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Monday, May 08, 2006

Off to Retail Heaven

Ok peeps, I am off to retail heaven, Hong Kong today. (HK Photo from Pbase )

Before you get any ideas on how much damage I can possibly do, I'll already tell you that I'm only gonna be here for one night (thanks to expiring free miles) :D See, some things in life are still sorta free *hehe*

I'll be back on Tuesday :) *I know, short trip. Better this way. I won't cover a lot of places, and this will allow me to cut back on expenses, which I frankly do not need at the moment, thank you very much!!*

Wishlist (which will probably remain in the wishlist) includes:

1. LV patent lomboks either in lilac (shown) or in bright pink (fuchsia)!! I know they're bright and all, but I swear, these loafers are on the heavy side but are extremely comfy!

2. CHANEL silver bowling bag (photo credit: ebay listing of personalshoppers). I really like this bag the moment I saw the ad campaign. I've been meaning to get a silver bag, but sigh, can't this bag be any cheaper?! *bawl*

3. HERMES Plume bag in cyclamen (photo credit: ebay listing of cherrypink21) Sigh, Hermes bags are just so expensive :(

Hmm... Know what? Surprisingly I am not really out to get any new bag (Ahhh the mind HAS to be strong... Cause my spirit is weak! haha). I have to crunch my finances when I'm on the plane, so you hags will know when I come back :D

P.S. I will be unreachable via mobile, (haha I'll be concentrating too hard hahaha-- I don't have THAT much time!) Better get some shuteye. Long day!

P.P.S. Even if I don't get a bag, I do know I will be EATING :) *teehee, there goes my quest for the 6 pack abs-- it'll be more like 6 rolls of abs* :D


Anonymous patrickkk said...

those lv patents look so cute! i want one in pearl color tho. although i'm in need of slippers... so i'll get those coquine thongs they have in Perle patent leather... :) and roam in the beaches with those... so fab! :P [i don't have time to go to the beach tho. i still have summer classes until the end of may and our school starts at the 5th of june :( (but thanks to the magic of dior bronze...:P)] i can just use those slippers when strolling at my free times...

hope you're having fun in HK...

god i want a tan!:( :( :(


6:06 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

go the cyclamen Plume! what an amazing colour. but if the retail price does not permit, would you settle for a similar Prada? im loving the beige canvas bags they have with the large royal insignia.


9:42 AM  

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