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Friday, May 26, 2006

More on the Hermes Kelly and the Mystery Location

Yay yay yay the secret is SOOO OUT already. I can now sleep better at night (not well yet-- hello, debt debt haha)! Thank you thank you thank you for all your well wishes and heart-bloating comments, Princess Kelly (oh great, now I am naming my bags too) is so flattered :D

So hags, as promised, here are more + larger photos for everyone.
And here's one with cousin Paris-Cannes :D (That orange thing is the felt protection flap for the hardware)
And another photo taken at night (avec camflash)

Ok that's that. And now, about the mystery location? Ok ok, I am flying off to HK with DH and our DB (dear baby-- although the baby is now a toddler haha). No, NO SHOPPING. KO emailed me and told me not to be a Spenderella again *guffaw!! I LOVE that girl!!!* Not this time. Especially not with DH around (you GOTTA be kidding! his idea of shopping with me is ME accompanying HIM to see all those electronic thingies for the game consoles he has... Tsk, that, is SHEER TORTURE!! *bawl haha* Tsk, I'll be nice. I'll accompany him *cough* shopping. :D)

Anyway, here's another piece of news that will make all social climbing hags proud of me! :D *beam* I am so honored to be invited to Christie's cocktail party tomorrow night by Christie's ambassadress FR (see where your social-climbing hag has climbed to? :D). I brought along my Balenciaga dress (woohoo mileage!!!) just in case I can attend, although have yet to find out if I can attend at all! Because that would mean leaving DH and DB alone (ohdear! Disaster becomes them? hahaha!!) Anyway I guess you hags will find out on Monday if I did go. One thing for sure though, I will be going to see Princess Margaret's jewels which will be on display in HK Convention Centre before going under the hammer in London in June. YES! Royalista at work!!!! No, I have NO plans to bid on anything, thank you-- unless someone out there is generous enough to bid on the more important pieces, like perhaps, the Poltimore tiara, which I can conceivably wear next time I go to Goyard Paris *here's to that really silly European nobility excuse!!*, so I can get those damn crowns handpainted on my bag *muwahahaha pathetic.* (by the way, go check out my other site, allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com where I made a new post on ROYAL Jewelry, which included the Poltimore tiara *what else! hehe*)

Friday - Sunday is reserved for family, and it's Disneyland :D So, more than likely, there won't be posts in this space for those days. And I assure you, I WILL be undergoing serious internet withdrawal. I will, however be bringing my mobile phone with me. So just in case something comes to mind, i.e. some hag decides about wanting a bag (i.e. a GOYARD haha!), you can send me a message at +63916-7580857! Hopefully my phone works (think: Motorola Razr LCD cracks and all). Also, no guarantee I can buy it-- depends really if I can leave DB with DH :D (but I assure you peeps, I am NOT shopping anymore. Not after that Amex bill which has pretty much financially incapacitated me and seriously wiped me out til kingdom come. *bawl*)

P.S. If you send me a message, please make sure to include your name. Because my phone mem is apparently getting affected with this. Damn the phone must be really going koo-koo :(

P.P.S. To my dearest friend MG-- be patient, your LV Damier Speedy will be with you soon :D

P.P.P.S. And if you do see a new post this weekend, think 2 things-- there might be an impostor, OR I might be sneaking off to post *haha yes yes, sneaky hag.. ok ok*

Be good this weekend, peeps!!! :D


Anonymous paz said...

OH DEAR GOD! pls. post lots of pics when you get back! have fun!

1:49 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

oh my god now i regret not going with my father to HK! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. they're all leaving at 6am today. whereas i'm here, sleeping. and i can not believe i picked a stupid chicane party over a trip to "retail heaven"!

UGH. i so did not know you were going with YOUR family too! both our families can meet you know... :)

anyway, those osram light bulbs range from 50++ per bulb i think. our only osrams are the studio lights whatever they use in the gallery blablabla.

i didn't know your herm├Ęs box has "tears" on the edges though. they're supposed to be "tearless" right? i don't know. i just think they should come in damageless boxes. :P

post pics after the trip mrs. t! :)

btw get a nokia n70. it's real nice to use. haha. i got one shortly after ranting :D i am so bad :) it's real fun to use 3g :)

5:26 AM  
Anonymous JP said...

ask someone to duct-tape your arms to the chair if you ever attend the auction.... with your recent track record... you never know! =P

lovely Kelly... how about a photo of it with your Croc Kelly? i wish i had a 50/60cm Barenia Birkin =( i guess i just have to live vicariously through you for now. *sob-sob*

hehehehehe... have a fantabulous time in HK! i'll email you pics of my latest purchase soon.


12:45 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

patrickkk: too bad! yeah you shouldve tagged along! we brought our kid to disney so it was really not a shopping expedition. it was real fun though nevertheless :-)

jp: sure! ill take photos of them both together :-) goes to show how insane we can all be haha

anonymous (re: how i can afford all my purchases): the answer is simple. I am actually not really UNemployed. I am a freelance journalist. You may notice i travel frequently. It's not because I travel to shop. It's because I travel to work too. And hate to burst your bubbly there, but I really am not as wealthy as you think I am. I travel coach (unless my family treats me hehe hence calling myself a freeloader), i don't spend much on food or clothing (except for that ONE odd time), and just buy bags. I can tell you, I can't afford jewellery but I ogle at them endlessly. No harm in that. Oh, and if you are underpaid and overworked, try saving some extra dough to invest in the stock market :-) I've gotten real lucky there (think BLUE CHIPS only, don't even try mining or oilstocks or you'll be in deep crap). Though, I must say, all that luck went straight to paying bills! Hope that answers your question, and thanks for wishing me more power (i really wish i do have more power haha)

paz: you will only be disappointed if you were expecting me to cough up more bags this trip. spending time with DH and DB only made me spend money on Disney tickets, food and cheap toys (which I couldve bought in divisoria haha). We had a splendid time in HK, and ooh I went to see the jewels of Princess Margaret :D That's the best FREE loot i can ever get. I couldnt take photos though, but i did buy the catalog :D *woohoooo ogle ogle ogle!*

1:56 AM  

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