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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Uh oh... LV lusting coming back with a vengeance...

So I attended this mini reunion of old friends last night at Alex 3 in Tomas Morato (near ABSCBN) where I also met up with my bubbly baghag friend GC :) *pst, girl, you look gooood!!* I was 30 minutes late that GC and her DH ended up eating at Alex 3 (they got hungry waiting for me!). GC, I owe you one!! xoxo!

Ok, now the reunion-- one of our old friends, AndyD, is back in town from London (a royalista's city of choice hehe) so we all got together again and rehashed our back-to-school
antics *hehe, my DH seemed rather amused by the whole "drama" (aka sex and money talk do mix haha-- but dang, why no bag talk?! haha)*.

LV sightings that night: My friend AK who just gave birth to an ubercute baby, was carrying her Pandora's bag LV speedy30, while my top banker friend LT proudly carried a new LV monogram Trouville. Ugh. Now this obsession has to stop. I got hooked onto her bag. I am loving it!! I loved the Deauville because of it's functionality (many pockets) although I found it too heavy (you know you are getting old when arthritis hits you hehehe). So this is such a perfect lil bag!! *Tsk, and I still have an LV monogram Manhattan that I haven't taken out for a spin in ages!*

I am about to head out to hang with Dear Mommy (DM), shh I better not use the Croisiere 35 *snicker* :D So hey, why not use the Manhattan! Maybe that'll take my mind off the Trouville.

Psst JP: Better a monogram trouville than a multicolore trouville.. hehe (I think for now anyway haha!)

P.S. Heads up!!! Indeedy it's LV time! Just got hold of an LV monogram Viva- cite MM in pretty good condition (looks practically new-- little show of use). Will post it on Tresor very soon. Have yet to take the actual photo (hehe there goes the lazybum bag hag again!). It's priced at Php 40,000.

Later hags! I hafta change bags :) *wink!!*


Anonymous JP said...

yes-sir-ree-Bob! a Mono Trouville is heaps better than Multicolour. *happy dance for Mrs T* - she finally came to her senses ~lol~ hopefully no more MC thoughts from you --- anymore! got your name down for the new Suhali Cabas already? the white Cabas GM looks like a rather dressed up (ie: $$$) YSL Muse.

btw, have you seen the Tobago shoe bags? it was love at first sight for me. can't decide between blue or tan (which is very Hermes Barenia-eque). but i will, by hook or by crook, own one eventually.


8:02 PM  

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