bag did it become "cause celebre" if I may use that term), the demand for it hasn't really stopped. I know more than a handful of people who would love to get their hands on Balenciaga bags with popular colors such as turquoise, lime, and magenta. So anyway (boy did I stray), the Novak bag may look great on a tall person, but it's not meant for everyone (and that would include me-- the leather alone of the bag is enough to discourage me-- Hello scratches!!).

Luella Charms Satchel--
Now what on earth were the editors of net-a-porter thinking by touting this Luella Charms bag as one of the most wanted ?? The bag screams tacky, tacky, tacky. I think Luella was a one- hit wonder. It is sad that I think of her bags this way. The first time she came out with the Gisele bag in candy pink patent leather, I swore that her bag was so pretty. I HAD to have one. But season after season, she began bastardizing that Gisele design, adding cutout flowers, redesigning the shape into a frame doctors bag, then adding scalloped edges... I just think she over-experimented, and this bag is not spared from my analysis of her designs. It tries too hard. For the pricetag of £676.50, I'd much rather spend my money on the Alexander Mc Queen Novak. The Luella charms bag is becoming much of a cross between Moschino's really fun bags *NOT trying too hard* and Juicy couture bags (don't get hurt here, some of the Juicy bags are cute, but the others are ?!!?). Don't waste your money on this bag. Even if I see this bag on some chic celeb, I wouldn't bother taking a second look. Luella's bag time is over until she reinvents her designs again. (Oh and the fruit charms-- tsk... soo Hermes)

I also took time out to view bags by Marc Marmel, upon the kind recommendation of another bag hag named after the House that made the iconic Birkin *what trivia!* (baghag HT is only 20 years old *ahh to be young again hehehe*). Marc Marmel is apparently a newcomer in the bag industry (woohoo we always welcome newbie designers!!!). Marcwas inspired by the vintage pieces of Hermes and Louis Vuitton when he created this collection. And with that in mind, I checked out the bags. I immediately fell in love with the "look" of the bags. They have this weathered, "cracked" leather look (but they are NEW) and I just love it! That red bag you see being carried by that *woohooo* muscular arm and hand *hehee* is practically perfect, if it weren't made as an overnight bag (which it is unfortunately-- the bag has a rather thick width). But boy oh boy if that was a day tote, ohmahgawd you'd be sure to see me getting it (and worrying about paying for it the day after I get it *hahaha). Some of my faves of Marc Marmel's collection would be the Mail bag (more known to us hags as the Steamer bag, the precursor to the modern day Birkin), and the Duffle barrel bag (hello papillon hehe but hmm the size might be a wee bit too... long), and the classic Doctor's bag (aka Speedy haha), although an external pocket or two would make this bag look better in my opinion (or heck, a nice contrasting leather trim like that duffle would make this bag more different). Carrying a Marc Marmel bag would surely not make a bag hag worry about it as much, since it already looks weathered and "old", as HT rightfully said. So HT, I give this brand two thumbs up for its "luggage" collection. Again, I would not mind owning a piece or two of this brand (think of the cream colored bag!! yummmmmy). Marc Marmel bags are available at Harrods and Matches (UK), Holt Renfrew (Toronto), Maxfield (Los Angeles, CA), Bergdorf Goodman (New York), Lotte (Seoul), 4510 (Dallas, TX), and Isetan (Tokyo). And thanks again for introducing this brand to us, HT!! Watch out for Marc Marmel, bag hags!!

Ok enough for now. I think I have done a nice job of trashing some of the bags at net-a-porter (hahaha ok that was plain mean-- errr wait. Am I PMS'ing again so soon?! Or it's mid life crisis?! Errr.. Me think. I turn a year older very soon and it is really beginning to dawn on me that age is catching up with my body *oh yes, downing a whole friggin' family size pizza and not gain an ounce was a thing of teenage yesteryears...LONG GONE!!! Bawl!!!*)

Later hags! Perhaps I can talk nice and not biaatch later... Ah well who knows!! :D

P.S. I am actually sorta freaking out because my webmonkey has decided to leave his post *bawl* so what happens now to my website?! *major bawl* Stress, stress... (actually it's my fault. I didn't wanna face him because I didn't wanna learn to maintain it on my own *hehehe* Now I'm forced to. Coz I sure can't afford to keep a webmonkey around to maintain it for me all the time :D *cough CHEAPSKATE*)

P.P.S. I might not be posting tomorrow night. I'm gonna be out with the girlfriends for some good dindin and a fancy time together since our dear galpal FionaL, Metro Weddings Fashion editor, is leaving for London on June 10 *she is going to Fashion school!!!* and won't be back til, oh dear, I don't know when! :( We will really miss her :( Fi, Come back and visit us (or we'll go there and crash at your pad haha.. Trust me, you DON'T want that to happen *muwahaha*)!!!

And finally, good night! :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Bag Reviews + DaphP's Charm necklace + Brag some bags!

So the bag hag continues to do a little surf shopping (here's proof that you don't have to have the money to surf shop :D just DON'T buy!!) *muwahaha*

At net-a-porter.com, I found some pretty good pieces that I would not mind owning.

Here are the winners for the night:

ANTIK-BATIK-- No, these are not the same as Antik jeans. (I was a sucker too, I really once thought they were one and the same). This Clio travel bag is quite big, and it works as an overnight bag easily. What I like about it is the small sequinned pouch attachment that comes along with it. It not only makes the travel bag look prettier (with it attached), it also is useful for an evening out. You can't possibly lug around that big bag to some nice restaurant or bar right? I mean, it's like practically lugging an overnight bag! So that little pouch will come in handy and will add a little bling to your getup. Bag is priced at £157.45 and also comes in white :) *I'd do the darker color* (Bag has leather handles)

BURBERRY-- This Jermyn leather tote looks like a typical leather bag, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. The leather looks so soft, and the whole bag reminded me of the Lanvin Kansas bag without it looking too "shaped" (i.e. rectangular). Looks pretty roomy too! Would work so nice with a neutral shirtdress :D (ok, lemme look in my closet if I have a shirtdress...) Priced at £761.70.

CHLOE-- So call me a latebloomer for liking the Edith bag a bit later than everyone else. I think the bag grows on you. I have been thinking that Chloe was engraving its own epitaph by overproducing Paddington bags (they are everywhere!!!), but this bag continues to be sold out at £560.85. I have seen a few at the resale stores in HK, but never really gave it a second look. Maybe I should've. This might be the better cure for Paddington overdose (by the way, I still am keeping my own indigo paddington-- I still love it *sans the padlock* because of the soft leather, but that's just me). (NOTE: This is real funny, so I went to Tint this evening and I saw the same style of the Edith bag in their store! Since I didn't really have time to go in and ask the price *I was with my DB*, perhaps the next few days I will go check it out :) Hey, put it this way, Tint may have taken another brand's design, but at least it ain't a fake designer bag. Nothing worse than fake designer, really)

Since I did pass by Greenbelt 3 tonight, I wanted to tell you the real reason I went there (no I DID NOT "pass by" bag boutiques again haha). I went there to meet up with DaphP. And voila, Here's my new necklace!! :D I photographed it in the "raw" so you can see the beauty of it. It would look so great too, layered with another gold necklace :D And I can actually put 2 photos in the locket! That pinkish pendant is a pretty cameo. The whole piece is beautiful. *dreamy* I've always wanted an antique charm necklace and woohoo now I have it!! :)

Quick holler to DaphP-- THANK YOU!!!!!! So hags, if you are interested in antique charm necklaces such as this beauty here, please do contact our resident fashionhag DaphP at daphneosena@yahoo.com :D

I looooove my necklace and I shall sleep well tonight knowing tomorrow I shall be wearing it to dinner out with the Metro girls :) *hehehe shallow, but hey, as long as it makes me happy :D)

OOh Ooh, the night won't be complete without...

BRAG YOUR BAGS ALERT: Baghag KY who is one of the few who have been brave enough to send me photos of her bag, made me DROOL and green with envy! Check out her collections, and dream about it tonight :DNight hags!!! xoxo

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shameless Plugging, "Swipe" Abuse, Lusting, ALL justified!

I can honestly never really justify my shameless plugging of my own bags (to sell), but if it belongs to a fellow bag hag, I can't help but talk about some of their bags that catch my eye.

Case in point. Chanel hags, pay attention here. This is probably PC's last bag which she will sell. This is a *woohoo* Jumbo Chanel 2.55 bag in an alternative style from the diamond quilt. This is a Caviar leather (more coveted than lambskin because it doesn't scratch as easy), and has vertical "quilt" stitching. The bag is HUGE, and the logo is HUGE :D *ooohoooo this is practically orgasmic for logomaniacs out there (err... me included)*

The bag measures 12"L x 9"H x 3.5"W and is so roomy. I can vouch for this because I also have a Chanel jumbo bag and it is perfect for packrats like me. You can shorten the strap by pulling it off from under the flap, and carry it like this, or carry it in its full length drop of 14" (bag drops down to the waist area) or you can also carry this as a body bag. The bag's interior has a hologram sticker with identification number on it, however the numbers have been rubbed off over time due to use of bag. But the bag, again is guaranteed authentic and will come with its original Chanel box. Asking price is Php 38,000. A new Chanel caviar 2.55 bag (not even in this jumbo size) already costs approximately Php 95,000. So you are only paying 40% of the original amount for this bag! At Php 38,000 this classic iconic bag is already a steal. And from what PC tells me, this is the last Chanel bag she is willing to part with. (I hope not girl, I am still eyeing your pink caviar tote.. hahaha sell it sell it sell it! I'll buy it hahaha *even if I'm supposed to be broke*) The Chanel caviar jumbo chain-leather strap tote is available at TRESORMAKATI.

Ok anyway on to the real news. Well, so much for being broke. I guess we hags find every single excuse to get ourselves something new almost every month-- expensive or inexpensive. Doesn't matter. Bottom line, something new, something tangible (I swear we all have "swipe" abuse issues!!!)

So today, as it was DT's first day of school, I sneaked off (an hour into class) and headed to Greenbelt 4 (the sinful edifice of indulgence *muwahaha*). I hoped to just "pass by" without incident. You know :) *but geez who are we kidding! Since time immemorial-- the time I needed a new couch (the time I HAD money to buy a new couch), I have not really successfully mastered that art of "just passing by". Today, because of all that "just passing by" visits, I STILL don't own a new couch. And by golly it's been almost a year since I mentioned needing a new couch, and I still have NONE!! Go figure! *scoff, idiot baghag!*

Nye nye nye... Anyway, I went into the YSL boutique to check out the La Boheme fringe bag (the bronze on I featured from neimanmarcus.com is not yet available, but they have La Boheme fringe bags with the horn handle for over Php 70K) and intricate leatherlacework Mombasa for someone who wanted my opinion on whether it is a buy or not. I looked at the bag, and quite frankly, liked it. Mucho. But I have to ask you (YSL bag hag in doubt) if you will use the white bag often or not. White leather bags can be quite notorius with dirt and marks if not used "correctly". When I say "correctly", I meant, make sure that the place you are going to with your white bag, is not gonna make your bag get in contact with factors that can cause it to mark. You can use the bag with jeans of course, but just make sure not to rub the bag against the denim (coz denim bleeds). Never, never put your bag on the floor, or if you plan to seat your bag, make sure the surface is clean and dry (I know, be OC if you have to, it pays off. Heck it's a white bag!). Our resident fashion guru DOP hates to see bags on the floor (I would too, especially if the bag is expensivo! *wink to BB*) So, all those factors aside, I think the YSL leatherlace Mombasa bag is beautiful. :)

Apres YSL, I passed by Louis Vuitton. You know, just to "pass by" and say hi to Abby. But we all know, there is no such thing as a "say-hi-kinda-visit" to "the house that monogram built" (in BB's words). You know your addiction takes over you once you set your foot into LV. And lo and behold. I heard myself asking for the Damier Alma (secret desire bag but never really bothered to get). Abby also shows me a Damier Speedy 30. Do I want one? Nope not this time. I was deadset on an Alma. I've been wanting one ever since but just never really solidified that "want" into a "need". But today, it ceased becoming a want. It was necessary to walk away with one. (Postscript: DH could only shake his head and laugh at this *hehehe* By the way, he paid for tuition this time. I guess next semester is my turn?! *ohpleaseplease let me win the lottery please!!*)

Just as I was admiring the beauty of the Alma (I love the bugatti shape, really really do), did someone familiar walk in. OHMAHGAWD it was baghag mama MG!! OhMAhGawD, I was sooooo busted!! As it turns out, her Damier Speedy 30 had also arrived, and she was picking it up :D So, *woohoo* a token photo became necessary, resulting in this!!! Pssst, MG-- we sure had a blast today didn't we :)
The Damier Kissing Cousins *hahahaha* (MG's bag had the plastic and cardboard stuff still-- again, yet ANOTHER proof that LV bags DO come with plastic AND cardboard!) Note that this photo was taken INSIDE the Louis Vuitton boutique in Greenbelt 4.

Well, this Alma bag is my birthday pressie to myself (sigh, yet another excuse, I know, I know). And since some of you have been nagging me to tell you when my birthday is (and more importantly, how OLD I am), I can tell you this much-- I have the same birthday as King Edward I of England (woohoo am I a proven Royalista or what?!). Also Greg Kinnear, Barry Manilow, and I all share the same birthdate (although not the same talent haha oh how I wish!). So there. Those should be enough hints! As for the age thing, HAH! You can't fool me into giving you my birth year :D Sorry better luck next time *snicker* ok I am GETTING old, alright? It will not be a long time from now that I will be needing obagi and botox and all those stuff *muwahahaha* and when that day comes, you will be sure to see a LOT of my bags for sale haha!!! Can you believe it, those Obagi things already cost 18K?!?!! *shock, that's the price of an LV Monogram Wapity already and change!*

And before I say adieu for the night, a quick two- bag post from neimanmarcus.com :

This Marc Jacobs metallic tote is on sale from US$895 to just US$627.00 and it's just too cuuuuute!!

Oh dear another metallic tote. Burberry's shadow check tote which I find myself liking (gee, thanks baghag glamstudio AO for giving me this new bag to lust for haha) has its price marked down from US$495 to US$371.00. A nice change from the usual tartan checks of Burberry! :)

Ok anyway time to get offline now. I need shuteye. Nyquil beckons. I've been taking Dayquil AND Nyquil to suppress a supposed cold. I know, it's not good to suppress it, but at this point, this is way better than letting a cold run its course. It's school opening and I can't really afford to be "sick". So the colds will have to take a sabbatical :D *teehee*

P.S. Quick Holler to baghag JY who flew in from Bangkok sometime last week (tsk jetsetter galore, girl!). She gave me a mini bag booklet which contained all the hot bags to lust for (it was in Thai, but who cares, EYE CANDY!!!) THANK YOU so much JY! You have contributed greatly to my insomnia and I love you for it anyway :D *hehehe*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

BAG REVIEW-- Neiman Marcus

It's that time again. BAG REVIEW!
This time, bags come compliments of neimanmarcus.com

CHLOE-- Just when I thought the death of the Chloe bags was imminent, did Chloe come out with a Betty satchel in pewter. Though Baghag doesn't think US$1,995.00 is a fair amount to pay for this bag, it is nevertheless a beauty. Washed metallic leather sans the heavy padlock is attractive enough for me. Besides, I would still want to own a metallic leathered handbag, and this would fit the bill quite nicely. (This works, or a Chanel bowler in Silver :D)

-- La Boheme Fringe hobo bag is beautiful. I just sold this exact style recently to a bag hag (but in rust color), and this bag looks so easy to use, and is roomy enough. At US$945.00, the bag is quite a bargain. Let me go and check this bag out in Greenbelt. I did see this style, but was not quite sure if it was in the same color. It's a yummy bag and I wouldn't mind using this if I were to be given one (hint hint) :D

LORO PIANA-- While I appreciate the simplicity that this large tote has to offer (plus it is made of buffalo leather), I cannot fathom forking over US$3,180.00 for it. I have seen a similar, smaller Loro Piana bag (in lilac) on sale at last year's Boxing day, and had almost bought it for myself, had it not been for the tiny dink on the leather. I remember the bag was selling for US$800. It was 30% off. Loro Piana is a relatively unknown brand in the bag world (at least in our bag world), but has been producing cashmere and fine wool fabrics for men's and women's clothing for over 80 years. I like Loro Piana bags, although they lean toward simplistic, uncomplicated styles. I guess they meant to design bags that way so that they will transcend time and trend. But I do wish they're cheaper :D

Anyway, I've been real good this weekend, slept early since I was coming down with some colds. So let me continue being good. Tomorrow is the first day of school as well for most of the kiddos (and we moms are gonna send em to school :D), so time to take off for now!

Til the next post hags :D

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sapato Manila, Coco & Tres, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Glorietta 4 (well, the whole of Glorietta and Greenbelt if I'm not mistaken) is having a midnight madness sale weekend. So I ended up avoided that mall at night, though I went there late afternoon with my DM (dear Mom).

Rockwell, ahh my fave mall. Tonight, I met up with a new bag hag Miss M, who is so totally amusing, we connected immediately (since we both know what it's like to like a bag enough not to be able to sleep well at night... welcome to the club, girl!) She walks away with the Chanel backpack y'all. So my 2 other ladyhags (ok no mention of names or initials here or they'll spit at me haha), sooo soooorrrryyyy but Miss M has taken custody of the pretty lil bag. PC will be pleased since little Miss Chanel backpack will be in very good hands :D

Anyway, OhMyGawd. So Tyler was having this sale. I went in, and while browsing, this sales associate with a spiked heel backs up on my foot. My already-ugly, veiny, nude foot. OUUUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!! So that's partly what happened to my evening. I am now the proud owner of a purple bruise on my left foot, near my toes. OUCH. :( *the SA said sorry though :D*

The only good thing that came out of this was, about a few minutes earlier, I had gone to the 2nd floor, Lifestyles section, to check out Sapato Manila and Coco & Tres.

Check out their stuff! My bronze Coco & Tres travelling bag/ hobo came in a different material, embossed pleather, and is really quite nice. And I can vouch for this much-- the bag is VERY affordable! Less than Php2,000 *I hope I saw correct!* :D And it's an original! It's so hard to find nice bags these days at affordable prices, and this bag qualifies that category of cheap&chic finds. There are also colorful suede bags (swirly bags!!) that just might add color to your bag collection (baghags who have a LOT of black bags, try this bag for fun!! :D)

Sapato Manila offers REAL snakeskin flats, and I could not resist and bought myself a pair in metallic eggplant (purple-brown) color. They were such a steal for only Php 1,600! And we are talking real snakeskin, not faux!! Lanvin ballet flats, eat your heart out! I'm all for Sapato Manila flats! Hey Ms.T (of Sapato), I wish you would come out with snakeskin ballet flats in bright metallic colors too!! :-) I also loved those colorful print clogs, but alas I can't really wear heels anymore or DH would be looking up all the time when we go out *snicker, ok that was mean hehe soweeee honeyyy* :D

Anywaym, go check Sapato Manila and Coco & Tres out, they are at the 2nd floor of Lifestyle Section at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall. And don't forget to walk home with a new pair of those flats and that hobo bag. They're hot!

Another bag boutique called Tru is on that area. Luis Espiritu launched a few bags of his design for this label, which included denim bags with studs and croc embossed leather, as well as colorful swirls fabric tote, and a large overnighter/ weekender bag. Prices range from Php 9,888.00 (for the Corine denim) to Php 20,888.00 (for the Regina travel bag).I personally think the bags are nice, but the prices for them are rather, *ahem* steep! Hmm... I should save up for that travel bag. It IS quite nice... :) Go check it out for yourself! Tru is also located in the Lifestyle Section of Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

To cap a perfect evening out with DH, we watched X-Men, The Last Stand. It is a pretty entertaining movie. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to stay til after the credits have all rolled. There is one more short scene that you MUST watch.

Night hags and have a good weekend (shopping!)!!

Oh and Lily at Glorietta 4 is having their closing sale (goodbye but not farewell, as Wendy Hotung put it). So if you want some Chinoiserie, do drop by the little nook. :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bag Hag is coming down with the Flu

Ok hags, I can't post much tonight. I need sleep. I just took Nyquil and it should be taking effect anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, which leaves me ample time to post Brag a Bag :D

I am coming down with the flu I think, but thank goodness I was still able to meet up with Shampoo Hag JT :D She is sooo fun to talk to, and again I can never stress enough what a pleasant thing it is to be able to meet new people. :)

Anyway, let me cut this short and just post the bags that these lovely hags have sent me (and I drooled over, as always!)

EA who lost out on the Gucci bag on Tresor, decided to just get this yummy Gucci patent blue monogram (Guccisima) bag, which is just equally stunning :)

JE who has this beautiful LV mini monogram bag and Dior *drooool* white D bag. Tsk tsk... :) Sinfullll :D hehehe

And our very own baghag homme JP who came home with his LV Ouvea bag. Damnit, now I am realllly jealous! I love the bag!! Congrats babe!

Night hags! I need rest. I hate having the flu :(


Baghags, send in photos of your bags! Email to tresor@compass.com.ph and please make sure your photo is LESS THAN 100kb in size or it could bounce back to your server :D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kelly bag makes a sugary debut

You know you're a bag addict when:

You plan your bag's proper "coming out" by attending a party. Case in point-- ME and my Kelly (ding ding, bag addict!!)

I planned to take my pink Hermes Kelly to the book launching party of Pastry Bin's Penk Ching.

There was another event tonight, the launch of bags by Luis Espiritu for Tru (err, apparently my invitation to that launch is left at my former office), so I didn't go to that one (hello, I social climb, but I don't gate crash... at least not yet hahaha) although I did pass by the place since I was at Rockwell this afternoon.

So, it was to Penk Ching's book launch, that the pink Kelly will make its first public appearance. :D *addict! addict! err... pathehhhhtiiiic!!!*

The party was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula. Prior to that, I had a rush meeting with bag hag TS (who is just gooooooorgeous!!!!). It was off for both of us to The Pen.

Bag hag in swinging action-- I whipped out that camera and started shooting, of course!

The best wedding photographer in town and the baghag's good friend Patrick Uy, with Philippine Star/ People Asia editor Joanne Rae- Ramirez (and beside them, a beautiful pagoda cake with crystal drops, made by cake masters Penk Ching and sister Shen Ratilla)

Fibre's Margie Duavit (woohoo with her Chanel bag!!)
Audrey Tan- Zubiri with mom Dette, and Tintin Bersola- Babao (carrying Louis Vuitton)
Inquirer's Sea Princess Tessa Valdes-Prieto with that fantabulous gown and *Wolfwhistle* her Bea Valdes Bag (on the very left side of the photo is a lady carrying a Gucci bag with pink leather trim)
Here are two more cakes that just blew me away (made me wish my wedding cake was this one haha)

London stripes cake (inspired by Paul Smith)
The immaculate cake with heavy drapery that resembles fabric and not sugar!
Oh, and just to prove to you that even cake masters like Penk Ching and Shen Ratilla are bag hags, they made an edible version of the Bea Valdes Bag :D Too good to eat!! (photo credit: Caked in Sugar)

Now, peeps, go get the awesome cake book, CAKED IN SUGAR, which will be available at leading bookstores :)

P.S. A few baghags came up to me and were surprised that Hermes made Kelly bags in bright colors too. So I'm glad I toted this baby. I have successfully disproved the perception that Kelly bags are for "older" people (ouch, but wait, I AM a matronista... Muwahaha!). Anyway, I think more ladies see the Kelly in a different light now, now that they know that they do come in bright colors too :D *WOOHOO that's one small step for the bag hag, one giant leap for Hermes!! Watch out Hermes, the baghags are gonna come a-knockin not for Birkins but for Kellys!! :D)