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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Matisse's "Jackie O" and "Skip Hop" Diaper Bags

So you should all be proud of me-- I was an early bird today *woohoo* and was able to do much more things that I normally wouldn't have been able to (since I wake up late-- well, I'm not lazy or anything *excuses excuses*, but I sleep at 4am on most if not all nights!!)

I met up with the owners of Matisse Bags-- more like the muses of Matisse-- these ladies are soo pretty! Let me also tell you what I think of their bags, and a brief 411 about the boutique.

I saw this boutique back when I had to pass by videographer Jason M's studio for a shoot. This slice of bag heaven is tucked away in one of the shops located at The Zone (a badminton court-- badminton lovers should know this place). And so finally, I get to meet the owners, and they sure didn't disappoint, because they are self-confessed bag hags as well!

Here are Denise and Monique of Matisse. Their bags are all made by a famed Thai designer named Jacky-- and a play on Jacky's moniker resulted in the brand "Jackie O."!

Bags include pebble grained leather hobos, jacquard and velvet clutches, and exotic leather (croc!) clutches as well (and my oh my, the price for a Jackie O. ostrich clutch with a bejewelled is honestly reasonable at Php 30,000-- trust me, for beautiful ostrich clutch elsewhere, you should expect to pay at least Php 50K for it).

What really caught my eye is the yummy electric blue hobo with studs and zipper teeth charm detail. You know, I don't know what it is about me and electric blue bags these days (think Fendi, Burberry), but this bag is reasonably priced at Php 10,900. This is real leather too, hags (not pleather). It's really not often you see sapphire blue colored bags (usually they are indigo, navy...). Hags, take a look at your bag closet. If you have far too many black bags, then it's time you buy a jewel toned bag, and THIS is IT!

I found something for Mommies-to-be in this boutique as well (and Mommies): Pssst, baghag MBS pay attention hehe-- Matisse also carries Skip Hop Diaper Bags and they are soooo affordable, at a starting price of Php 3,200 for the basic Duo bag, to Php 3,800 for the Expo and Dash styles. Celeb mention: Spotted with this diaper bag is Britney Spears. I know, I know, she is definitely no style icon BUT she made the right choice for a diaper bag (probably her only style decision that I approve of haha). I love it!! The Skip Hop diaper bags have also been mentioned in In Style Magazine, Oprah Magazine, US Weekly, Hello Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, and soooo many more publications!! For Philippines, these bags are available at Matisse. And I bought this bag: :D Two thumbs up as a diaper bag (and it's good enough for your man to carry too. No more cutesy patootsy diaper bags for him hehe).

I highly recommend bag hags to pass by this store, have a looksie. Bag prices begin at Php 4,100. There are also cute bag charms as well as leather cut-out necklaces like this one (priced between Php 3,300 - Php 4,400), which I will wear tomorrow :D *woohoo I can't wait!* (Freeloader alert freeloader alert!! *ding ding ding!!*)

Anyway, I am happy to have discovered this place. See, this is proof that we hags don't really need to go logo crazy all the time :) Check Matisse out at Unit 5-A, The Zone, Malugay Street Makati City. Tel. no. 893-5313.

P.S. OhmyGawd, this is TOOO cute not to post! Baghag MG bought her little baghag an LV mini sac HL to match her LV Speedy 30,and she was also able to find this shirt which looks identical to her daughter's shirt :D Tsk, girl, you and your little baghag are gonna be such headturners. And I actually hope to see you both in these!!! :D Thanks for the photo! (And by the way, I would Looove to be your daughter, please adopt me *hehehe*)

Congratulations are also in order for another baghag SharT, for getting engaged while she was in the US! She brought back some good news (apart from her new bags haha) :D And woohoo this bloggin' baghag got drizzled on with ST's loot! Thank youuuu for the super cute tee shirt and the See's nougat (it's no longer in my tummy heheheee eeew)

P.P.P.S. check out allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com for new blings :D


Anonymous Stella Gan said...

hi! there has been a thumbs-down comment given to GOYARD by this blogger in her may 15th entry. Very disappointing!


9:45 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

hi stella!

Thanks for your comment. but bagsnob also blogged about a truly and remarkably hideous bag (I mean, realllly bugly!)-- heck, I'd give the bag a thumbs down too *hehe*. I respect her opinion on Goyard, because not many can take to this brand quite well. I am one of the few (or many) who find some of Goyard's bags very very useful. So while I was a wee bit disappointed at her opinion on the brand, that is still not going to stop me from buying more Goyard. At the end of the day, it is nice to rely on our instinct as to whether we should take the plunge and spend X amount on a bag or not. Ultimately, happiness is in the eye of the one who carries the bag. :-)

I still love the Goyard bags I talked about (Fidji hobo, Croisiere 35, St. Louis PM), but definitely I agree with bagsnob about that hideous Mustique bag , and for such a price!! Indeed if I were to choose between that and a Chanel or a Bottega, I'd go Bottega or Chanel too :D


Mrs. T

11:32 PM  
Blogger HappyJaz said...

Hi! I should've sold our slightly used Skip Hop Dash (black) to you! For much cheaper pa...haha! We've "outgrown" it...DD is growing up and we don't need to bring as many things now when go out.

Love how it hooks well to strollers although switching from stroller straps to shoulder strap can be cumbersome when you're out and about. Apart from that, it is a great diaper bag!

12:33 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

loving the necklace mrs.t! :)

11:03 AM  
Blogger Pia M said...

Hi! I wonder where Ms MG bought those matching shirts? My 5-year old always loves for us to match clothes AND shoes (nope, NOT the bags pls he-he!)
Pia M

12:23 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Ooops! I never expected that Ms. Bagsnob did not like Goyard. I was just curious I had to ask the question.

Mrs. T I am excited to see your next blog.


1:43 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

pia: hey there :) I believe MG got her shirts from two different stores! i think the little shirt is from Bayo. :) scour the adult fashion stores, and you are bound to find one that matches yer lil girl's outfit :) It's too cute, isn't it? :D (tsk, time to match your bags too *goad goad, come on! then send us a photo!!* it'll be soo cute!! :-)

mpr: hehe Bagsnob has a right to dislike Goyard-- That Mustique is really bugly!! *ewww*

happyjaz: teehee, thanks for the kind offer!! :) I really like Skip Hop bags and I am giving this one I bought from Matisse to a dear friend :)

1:00 AM  

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