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Thursday, May 18, 2006

A virtual Barneys adventure (not the purple dino puhlease!)

It has been awhile since I last paid Barneys a visit.

Thankfully, this visit proved fruitful. I found some nice things to see :D

Charlott Vasberg made this off- white small suitcase bag-- it is terribly cute, and the price is terribly good *woowoo!* at US$585 (remember how I once lamented that the better bags already cost in the upward amount of US$1,200?)

Another bag (in contrast), the Lanvin Laetitia leather and patent bag, costs US$2,230 and looks rather plain. But nevertheless this is a bag that would transcend trends and time. So perhaps it's a pretty safe purchase (if you like to keep a conservative selection of bags).

Jas MB's large Slitter bag, which is modestly priced at US$465 looks like an extended version of the Lanvin Hero bag (US$1,225). The Slitter is constructed with "washed" leather and comes in black and tan colors as well. I guess I'd go with this blue, since I am a jeans kinda gal (blue jean- colored bags are the "black" for jeans wearing gals hehe).

Ok that's all the bags I can handle for tonight. I guess I ended up burning the midnight oil, trying to finish an article :-D (They don't call me Queen of all procrastinators for nothing! Which reminds me, this is another reason why I CAN wear a tiara *muwahaha*)

P.S. I am such a blind dimwit. I was looking at an LV epi bag's datecode photo earlier and was truly baffled as to the bag's datecode validity. It read 1017 (my eyes told me they were 1017). So of course I raised the question with my Alva boardies, providing photos and all, and they all said I read wrong, it's 1917 (meaning bag was made on Oct. '97). See, this proves that I am blind, and a complete dingo. And shame on me for calling myself a bag hag *see, that also proves how self-righteous I am! Bawl!!* Ok, you can pelt me with rocks now, but while you are at it, can you give me a new set of eyes? *make sure they're not made of glass!* :-D



Anonymous patrickkk said...

i love love love the suitcase bag.

mrs. t, is the croisiere 50 worth buying? because the croisiere 50 is worth my birthday allowance sans my gadget allowance... i mean, if i get one, all that would be left is money for me to buy a new phone and 50$ approx. but then the 35 is 1,690... or is it 1,300$ i don't know. i saw them in barney's online a week ago...
so i would have money for me to buy some clothes and stuff...

i don't know. shoot i'm really confused. 50 or 35? 1,690$ or 1,300$?

help! :)

i shall send some pictures when i get my first goyard promise :)

9:45 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

i also spied the bea valdes purse barney's are selling online! it's beautiful!

9:54 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

patrickkk: the price of the croisiere 35 depends on the color :D I would get a croisiere 35. *that's me :)* you should seriously decide on which size would work better for you-- i.e. your lifestyle, and what is in your bag today :) I hope that narrows it down drastically *teehee* and yes, PLEASE send me a photo! We all wanna see it!! xo

Paz: oh yes the bea purses are beautiful, painstakingly handstitched beadwork! A+ for effort! And from what my friends say, the bag is pretty indestructible too though delicate as it may look :D

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Daphne said...

Hey T, the Hero bag!!! I'm still kicking myself for not getting the red/burgundy-ish one in Barney's last year. I hate regretting!!!! It was perfect. Darn!

12:00 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

hey D! oh yeah, the hero bag is realllly nice. i saw it upclose at lane crawford. too bad i ran out of budget! :D

4:52 AM  

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