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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TRESOR's new consigned loot + Much Ado about CHANEL

Today was not wasted. I was up and running errands early in the AM (yes, morning, like a normal person for a change). Then I had a series of meetings in the afternoon for woowooo more, more bags, which will include:

1. Tods
yellow suede bag (Brand new with dustbag at 35k) *will take photo of the bag tomorrow because bag came in late already*

2. Gucci monogram canvas shopping tote in blue (the new style!) with striped blue-red-white handles (new with tag and dustbag-- this style is sold out at Gucci, for Php 22k) *note: Bag hag JY has this exact same bag and I was actually asking her earlier she likes hers and she said it was a real easy bag to use. I would have normally bought this bag, but seeing how I'm in a dire financial strait, I'd have to pass (bawl)*

3. Louis Vuitton monogram canvas Speedy 30 with shoulder strap (very nice and even colored patina, with lock and keys for Php 27k-- no dustbag) *LV is planning a price increase fairly soon, and the Speedy right now is at 35.8k and the strap is about 5.5k. The bag would retail 41k(+-) if you buy this Speedy in-store new*

and of course, the highlight, 2 Chanel pieces!

Baghag PC's (who allowed her initials to be mentioned) Chanel collection is enviable, and has decided to let 2 of them go. And you hags see them here first! :D

Left: Chanel classic 2.55 CC lambskin (matelasse) quilt leather bag with intertwined lambskin+chain straps that can be doubled over (see bottom photo) or slung across the body (if you don't double the strap over the bag flap). The bag is still in superb condition, and measures 7"L x 5"H x 2.5"W; strap when doubled measures a drop of 8.75"/ if strap remains single, it's drop is 21".This bag has very minimal scratches, barely visible. Gold hardware has no tarnish. The authenticity card as well as the dustbag are included with this purse. Retail now for this bag is approx. Php 73,000 converted. Her selling price is Php 27,000. This is a CLASSIC Chanel piece! (In fact, my very first Chanel was exactly like this bag, which I had saved up 6 months of my allowance for when I was still studying!!)

Right: Chanel classic CC lambskin (matelasse) quilt backpack with a small exterior pocket and intertwined lambskin+chain straps. The bag body itself is in very good condition, there are minimal scratches on the bottom of the bag (which also has a stitched-in Chanel logo). The bag measures 8"L x 9"H x 4"W (expandable width). The chain straps of the bag have some oxidation (I am thinking perhaps this can be cleaned with a metal cleaner), and the leather on the straps have slightly dulled. The bag overall is in good condition. The gold hardware on the double C clasps in front are shiny and have no tarnish. The interior of the bag is very clean, although the hologram sticker is no longer there. The bag comes with its original dustbag. There is no question about the bag's authenticity (seller guarantees money back if the bag was found not authentic-- likewise I also guarantee the bag's authenticity. It's an authentic Chanel bag). She was the first owner of this backpack and had purchased it at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills. This bag would retail about Php 61,000 now, and her selling price is only Php 18,000!!! (This is a steal, hags!) I still remember wanting this exact style in silver, but they only had a gold available, so I ended up with a gold one (which I had later sold for Php 30k, pre-Tresor!).

Additional photos provided so you can sorta know how the bag would look like when carried :D *Snicker snicker* Disclaimer: Please don't scrutinize my outfit because we have already long established that I am no fashion plate *be kind to animals hahaha*
That's the Chanel 2.55 when carried with the chain strap looped over the flap (to shorten strap).
And here's the cute backpack! I love lambskin leather. It's sooo buttery soft!! *psst, I know, I know, wide ass muwahaha*

Chanel has gone royal too. From the late Princess Diana (who had the exact same sized 2.55 bag as above when she visited Paris), to Denmark's Crown Princess Mary (seen here with a Chanel "7 series" bag *which has brushed gold hardware cubes with CC engraved* on a recent shopping trip in London's Knightsbridge), to Spain's Infanta Elena who likewise carried a pink classic 2.55 (easter holiday 2006)! *photo credit: Face to Face Photo Press*

Oh and before I forget, I am posting my loot here. First photo: Books! The 2 Christie's catalogs of Princess Margaret's collection that Viscount Linley put up on the auction block. A Japanese magazine which had all these designer bags (take note. CHANEL on the cover!!). A mini Hermes booklet detailing the types of leather and color as well as styles of Hermes bags (geez now if only I can read Japanese letters...) *Don't worry, I will share photos with you all! :D*

And here's that BLING necklace I mentioned :D It's faux bling of course, but makes for a funky neckpiece haha. And oh my Mickeyballs pink tiara :) *hehe for the royal wannabe baghag in Disneyland :D*

Sorry for disappointing you hags, but hey, a bag hag's wallet has to rest too, after all that abuse it took! :) Til the next new bag comes along :D *Let's hope, soon, shall we? Now, I am still on that Hermes high, but seeing these Chanel bags made me wanna keep and Buy Chanel too! TSK. Chanel + Hermes= financial disaster (more horrific than Black Monday '87--the single day largest stockmarket crash in history) :D *and let's not even bring in Goyard into the equation!*

P.S. My HK trip has gotta be the cheapest trip I've ever been on! :) And arguably one of the best :D


Anonymous Ms. J said...

*faints* I want.. No, NEED that Chanel 2.55! (please refer to me email hehe)

Love, Ms. J

8:29 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

ok, mrs T, that necklace is fun and chic! great buy!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

mrs t you inspire me to save up my money for a designer piece!

actually, i am right now. so for i only have less than 5000 :P

i'm still planning to buy that gucci duffel/duffle [whatever] bag though. :) it's 27500 in the gucci store in greenbelt. :)

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long does it take to have a goyard engraved with your intials??

12:27 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Chanel got sold! Only backpack remains!

JP: I love your new ouvea bag... Drooool
I will post about it soon!

paz: thanks girl! nothing like fake blings haha

patrickkk: yeah you save up :D sell the lights!!

anonymous: Handpainting monograms usually take a few months, i think about 6 months. Mine came after 5 months.

3:05 AM  

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