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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

TRAVELBLOG: Hong Kong, City of Life! *Landmark*

I got back late last night-- I was in fact too tired to blog. I can't imagine walking around HK the WHOLE day the way I did when I was there for 1.5 days (and 1 night)!

I stayed at Bishop Lei International (green building), it's a nice and quite affordable hotel located at Robinson Road MidLevels (their off season rate is about $80 more or less-- that's real cheap by HK standards for this location too!). The rooms are rather small, but it's alright, as long as they are clean and that the hotel is really a decent place to stay (no fly-by-night ladies allowed hehe). The place is run by the Catholic diocese of HK, so it's really a good place to stay. If you wanna experience what it's like to live like a local, try staying at this place-- the hotel is located in the residential area (aka no shopping malls anywhere).

I left my hotel around 7:00pm already, and decided to walk down the Central escalator to pass by all those boutique restaurants at SoHo. I passed by Mosque street before getting there, and oooh Pizzeria Italia, our old haunt a few years ago, is STILL here!! Try their Spinach and Mushroom Pizza as well as their Four Cheeses Pizza. To die for!!! Take out service only for this by the way :)

The Central Escalator from Mosque Street seems like a few miles' walk down to Queens Road Central. What made today's walk hard is that the escalator service is only available for those walking back up to Midlevels. Ouch... and I was walking down!

I passed by old haunts, which just basically made me smile because these were the very places we used to eat at, and they are still around! What a stroll down memory lane! There's my fave place Pepperoni's, where their Spaghetti vongole and Deep fried camembert with cranberry dip are just sooooooo good and not to be missed! (I will come back to this place later).

Then there's Staunton's where we would get an after-work drink (or two), post dinner at one of the restaurants at SoHo (shortcut for South of Hollywood Road). I was searching for a restaurant named Indigo here, but it doesn't look like that place exists anymore :( Sad. They had the best oysters (and damn, arguably the priciest) in this side of town.

I finally reach Queens Road Central (former home to Lane Crawford which has since moved to IFC). The street doesn't feel the same without Lane Crawford. But hey, this still remains the street home of Balenciaga, Escada, Episode, Marks & Spencer, Joyce, Harvey Nichols, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, Follie Follie. And perpendicular to Queens Road Central, is Pedder Street-- the prestigious address of Louis Vuitton's flagship store, as well as The Landmark and Shanghai Tang. Finally, I am going to take the MTR (all that walking made me lose 5 pounds *or so I hope because of my profuse sweating!!*). I plan on heading to Admiralty first (Pacific Place). The Central MTR station is located on either streets-- I chose the one at the Landmark's basement (muwahaha feast my eyes!).

Louis Vuitton's Flagship store--
the power alone on those almost- blinding facade lights could seriously incapacitate a small town's electricity supply :D

Then there's Celine
(check out that cute yellow Clandestine bag).

Ralph Lauren
(which had the Ricky bag in stock-- both in leather and in luxe CROC!!).

(holy holy holy, they have TONS of B.Fendi bags there-- red patent leather with canvas, white patent with canvas, black patent with camel leather... and all those Spy bags with the floral appliques, and then some gaudy beaded ones hehe *Do you spy what I spy?*)

Then of course, what's Landmark without paying homage to Roger Vivier?
If you have some serious cash to burn on a pair of shoes, forget Manolos and Jimmy Choos. Vivier is the name to remember. Get a pair with the comma heels or the sky high stiletto heels, what Vivier is famous for :) Or get those big buckle flats (so "MOD!")

Then there's Gucci. Whatever this itty bitty bag is,
it's beautiful *sigh and pricey too, I'm sure* It looks like one of Jay Strongwater's enamel and crystal encrusted box.

I could NOT resist. I swear I couldn't. I just HAD to go into Harvey Nichols to peep inside Goyard.
Tsk. I am still planning to come back to Landmark the very next day, but i just had to beachcomb the whole mall *snicker.. NO EQ!*

Anyway, I will have to cut this post short for now, I have to finish an article which is due tomorrow (eeks!!!). I will be posting part 2 later during the day (or night).

Watch this space for more! Part 2: Pacific Place & Causeway Bay. Part 3: The hogging begins (or so I think)...

Ahhhh the famous baghag biatchin' alert: To that special someone *gag* who cannot find anything positive to say at all about anything (I mean anything!!!), let me be the biatch now (hey I have to clean up what the scum started! *me looks for Clorox hehe*) and correct you for your use of the word PLUSH to describe subdivision/village. That is just sooooo wrong (and hags, I don't normally enjoy being right, but today, I AM right!!! hahaha). Plush means "
A fabric of silk, rayon, cotton, or other material, having a thick deep pile."(yes, you can check it in your dictionary). I believe the term you are looking for is POSH. *Guffaw-- those two words are MILES apart in meaning!* Public humiliation is what you get for being such a sourpuss (fester fester fester, rot rot rot *muwahahaha* Please don't let this happen to the good people!).

Sigh, Hags, isn't it rather annoying when sourpuss hypocrites hide under a veneer of fictitious names (hence hypocrites) if they can't say something negative to you in your face (what's worse is, they don't even know that by sending an email via a web-based email address, their IP address is traceable and exposed! Cover your tracks damnit!) I'd rather duke it out face a face, leave no ill feelings undiscussed or unresolved. But that's just me. Baghag JP couldn't have said it better when he posted "Don't you ever give a FrUCK" (to which I had edited hahaha, hello babe, potty mouth hahaha). I agree. Why stoop to bottomfeeder level (but damn, I just stooped to that level by discussing this. *blah*)! Anyway, apart from that gross misuse of an English word (which I just HAD to correct because I'm such a control freak biatch), I have nothing else to say to this pondscum. Time to brush the lint off my cheap Php 80 shirt (thanks to Market!Market!) :D *The biatchin' bag hag is Baaaack!!*

Disclaimer: This blog is not for the faint hearted. I cannot be held responsible for any possible bag lustings or purchases :D *snicker* I had to put this disclaimer on, before I get pelted with tomatoes :D Or if this blog will only irk the reader, please, please stop reading this. I mean, why irk yourself more? It's like stinky feet-- why do you keep complaining about your stinky feet if you still keep smelling it anyway, knowing it already stinks? STOP smelling it damnit!! *Eeew*

Sigh, don't you just love "prose"? *WEEVIL!!!*



Anonymous patrickkk said...

wb mrs t! did you buy anythng from hk? let us see! :)

2:52 PM  
Blogger Sharleen said...

Go go go! Love the last part of this post! Harhar! It's so nice to have an excuse to be a biatch. Or even if no excuse! :-p

5:01 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

wow! the Goyard boutique looks mighty empty. was there some sort of mad sale? more importantly, did you get any?


7:04 PM  
Blogger a lice said...

I love your blog!
I am portuguese and i have a fashion blog too!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. T you go girl. Put that idiot where he belongs. Gosh, soo funny plush, ha ha ha ha. Does he/she read the dictionary at least. Moron alert!!!!! Hello, you are the lowlife!!!!

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Hi Mrs T! So some punk wrote you a nasty? I say flush this punk's face down a dirty toilet and let her/ swallow shit. What a noneducated bufoon not to know the difference between plush and posh? The meanings are so elementary. HEY PLUSH PUNK, GET YOUR GRAMMAR RIGHT!! DON'T INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE!!
If that person still writes to you, goes to show he/she is a fan and reads your blog after all so you go tell her to shut her fat piehole! GO GO GIRL WE ARE BEHIND YOU!!!
By'dway, Whatya get in HongK? Show it! Maybe punk's tongue will hang right down to her shins! Put her in her rightful place!!!

1:09 AM  
Anonymous ko said...

Mrs. T- please post your loot, can't wait to see that you know what


1:29 AM  
Anonymous shopdiary said...

Hear, hear! What did you get in HK? **waiting with bated breath**

2:29 AM  
Anonymous mrs. g said...

oooh shopping in HK, yummyyy! I think i saw you yesterday at greenbelt!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Dex Sy said...

Looking forward to the next part and finally find out what you bought on this trip.... ;-)

3:23 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

there's only one thing i want to say for those that don't like what they read here - don't come visit this site and read word for word! this is tresor's site and she can write and do whatever she wants and there's nothing that we can do about it!

9:26 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Hey hags!

HK was indeed a fun place, and I totally recommend that hotel, it's an affordable place to stay-- I'm on a tight budget here! :) *as in my ticket was free miles and hotel room so small :D*

Thanks for the vote of confidence in me, and in my blog. Let's take all that negativity out already. This is supposed to be our bag lusting ground, not some battlefield! So, erase erase baghags!! Too bad some peeps don't find this blog entertaining (peeps lighten up!! this is s'posed to be FUN!!! :-). Ahhh well, I can't please everybody, can i? :D

And as for the HK loot-- wellll.... I've been goood *wink wink* I will post it tomorrow. I have some work to do (gotta pay off those damn debts) and my deadline is fast approaching, so eeeeks!! (I need a ghost writer hahaha!!!)

Cheers hags and thanks again for the warm welcome :D Nitey!!!


4:03 AM  

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