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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reconnoitering at Mall of Asia

For lack of a better thing to do today (well actually there were tons to do-- i.e. pay my credit card bill *muwahaha ohhkayy, that's at the bottom of my to-do list*), my mom, my lil one, and I hopped over to the much talked about Mall of Asia, which opened its grand doors to le publique yesterday.

What's really so baffling about this placeis that it was swarmed with hundreds, even thousands of people on a Monday (!!! don't people have work to do??? I know I don't because I am jobless!) Was it to catch a whiff of the taipan air? (Mall master HenryS was there yesterday for the opening), or was it to find opportunities (err... to steal perhaps? Damn I betcha this country will be rich if there's a petty thieving industry here. Seriously, hags, hold on tight to your bags!!!) hehe.. ok that was not really funny, sorry *snicker*

Well OK. Confession: I came here to catch a whiff of the taipan air, in the hopes that his prosperity and luck will rub off on me, the otherwise known money jinx of town *muwahaha I can't even remember the last time I had ZERO expense on my credit card! See, I am a jinx for incurring mucho expense, and leaving ZERO on my bank account*. Anyway enough talk about me (as if I didn't have enough bragging sessions on my post yesterday, and I'm sure you all want to throw rocks my way already, but are just too well-mannered to do such a *shock* heinous baghag act).

We parked at the parking structure which charged Php 40 (man, they just opened and they are already hijacking us, and this ain't even Makati!). At the 4th level of the parking area, I was baffled with all that metal scaffolding. Our car went through an obstacle course, and almost HIT the damn metal scaffold-- the damn scaffolds were not meant for cars to pass through and yet the guards directed us there!! Ok, this is gonna be pretty bad on the Mall report card!! Tsk Tsk. Strike One.

Then the elevator ride from 4th floor parking to ground, was enough to suffocate my mom and my baby (I am used to this though, come on, you're talking to the trailerpark queenbee here! *hehe*). Tsk tsk, another negative mark on the Mall report card. Strike Two.

Once at groundlevel, things were ok. There were hoards of people everywhere! (And it was what, 3.30pm?) We went into the 2nd of 4 buildings first, which housed stores like Izod, Schu, VNC, NafNaf, Mossimo, and soon to open stores like Zara, Mango, Nullah. There was also this bag and shoe boutique I've never really heard of before, called U.R.S. I didn't bother going in, I was still mall reconnoitering. Actually it is rather hard to reconnoiter if you brought your child, who insists on riding on one of those pushy thingamajigs. I can't lug that thing up an escalator and I sure as hell can't expect my mom to do it for me :D Oh and we stopped by briefly to look at the huge skating rink (HUGE). Hmm....heyyyy that's Mount Everest right there! *hehee know-it-all!* Actually, this mall is beginning to remind me of the big mall in Hong Kong located at Kowloon Tong (Festival Walk).

So we just walked around the area a few times, went into SM (at SM, we've got it all for you.. hehe), then went toward the IMAX theater. There were also a few more shops on that side, but the corridors were no longer a/c'd. And today was a hot day. Incidentally, I think baghag JY saw me there *and didn't say hi! aww boo :-( *. I was mommy *cough* chic today, as in, real mom *sans nanny* (meaning, no makeup, hair pulled back hastily, and my Longchamp bag on my shoulder while my shirt gets pulled off by the weight. In other words, I looked like I was a victim of Typhoon Caloy, and I wasn't even anywhere near the cities that were hit by the typhoon. So there. You can now paint a very grim mental pic of me-- plus, I wore the uber ugly Crocs *haha*). That area with no a/c though, led out to this "auditorium" (noooo this isn't the Imax theater, silly *hehe*)-- you can get first class tickets to see the sun set. Awww how romantic :D *wink*

This Mall of Asia is indeed huge, but there are still so many spaces for letting. (By the way, for the boys-- there is a huge Astrovision, and 3 speciality bookstores-- one of which will soon open) So I guess it would be nice to come back in a few months' time, when all spaces are already leased out to interesting establishments.

Food though, is one thing this place has an abundance of. For instance, my favorite favorite place to eat, is Pho Hoa, and wooha, they have Pho Hoa! Another place which serves my fave Coffee bun is open, Kopi Roti (Quick holler to SharT-- is this kopi place yours?? *woohooo*)

We didn't realize the time when we left the place-- it was already almost 7pm, and we had spent almost 3 hours-- and bought NOTHING (except food haha) :D *someone please be very proud of me*

Tsk speaking of food, I need to lose weight. I have been eating nonstop (my daily salty fix!) and I have gotten so bloated that it's no longer funny. I can't fit into my clothes. But I now have a reason to lose the weight and stop the binge--

FREELOADER ALERT: Baghag MT of Naga sent me THESE! I swear, this lady is feeding my freeloading frenzy! I not only got these two cool tanktops (on top of the pink tanktop she already gave me in the past which I loooove to wear), I also got awww these cute things! One is a bronze coinpurse and the other is a pewter leather phonepouch much like the poire! And well, you don't see the other item she sent me because, well, I have sorta... started eating it.. Choco Macadamia!!! Lady, you are getting me into trouble here, how can I wear the tanks you got me if you expect me to devour the whole boxful of chocolates??? *bawl* :-D I love em though, Thank YOU!!

Anyway, that sure as heck made my day!! I am shallow, remember? And when hags show their thoughtfulness, it really makes me all mushy inside. And here I thought you hated me, hated my shallowness, my pathetic obsession, my nonstop blabbermouthing. Tsk, turns out, "You like me, you really, really like me!" (channeling Sally Fields when she accepted her Best Actress Oscar for the 2nd year in a row) :D *Oh Puke! Here we go again, feeling celeb!*

BRAG-A-BAG ALERT! Before this hag signs off, I'd like to finally post the newest addition to MBS' family, her LV Damier Speedy 30 (and yes she is the FIRST hag to get it in LV Greenbelt too!!) Love the bag girl, thanks for taking that photo in the boutique (now people will really know that LV bags do have plastic + cardboard on their handles!!) :D Love love love the bag! And can you imagine, you can use it everydayyy without worrying about a patina?!! TSK! Winner!!

Night hags!!! Sweet dreams! Meanwhile it's time for me to get some shuteye too. I might be surprising you guys with an outta this world post over the weekend. Again :) *keep fingers crossed!* (woohoo the anticipation is enough to make me sweat buckets *muwahaha eewww*)



Anonymous patrickkk said...

gosh i hope they'll be opening stores with premier brands. so that i won't have the hassle of going to hong kong! :)

5:47 AM  
Blogger Sharleen said...

hey girl! yes, that's still ours :) didn't you see ma there? you should have said hi!

If you think crowd yesterday is too much, imagine what it was like on Sunday!! OMG, never really saw that much people in one place. To make things worse, a Sunday variety show was there. Mars attack! hehe :)

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs. T!

It's GZ again. Thanks for writing about the Mall of Asia. My DH and his team designed that mall (=

It is the 3rd largest mall in the world now and yes, you're right, it kinda look like Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong - huge, airy and a lot of natural light being used. DH and his team did that too.

Aside from the Mall of Asia, they did the design of the Podium Mall and the One Rockwell, the new high rise condo in Powerplant. Do check out the model unit beside ZARA.

Sorry for bragging--just super proud of my hubby!!!! Yes, he does allow me to buy those designer bags too(=

8:12 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

love the damier. i like the blue epi one though :)

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it you didn't enjoy your mall time!

It looks so big from outside. We will go this week end. Chika ko sayo =)

Jay G.

5:29 PM  
Blogger bessiebride said...

Crocs are not ugly. :( You just need guts and a certain panache to carry them off. Like not caring about people gawking at your feet.

6:18 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

patrickkk: I know! Wouldn't it be cool to have HK in Manila? :) that would also allow more bag hags who can't travel to have the chance to explore new brands too! :D I love that thought and I seriously hope the good brands come in! More baghags= more fun!! :)

sharleen: HoooOoLy! Mom got coffee buns and no i didnt see your mom there! I was with my dear child with the character stroller remember? :) haha we couldn't go into any food store!

GZ: oh my goodness! WOW is all i can say. although I was still quite baffled at how BIG the place really is... it seems so unorganized inside right now.. that and I guess there was wayyyy too many people! So tell me, there are 4 buildings total, right? and each bldg has an extended "wing" that doesn't have the a/c. Am i right? and oh, i meant to ask you/ your hubby-- what are those metal scaffolds doing in the parking structure floors? Is the structure unstable? *gulp*? I swear, those guards there kept telling us to go thru the metal scaffolds and we almost hit the sides of the car-- we had used a big 4x4 yesterday

JG: Woman, if you go to Mall of Asia, do stop by Shar's KOPIROTI. I swear those buns... I had them for snacks today :D Soooo yummy

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's BIG, more than 400,000 square meters with over 600 local and international brands. There are 4 buildings linked by elevated walkways. Some don't have a/c.

DH, who's currently in Dubai, said those metal scaffolds are temporary. He told me to thank you for the write up. "Hope she gets to shop the next time she goes there." GZ

9:16 PM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...


10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I'm enjoying your blog. I think with all the Goyard talk, I'm becoming a fan na. I'll go to Barney's and check it out.

M Lim
Baghag from L.A.

1:59 AM  
Anonymous JP said...

*** hypnotic gaze **** Mrs T... you will forget about the MC Pricilla... and buy a Damier Speedy instead..... and then have your name put down for a silver Mirror Speedy as well... *snap* hehehehehe...

remember the red & blue Ouvea chain pattern Carryall you took a photo of in HK? i think i might be getting one. they're holding one for me 'til i can run over to check it out. might be a bit too flamboyant for Uni/College... but i really like this new pattern.


4:03 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

bessiebride: hehe don't worry, i LOOOVE my crocs!! :D

jp: babe, i can't afford any more LV bags and in fact, i have to unload some of them! i cant believe i allowed my collection to reach 25. no wonder i'm knee deep in debt!!

MLim: yes, go to barneys.com and treat yourself to a Goyard fidji :) It's a great schlepping bag

GZ: you kiddin'? I can't shop anymore! Maybe I'll just go skating :D Geez i can't believe I actually still have my figure skates from when I was 17 years old *Holy smoley!*

12:12 AM  

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