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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Time for Spring Cleaning-- SOON

It was sometime last year when I recalled getting quoted at some publication that I kept the number of bags I own to somewhere between 10-15.

Well it's time now for me to reassess the situation. Because if I can still reiterate that quote above, then I might as well be tatooing my forehead with the word "hypocrite". Because right now, I have more than 15 bags in my closet. I know, I've been trés mal. I don't need to be crucified (yet) because there are still "worse" (in a GOOD way, take note) bag hags than I :D *hehee*

Case in point, this hag who wishes not to be named-- at one point, accumulated this much! By the way, these are NOT mine (thank Goodness they aren't or I'd have to take a job as a dishwasher for twenty restaurants to start paying for my debt!). *SHOCK*. Actually I was pretty shocked at the number of bags my fellow Alva boardies can accumulate. Now, THEY are deserving of the title "bag addicts" :D

Going back to my being a bag hypocrite, I have just counted the number of bags lurking in my closet. Designer bags (Chloe, Balenciaga, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Goyard, LV, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bally, Roberta di Camerino) count: 25.

Oh my Gawd :( (but hey, there are people who have what, 100 designer bags?!) To think I've already sold a few of my bags! I hate it. I need more self- control. Plus I think I gotta remind myself of my credit card bills *scream!!!*

I guess it's really hard to let bags go somehow. I keep thinking there is no way I will sell iconic bags... Sigh, I gotta start detaching myself from my other babies, or I'll end up with more bags and no money :(

Hags, it's confession time. Now that I have made my peace with the bag Gods by revealing the number of bags in my closet, it's time you reveal yours!!! Send in your # of bags to me by leaving me a comment on this post :)

PG got herself the beautiful Bulga bag, and she says "the bag is sooooooo soft". Girl, we believe you! Bulga uses premium leather, and that bag is gorgeous! Congratulations on your new baby :)

P.S. I will need to trim down the number of bags in my closet... soon... And when that happens, I will be posting the bags here, first :) *Time for Spring Cleaning!!!!*

P.P.S. My girl friend KG who is in Canada now, may be reading this blog :) *I miss you girl!!!!*

P.P.P.S. I got an email from my SA at Goyard saying they will no longer be accommodating custom handpainting orders for "crowns" (aka something like my woohoo croisiere 35), because apparently European nobility were complaining that the crown "logos" were not to be given out to *cough* commoners (how dare!!). Ouch right? haha I guess this goes to sho that "commoners" will have to live by the blindstamp "You can take the girl out of the trailerpark, but you can't take the trailerpark out of the girl" *muwahahaha that would be ME! Pttoooey bluebood... My bootie!*

Sooo anyway, I guess I will be left with 2 Goyard bags with crowns on them. Which only means one thing-- now that Goyard will cease to allow crowns to be painted onto their bags, Your royal hagness, the baghag, Mrs. T, is now Bag royalty *muwahahahahaha AS IF!!* :D Well anyway that was pretty snooty of some euro royales but it's ok. I can handle snootery. After all, what's a gal from the trailerpark gotta do? Complain ? *and to whom? hehehe* Custom stripes and monogramming however, will continue :)

By the way, I have posted something new at ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM so please do check it out!!

Have a good weekend folks!! xoxo


Anonymous JP said...

i still demand photos from you Mrs T. and i won't stop pestering you 'til i get satisfaction =P

anyhoo just counting the bags, i have about....

17 LVs
3 Balenciagas
2 Guccis
1 Prada
1 Paul Smith


5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi..hi.. i finally got to read your blog. thanks for the shout out.. don't i feel super special now.. =) i miss you too.. let us hook up when i get back..


8:24 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

btw, you're one lucky little *****!!! what a really lame excuse for limiting the use of the crown grrr.... "copyright infringement" would've been a more buyable excuse. oh well... my interest in Goyard has slightly eroded. i know... how shallow, but i want my custom stripes to have a crown too dammit!


8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs. T

It's GZ...Yup, I'm guilty too of having a lot of bags which my DH is not aware of :-) Last time I counted, I have 15.

2 Balenciagas
3 Guccis
1 Chanel
1 Dior
6 LVs
1 Prada

Well, if Imelda has her shoes, we have our bags!

8:20 AM  
Blogger Ignoble Jen said...

Have you ever considered making a bag?

8:22 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

NOOO! damn. i was originally planning to get a black one with red and white stripes with a white crown. ughhhhhhhh.

but i'd still get a goyard. i'll just have PS painted on with red and white...

8:50 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...


GZ: Oooh your collection, id love for you to send me a photo soon!! Hehe well put it this way, at least we arent squandering our money with food-- i mean, we can't be carrying around expensive poop right? :D

KG: Finaally you get to read my blog :) I hear you are out partying your eyes out in Canada! Save some drinks for me babe :D *hugs tight*

Patrickkk: tsk, i know, isn't that sooo elitist of those Euro royals (actually it's not even the royals who complained-- it's nobility. *PTOOEY i say* hehe) but at least the stripes and monogramming still are allowed!

JP: Damn babe, your collection... tsk you are soooo bad :) *wink*

Ignoble Jen: I didn't really wanna make my own bags-- I dont think anyone would wanna buy em. I mean, who the heck am I anyway *muwahaha feeling celeb/VIP* :D I'd rather be a consumer than a supplier any time. At least I won't be accused of using my blog to shameless plugging of possible horrible stuff (that I created *muwahaha*) :D I should ask you-- would You wanna buy what I designed? :D *please say no hehe and mean it! :D*

Hope you hags have a good weekend :) xo

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

67 branded bags/pouches... cb =)

2:11 AM  
Anonymous paz said...

sorry, late comment (just got back in town) - here's my little collection! and here and finally, here!

my total number = about 30! as part of spring cleaning years ago, some old prada was passed on to sisters! he, he!

4:08 AM  

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