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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Royal bag goes to the Palace *woohoo*

Ahhh life can truly be a great thing if one becomes a privileged spectator to some parties. Well in my case, I ain't even the invited one. The ones invited were my children. But heck, since I am such a vulgar hag who has tendencies to gatecrash, I did gatecrash today (much to the chagrin of my friends who thought I had more "class" *muwahaha* yup, but they didn't realize I DO have class, "cattle class" that is!!)

So tonight, my amiga goes, "Holy cow, nooo way you didn't gatecrash" to which I said proudly, "ahh yes, but see, no one invites ME to parties anymore, the ones getting all these invites are my kids! What's a social climbing hag to do but gatecrash?!" Today was the day I realize that my part in this society, is actually non- existent (hello, my invitation did not even mention my name! haha) :D

Anyway, the party was held at the *woohoo*, Palais Royale de Manille (aka Malacañan Palace hehe), to celebrate the 1st birthday of MoniqueA.

I arrived in my finery (avec my royal sac de Goyard, no less *gloat*) . After all, when can I ever wear such finery again? And my DH arrived in pauper chic. No wonder people whisper behind my back saying I squandered off my DH's money for myself and left none to him... he was dressed like a pauper! Muwahaha the princess (me) *ewwww how dare I even suggest, spit spit on me!* and the pauper (him) *ahh and I won't even refute that haha weeevil!!!* My DH really married a social climbing, pretentious, feeling royal, bag hag biatch witch (and I ain't even Elizabeth Montgomery! *of Bewitched*) *muwahahahaha and I will one day crawl all the way to the pits of bag hell for this*

Tsk. Blah.. Anyway the party was in full swing when we arrived. My head was already spinning from that one once-over I did across the Ceremonial Hall. Hags, hags, hags everywhere!! I was too embarrased to ask them for photos of their bags (and them of course), but I managed to take one photo of one chic lady with a must-have bag. Here's SF with her Chanel bag *yumyumyum!*

And AngeA and WC who carried her powder blue Balenciaga Weekend Sac.

There were other ladies toting Pradas, Guccis and LVs (I saw 2 denim Speedies). Ok ok, I am a bad photojournalist. I didn't have the galls to ask them for their photos. After all, I knew absolutely no one here (tsk, gatecrashed, remember?). At least after ogling at the bags, I was able to enjoy some yummy kiddie food and more--
mini nachos, mini pizzas, cheesesticks, barbeque, shawarma, Mongolian grill, mini franks, FIC icecream, Cotton Candy, french fries, chocolate fondue.... darn, did I miss anything?

The party doesn't get any better than this. After all my food bingeing, Grandma PGMA and Grandpa FGMA came into the hall (and they both got swarmed with peeps-- briefly after this photo was taken!)

Sigh :) It's great to see grandparents PGMA and FGMA onhand, as their granddaughter blew the candle to her Carebear birthday cake :-D. Aww I still remember Carebears.... Sigh, ok I won't linger onto that thought any longer, or people will really begin to count the years... and my age will be revealed *eeek*

That's all this bag hag can talk about tonight. Enough bragging about my social climbing abilities *guffaw guffaw*. I still feel terrible about not having bag photos taken-- tsk, I realize now, how cool would it be to have a photo of my bag taken against the Malacanan Palace as backdrop :) *ok, if I truly did that, I could be thrown into some mental asylum for bag addicts who went "overboard"* hehehe.. I digress.

Night hags :D

P.S. pardon my biatchiness, I think I am PMSing :D *hehehe Uhh ooohhh*


Anonymous paz said...

mrs. T - you are one truly bag hag highness! attending royal parties carrying the royal bag with the crown! LOL!

4:03 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

i loved carebears when i was young...

now i think they're freaky. especially the ones who sing when you hold their hands. hahaha :)

5:56 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

thanks for visitng my blog! :D

the säntis you were talking about are the ones in forbes and rockwell right? :)

i'll have you linked to my blog :)

12:18 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

paz: they don't call me social climber for nothing :) *muwahaha*

patrickkk: yes santis at forbes. those seltzer thingies will save you but you need medication too! and ooh i liked the carebears but i loved rainbow brite more :D *hehe uh oh there goes my age*

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that I have read you, I know what people are talking about =) E siraulo ka kaya, pa social climb social climb kuno daw, ganun ba yan para to go to the palace? Madami dyan social climber but ikaw??? Loka, you are too humble, dear friend. We all know you love to dirt coat your story ha ha you earned enough pity na ano ba

I don't think your readers can be fooled into thinking you are social climbing or free loading. After all I do know for a fact na hindi ka tumanggap ng dress that a designer offered to give you after you featured her! I heard you paid pa full price! =) Huli ka!!! ha ha

Post nga your bag collection! I don't believe 25 lang, kaya!

Jay G.

5:27 PM  

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