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Sunday, May 07, 2006


So we went yesterday to Market!Market! again with my two friends CS and KG. We went there to scour for real cheap finds :) At the rate of this hag's financial crisis, a good find is in order. :D *Hello feel-good factor please*

Guilty, sinful, feel-good factor for the day: Chicharon Bituka (err if you don't know this, trust me, you DON'T wanna know :D It's got something to do with innards hehe). Call me gross, but I loooove this. I can eat maybe 150 grams of this. But I had self-control (and a limited budget-- heck 50g of this cost Php 40). So I only bought 50g worth. Downed the whole bag with a bottle of Carabao Milk. Ok I know. Really gross. And trust me, I DID FEEL SICK after :) *hehe and all that incessant complaints to my friends about tummy trouble a few hours later didn't help hahahaha* Nothing to complete my Day! I felt ten pounds lighter after that binge *wink*, and we all know what happened after! *Muwahaha* Ok that was gross-- information glut!

Anyyyway, here's Good find #1: My two friends seen here with their good finds of the day, Php 180 bug-eye sunglasses :) I chose not to get one (tsk in their words "I'm too damn cheap")-- instead, I will just ask my mom for her vintage ones :D Her glasses are even bigger than these that KG and CS got!
*teehee!!! Now that's a genuine good find hehe*

Good find #2: These bags which are onsale now at Chi Chi Rico (sister store of Firma). Some bags are even 70% off! I personally like that orange bag. It's so MOD and perfect for summer! Alas, no purchase for me-- I am only but a spectator in this cheap find hunt today. I have spent my money on Carabao milk and chicharon-- how "chichi of me" :D

Good find #3: Though these zipper bags are not really "cheap" (they were over Php 500), they are really cute. I was so tempted to get one! But ahh resist the temptation and the urge to whip out cash. But hey, you hags-- go check it out. We found these bags at the Ground floor of the Gift Market section (this is on the opposite Gift Market section from Chi Chi Rico).

Ok let me cut this post short. I have to do some "work" before I head outta town tomorrow. I promise to take photos of my trip, don't worry :D

By the way, I won't be reachable via my mobile from Monday- Tuesday night, so please don't get upset (or call me a snoot hehe) if I don't reply. You are warned *muwahaha just kiddin'*

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!



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