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Friday, May 12, 2006

TRAVELBLOG: HK- Pacific Place + Causeway Bay

So I arrived at Pacific Place shortly before 8pm. I know, I was wayyy off schedule here, thanks to those unavoidable stops (haha right, like I am going back to Landmark the very next day anyway, but I just HAD to peep first. Tsk. Talk about ZERO EQ).

I had to make a quick stopover at Vivienne Tam-- a friend had asked me to buy her some tops, and so I did *woohoo Viajera galore!* :) The clothes are all nice, but tsk, they don't really fit a *cough* woman like me-- I ain't skinny and I'd look like a wrapped ricecake (?!) "suman" if I did attempt to wear such clothes. Spare me from the added embarrassment. I am already a walking embarrassment. As my dear friend once said to me when I mentioned my thoughts on plastic surgery, she said "Mrs. T, No matter what you get done on your face, you will still be ugly" *BAWL!! Haha but oh, how true hahaha!!!* So, her comment literally saved me thousands of pesos (of more debt!). And endless future heartbreaks ("I am knee deep in debt from all that surgery, but why am I still not *cough* pretty even though I already have a new nose?") *guffaw guffaw!!!!*

Anyway, post Vivienne Tam, it was already 8pm. Guess what. Tough luck. The designer boutiques are now CLOSED. Now it's time for those real tears!! I only have what, a day and a half in HK and in fact I only have a day left (since I basically arrived HK late already) and the damn mall is closing up on me. But oh heck, what did I expect, they'd wait for me? Hah! I wish! *Here we go again, feeling VIP *puke ptoooey!!*

Fine. Whatever. Thanks to this, I saved some moolah. No shopping in HK on Day 1 of HK trip. Lovely.

But here are some of the bags I was able to take photos of (if these stores were still open, sales associates would be wagging their thin fingers at me-- "no photo no photo" hehe).

-- this is apparently a limited edition bag. It's kinda cute with all those little pins, but I got to try this bag on, and it's rather heavy. Price was right about US$1,200.

LOUIS VUITTON-- So I guess this "travel" bag is the men's version of the charms line. Tsk, sorta reminds me of Gucci, don't you think? (JP+ BB: this would be up your alley. Your thoughts are appreciated here :D)

-- Oooooh those Detective bags are still around. They were produced sometime when the pockets craze came to. Dior has also produced the Detective bag with that extra compartment at the bottom. Note too, that bag may not look like it on the photo (thanks to my expert photographing skills *puke*), but it's a CROC!! *I shudder to know how much that bag costs. The Croc Detective sans that compartment already costs US$18,000! *sticker shock*

-- Hmm that straw bag is just not doing it for me. Sometimes I wonder why such bags even get produced. Well, I guess that's the reason why there is a bargain bin for these styles. (Chanel bargain bin= less expensive, but STILL expensive!) Chanel is also into this perforated thing, with their patent leather perforations bags. So not happening for me. I'd do the bowling bag or the caviar 2.55 only for this season's Chanel. By the way, the bowling bags are sold out at Chanel Pacific Place-- there were none in any of their shelves.

-- These bags are rather nice, but wait, they remind me of Celine Boogie bags in some sorta way...

CHLOE-- Ahhh more Paddingtons in all sortsa sizes and colors :D All neutrals though. And though apparently editors think this is one of the worst bags for you (i.e. you can sprain your shoulder, etc. by carrying it-- hey it happened to my wrist, remember?), it is still a nice bag. I am partial to this bag because the leather is really soooo soft. And check out that mini version, it's so cute!

HERMES-- WooHoo in my opinion-- this is the Mount Everest of brands :D But what's with this Bolide? (I didn't really take a closeup look but it looked like a vibrato Bolide to me) I love the color of the top part of the bag, but don't find the body appealing. It doesn't seem to work well, this combination. Now a Croc Bolide would be nice... *hehe lust lust* And that purple barrel- type bag at the back of the store is the new canvas beach bag called Paris- Cannes. (I *heart* it)

*Sigh* Too bad about Pacific Place, but the night was young, so it was time to head to Times Square in Causeway Bay-- this place does NOT sleep, and I like that!!

Check out all these lights! Alive and kicking. This place is really happening. Tsk, tragic to be at Pacific Place at 8pm, but WOOHOO thank goodness for Causeway Bay! I first passed by City Super (inside the mall) to check out trinkets and found CROCS slippers. I know people find this brand sooo ugly (heck I don't know anyone who said the slippers look good haha), but I just HAD to get one (HK$268) because my feet were killing me!! So I bought one. In bright pink :D Boy were they ugly, but heck were they comfy!! The best darn shoes I've ever owned to date. Talk about an instant podiatric fix!

Ok now, I need some energy drink of some sort. Or food. I feel faint already (no dinner yet). There's this place just two shops beside Milan Station (with all those Hermes bags) called Yee Shun Milk Company where they serve the popular Double- film milk custard. It costs HK$18.50 per cup. I also quenched my thirst with a glass of Coconut Milk drink (HK$20). Had to take home another order of this Double film milk custard. It's so darn good and I know I'll be missing it again. Tsk. Someone should think about bringing this to Manila. Anyone?

After that mini meal, I am rejuvenated. I walked around the area of Times Square, where there were all these 2nd hand designer merchandise shops like Milan Station, Paris Station, and France Station. So MANY bags of LV, Gucci, Hermes, Fendi, Chloe (Edith bag is everywhere). Goyard was also there! See, the brand is really catching up fast with these other "hot" brands. Colors I found for the St.Louis PM there were yellow, red, black with tan, black on black, and maroon. There were no blues, greens, oranges, or whites. Hmm those are hot colors to be sold out (apparently, Mr. Milan Station sales associate says those colors sell faster...) And there were no Fidji hobos :(( I guess I am destined to go to Harvey Nichols after all for that Goyard fix!)

I walked on further and reached the Sogo intersection, where on one side of the street, is this popular Streetfood lover's hub :D Hehe now I looove getting these innards sticks at this place. (They have since increased prices-- last I remember they were only HK$5 each. Now they are HK$7 each for the booktripe stick and HK$6 for the small intestines stick). This is gonna be my dinner!! I ordered THREE sticks of EACH kind (small intestine and book tripe-- hehe this is not for the weak-stomached peeps hehe)

I took the MTR back and headed back to Central, where I passed by Shanghai Tang on Pedder Street (check out this "old coins" hobo) before taking the escalator (praying that they won't stop service since it's almost 12 midnight!).

Then of course as I promised myself, I stopped by Pepperoni's to order their famous Deep Fried Camembert (HK$ 75) and Spaghetti Vongole (HK$ 95) for take out. YES they were still open for takeout!! I love Hong Kong! Anyway, I feasted on them for my late night.. rather, early morning "dinner". :D *talk about messed up schedules!*

That's it for now folks! Hope you enjoyed this post. Next post will be about my last day and panic shopping :D *don't expect too much, you are reading about a broke bag hag's post, remember? :D*

"Live and Love it, Hooong Kooong..." :D

P.S. Happy birthday to bag hag Sam J. :)

P.P.S. Quick holler to my new friend, shampoo addict (and psst I'm sorta converting her into a bag hag) JenT :D, and also a HUGE HUG to KO-- thanks for EVERYTHING. My hubahuba fashion guru :) *woowoo!*

P.P.S. Schu Sale Alert!! Netizens of Manila: Schu is having a Buy 1-take 1 sale from May 12- 27 (woohoo it starts today!!). If your office happens to be close to Megamall A or Glorietta 3, don't forget to pop by the boutique tomorrow!! Shoe fiends, this is the time to hoard :D *guffaw can anyone lend me money to buy shoes? heheee*

Night hags, and stay happy!! xoxo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big hug for you too!!! Thanks Mrs.T


4:17 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

wow! they also sell 2nd hand b-bags! too bad i won't be able to go there. :(

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, how many sizes are there for the paddington?

8:38 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

hi anonymous! There is a large paddington, an original sized paddington (which i take it is what they now call the medium), and that small one.
That small one is a cutie :D

patrickkk: don't worry i wouldn't really give the B bag a chance-- i mean it's real cute and all, but i don't think it was that great. just my opinion. Id love to own one if someone gave it to me, but i won't pay for one :D *im too cheap!!*

Paz: hehe do you have croc slippers too? :D they are just the most comfortable thing you can reward your feet with-- i know, ugly as hell *teehee*

KO: Hugs back. You're fab honey :D

1:49 PM  
Anonymous sexyfish said...

hello mrs. T

that "milk taho place" in causeway is my favorite!! i always visit that place everytime im in hk. =)

take care!

3:08 PM  
Blogger bessiebride said...

I LOVE CROCS. I discovered them in HK last year since then, I've searched for crocs in Thailand, my nf got his in Singapore, and now they are in Manila.
I love their great colors! I got green, futa fink,light blue, red, orange, black, dark blue. They go so well with Lilly Pulitzer pants.
I have seen some in the TheaterMall, and I heard they are now available in Rustan's.
I used to get stares at my feet. You've got to know it in order to appreciate it.
BD - lover of LV and Crocs

4:29 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

Mrs T, i really like the chain pattern of the Ouvéa canvas. it's a little subtler than the classic monogram. and it sure does remind me of Gucci. although it's still very LV. loving the rich tan leather trims too. i hope they would make them permanent!


6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the b bag never really tickled my fancy too.
hmmm i think i want a large paddington, it may break my shoulder but hell...it'll look good!!!!

- anonymous (mrs. g)

6:49 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

mrs. t i just thought, what if fendi made a croc b bag? eek. i like the b bag only because it looks not that feminine especially the double buckled shoulder bags. but i still won't get one. i can't afford it! it would be better if i just got myself a new case for my new phone... :)

9:23 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Croc slippers are so comfy! I saw em at Carlsbad outlet store in San Diego, Calif.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. T, I'm curious about Milan station shop, how much do they sell the bags ( I mean the range of prices) like the LV Monogram denim neo speedy , can you give me an idea? Love the food they all look so delish, what's the dip for the Fried Camembert by the way?I'm starving.
really love your blog. :)


6:04 PM  

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