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Saturday, May 13, 2006

TRAVELBLOG: My "spoils" from HK

On the last day of my HK trip (err I think I really only had a "day" in HK), I decided to check out of the hotel early (ah yes, I was actually awake by 10am, and checked out by 11am!). I left my *EMPTY* luggage at the hotel and will come back in the afternoon for it.

I decided against being too cheap and took the CityBus to Queens Road Central (besides, I did not want to sweat anymore since I can no longer take a shower after).

First stop: Landmark's Harvey Nichols. Time to collect my "spoils" (muwahahaha what a choice of a word!).

GOYARD: I couldn't decide. A powder blue or a marine blue Fidji hobo (OR THAT GOYARD CHAIR!!!! hehehe). Anyway, I ended up with the marine blue Fidji :) *And an advanced happy birthday to me hehe*. On a related note about Fidjis, I sat down with Baghag hotmama MBS yesterday and while I brought my Yellow St. Louis (yes with the tiara hahaha *feeling royal again*), she brought her orange Fidji which she got on a recent trip from Paris (Dang, the lady went to the original House of Goyard!!!). Also, I bought an orange St. Louis PM for a new Goyard lover (you know who you are, girl!).

Post Goyard, I went into the Damier printed building corner that is Louis Vuitton. I originally went to this place (note I did not want to go in here-- too much temptation! Sheesh) to check out the Multicolore Priscilla bag for a hag, but guess what. Today, that bag was already GONE. Bought by someone else! *shock* Goes to show that anything new with logos at LV, do sell in Hong Kong. No matter what the price. This is Hong Kong. Smell the air! It's the smell of Money!!! Louis Vuitton was not gonna let me out of its store empty handed. I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. In a glass case. I moved over. Hmm... what is this... It's CUTE!!! It's a monogram canvas mini pochette! Now, why have I never seen this bag before? (As if I don't have pochettes in my closet that I DON'T use!). Tsk. "May I see this please?" "Surely!" replied the kind SA. "It's so cute!" I lamented. SA gives me that million watt smile "Isn't it?" I cursed under my breath. I swear, this is NOT happening to me, I am NOT gonna be sucked into this Vuitton vortex. Not here, not now.

Before I knew it, I was whipping out my credit card. And I spaced out. I vaguely heard myself saying "I'll take it" while the rest of my mind was screaming "HELLO?! Will you use this???". The devil bag hag kicked my conscience off the cliff. I heard nothing but calm all too suddenly. Crap! My conscience!! Holy crap!! There are people starving outside and here I am hoarding yet another pochette that probably won't see the light of day (except that cheap fluorescent light in my room)!!! *BAWL*

Tsk. Anyway, here she is: (Now someone better remind me to take this little one out. In fact, do remind me to take my other 3 unused LV bags out for some sun-- namely Perforated Speedy in green, Monogram Panda Pochette, and Fuchsia Charms Pochette)

Que mal, que mal! After walking out of LV, I passed by Roger Vivier once more (you HAVE to try their shoes. Bid a short byebye to Blahnik and Louboutin, and pay your sole respects to the "Fragonard of shoes") before moving onto the next building where Hermes is located (the headquarters of material sin *muwahaha*). I bought a twilly for a friend *wink viajera alert*, a nice H horn bangle for moi, then moved on downstairs to look at the women's pret-a-porter and shoes. Ohmygawd, they have AMAZING slides and sandals right now, it would be such a sin to wave them off. I picked a style and waited for it in my size. Funny. My sales associate (who was just VERY baffled with my Crocs slippers *muwahahaha she couldn't tell it to my face that they were just plain UGLY*) told me they no longer had that style I wanted in my size (I'm a 39-- I know, I know, HUGE feet). So just out of desperation (and we all know how desperate we can all become one way or another), I tried on the ankle-tie magic slippers-- in size 37. (Talk about desperate!!) Guess what, THEY FIT ME!!!!!!!! (Boy my feet will complain to me in the not-so-distant future for this torture). Then I mentioned to my SA that I saw a purple Paris-Cannes beach bag at Pacific Place but the boutique was already closed last night, so I couldn't see it up close anymore. She asked if I could wait about 10 minutes. I figured what the heck, my calves (take note, NOT my feet) were sore from the walk yesterday that I can wait 10 minutes-- sitting down in this oh-so-PLUSH chair :D *hehe it's true anyway! it IS plush!* So, less than 10 minutes later, I get presented with the purple Paris- Cannes. So I asked, why did it take so long for them to find the bag? My SA said, "We brought the bag for you from Pacific Place." Ok. Hermes, you get TOP MARKS for effort! :D *Note that the SA didn't really know at that time if I was getting the bag or not!* I also later got offered a Kelly bag in 32cm indigo togo leather with blue jean trim (year I) and ruthenium hardware. *Hehehe, no I didn't buy that one...*

I walked out of Hermes with huge bags in hand. And here is my loot from the Mount Everest of designer brands :DI can honestly tell you now, that my shopping budget has been completely wiped out (and then some). I can already go straight to the airport because I don't have a dime anymore except the HK$100 in my wallet (which will go to my train fare to the airport-- and I can't squander this off or else I'll end up sleeping in the streets if I didn't catch my flight).

So with these lootbags in hand, I hailed a cab to go back to my hotel (come on, you can't possibly expect me to walk all the way back up the Central escalator with all that! I will just faint. It was so hot, and now I don't even have enough change to buy myself a bottle of water!). At the hotel, I got my empty luggage and began stuffing it. It didn't take long for my luggage to swell up. I just remembered. Crap!!! I have no cab fare to go to Central Station!!!! *OHMYGAWD*

So, I was talking to the front desk about taking a BUS there (I know, with a huge ratty *and partly torn up* Samsonite-- talk about travel battlescars), when he told me that the hotel actually has a free shuttle service that can take me to the Central Station! HELLO! I was saved by the baghag gods from a possible tragedy (I had some more HK coins and Phil. pesos in my wallet but not enough for HK$40-- which means I might have to BEG! *muwahahahaa! Humble Pie Humble Pie! But I was in the hotel which housed the holiest of holy tourists! Seriously!! Remember my hotel Bishop Lei International is run by the Catholic diocese of HK?!*).

I get to Central Station, got to check in my single luggage, and yay, that leaves me some more time to walk around the IFC Mall (HK's "Newest" mall). But honestly, no more moolah to spend. My credit card is exhausted and abused. Overswiping owners should be punished, thus preventing them from doing such crime again *Guilty as charged!*.

So IFC shops are really, just all eye candy now (which means, I can't really linger around or I'll be tempted again *haha ZERO EQ*).

There's the Prada boutique with all those "plume" style bags, Patrick Cox (whatever happened to this brand?!), Roberto Cavalli (check out that bucket bag, reminds me of the bag that BB was photographed in back at the AbFit Jeans store in Jupiter Street hehe). And then of course, there's Lanvin. They have really yummy ballet flats there (but I could only drool *sniff*... Wait. This is pathetic. I can't believe I am trying to ask for your sympathy here. I'm truly a lowlife *snicker*). I do know for a fact that our baghag KV bought herself a purple pair (THE LAST pair too, which almost got snatched up by a HK celeb. Woohoo SCORE for KV!)

Time to head to the airport. Besides, there are more SHOPS there. :D Airport Boutiques here I come!!

: Oooh the elusive bowling bag!! They have it in black only. Gorgeous, isn't it? Oh and they also have the Jumbo Chanel 2.55 Double C twistlock version in Caviar leather (black) with silver hardware! No, I didn't get it. I was already far too broke (I need to go to a loan shark for money, know a good one? *Muwahaha*).

DIOR: Holy heavenful of bags! There are tons of the Gaucho bags at Dior airport!! Ok, thank goodness I didn't get this bag. To begin with actually, I never really cared for this. And boy did that decision pay off :D

HERMES: Hmm there was a 28cm cyclamen mini plume here. Tsk, what is it with these MINI versions of the original bags anyway??!! *I am pissed because the designers are giving suckers like me an excuse to own one, now that it's not AS astronomically priced as the original one (but geeeez it's STILL expensive!!!!)*

Tsk, all this eye candy made me truly hungry, so I pit-stopped at this sushi bar called Toro. I could no longer wait for airline food (not this time-- I had NO lunch the whole day and my stomach was beginning to complain, and loudly too). Total damage done on my card: HK$305 (for a sushi- sashimi platter and green tea).

Before long, it was time to board my plane. Adios to HK. And to think I was only there for one day, and I shudder to think of the credit card bills when I get back home!!

So now, I am back, and I am totally clamming up everytime I receive a white envelope. *shiver shiver* Loan shark loan shark loan shark... hehehe... Ok I think next week is "Storm" cleaning time (Spring is over haha)

P.S. BagHag MG and her little girlie baghag RG are so cute-- they both have the LV Papillon And the Pandora Speedy :D MG girl, please adopt me! My DH begs you to take me in *muwahaha* ; My svelte baggin' amiga Sarah brought me some sweets (arrrrgh my DIET!!!) yesterday for Mother's Day and now I can't stop eating these things!!!! THANKS super, girl! And my extra pounds will all be dedicated to you *hehe*; I also met a super lovely couple SF and her hotshot engineer hubby BF (who makes it a point to know the brands that his wife likes! I salut you. You make other men proud, as my DH said :D). SF by the way, was carrying the bag I was lusting for (the Gucci shopping tote with two exterior pockets)!!

P.P.S. JP, our defacto male baghag expert, is hiding a treasure trove of a blog! He has THREE Balenciaga Men's Day bags!! (*Busted!!!* Tsk JP, you sinner you :D *hehehe woowoo!!*)

P.P.P.S. Sigh, the wonders (or not) of the internet. It never ceases to amaze me how peeps can extract photos from others and use it without permission (well I sometimes neglect to do this too, but I do try to credit my sources). It's even more somewhat upsetting to find out that one's own info can be used by another. Sigh... Anyway, my friend JLS (who pulled the plug on her own blog) says this happens to everyone on the net everyday, that someone will try to assume identity of another person whom they "think" is not "connected" or net savvy. Well I just didn't realize this is such a rampant practice. Where's the internet police when you need one? So peeps, be very careful about the information you part these days. It can be used by someone else and they can seriously assume your identity without you knowing. Tsk :( Sad, sad.

On a happier note, I would like to wish all Mommies out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in advance!!! Treat yourselves today if your kids/ hubbies don't treat you :) Bottom line, make it a HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Blogger Sharleen said...

Girl! That's much more than I was thinking! Hahahaha I love your loot from Hermes!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

happy mother's day mrs. t! and to my mother too.hahahaha. she read your blog weeks ago and told me to become a bag addict when i grow. hahahaha :P

7:55 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

that hermes bangle is sooo hip!

girl, what is there left for us? nothing - you bought them all! LOL!

11:53 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

excellent selection of goodies Mrs T! those Hermes sandals look very chic. i seriously want a Goyard piece with the crown and stripes too. me so jealous.



1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooohhh i loooove your goyard!!!! cant wait to get one. happy mother's day!!!

-mrs. g

2:12 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

btw mrs.t you forgot to mark your photos as yours. ebay lovers might sell them :P

4:13 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...


patrickkk: Crap, you're right, i should watermark it. i have in fact already seen a lot of my photos being used :( tsk :(

P.S. someone asked what the dip for that deep fried camembert is-- it's cranberry :D

*damn now Im hungry!!* I'm off to attend a wedding dinner. I have a cool photo which I will post tomorrow. Gotta work on an article tonight (which shouldve been due last week hehehee... Queen of Procrastination!!)


6:06 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

by the way MrsT, that photo of the yellow and orange Goyards.... was that taken inside Dulcinea at Glorietta 4? oh how i miss Makati....


PS: that's funny, my word verification code is "dior" it must be a sign! =P

9:05 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Happy Mother's day Mrs. T !!!!!!
Nice goyard bag!


2:29 AM  
Anonymous marieqtp said...

i soooooooo ~heart~ your goodies from one of my favorite cities in the world! darn--forget the mantra-"it's not a good buy if you don't need it"! i guess your EQ is feeling ab fab right now! wink*wink*

love reading your blog!

11:08 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Hags, we have a queenbee amongst us, apparently PURPLEGIRL hogs Hermes bags as well *faint oooooh*

PURPLEGIRL: Show us your Hermes babies, you queen bee :D Email me about your vermillon :D

jp: Dont you buy a dior on me *hehe* that photo was taken at Bo's Coffee-- beside Dulcinea :) You should come back here!! P.s. why can't i have a word verification :HERMES? *hehe*

mpr: thank you girl! Time for you to get a Goyard hobo :D xoxo

marieqtp: Hehe what EQ? :D my mantra: If you can't afford it, don't buy it. But again my mind was no longer coordinating with my physical abilities-- remember, I spaced out? *muwahaha* thanks for reading this shallow hag's blog :D

I will be posting tonight/ tomorrow already. My deadline for my "work" is this afternoon and yay, i am sooo halfway there :D *tsk i can't believe i procrastinated THIS long*

xoxo to all!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

Mrs T. definitely no Christian Dior for me.... Dior Homme more likely. ;-)


5:59 PM  
Anonymous Diz said...

Hey tresor, I heard those Paris- Cannes bags come in two different sizes and seven colors do you know what they are? Your purple is BEAUTIFUL!!!

3:11 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Diz: I do know they come in a couple of striped colors as well-- but what Ive seen are just purple and aqua. as for size-- i think i got the larger one :D
But lemme do some research on it !!


4:56 AM  

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