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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The lure of the Doctor's Bag

So my baghag friend LPT from the other side of the world sent me photos of her newlywed friend QueenK (yep she has more than one Hermes birkin and has CROC too!!), carrying the new Chanel bag from the "hybrid" line (I do so like the bag she is carrying! More than the bowling bag). And all those bags! Noticed the quilted bags and the vertical line-stitched bags (as opposed to chevron bags), although I'm not so sure if I'm one to get them. And oh yeah, lookie, a soft and furry Chanel handbag (and we all know how hard that is to maintain in a tropical climate). Sigh, this is what I love about LPT (apart from her already sinful *damnit, edible shoes and purses!* blog :D). And what I envy about her. She gets to go to all these designer launches *take note, by invitation only!*, yada yada. While I, can't even get myself invited to the opening of LV's big store (avec le bag bar) in Taipei (even BB got invited to the opening in Paris! And what's even sadder is, MY journalist friend in Paris was the one who had to invite ME as "companion"). So much for my so-called VIP status. That's it, I ain't getting anything from LV anymore (goodbye to one hag with purchasing power *riiight... Choke!*), at least not in Manila (*muwahaha*, boy talk about holding a grudge!). Oh and yeah, the bag hag's official press release: My so-called "loyalty" has somehow shifted to Goyard :) *nothing like excellent customer service! PLUS getting invited to meet the owners!* And of course with an official press release, comes an unofficial press release: I am too broke to buy LV *or another brand for that matter* hahaha)

But being broke will not in any way, stop me from staring at more bags. So here's more for your eyes to feast on :)


I've never been much of a Mulberry fan (think Roxanne-- chunky and very heavy *£506.38*), but this Euston bag is the classic doctor's bag shape. And it comes in pink :) *or oak* Priced at £421.28. I hope to get a closer look at this bag soon *wink!*

Marc Jacobs

Hey this is so interesting-- MJ's Satin Bauletto bag looks a lot like the Euston, don't you think? This is a rather cute bag, save for the fact that it's satin! But again, this is a bag I'd like to see up close as well. Priced at £544.68 (pretty pricey!)

Hmmm... is this the year of the DOG (DOctor's baG)?? Think: Marc Jacob's Perforated Brigitte, now the Bauletto, then Mulberry's Euston... Then the LV Speedy mutations err.. variations :D *hehe* (Don't mind me, I'm just sourgraping because I have no moolah to buy a new bag muwahaha)

Quick holler to Liz C. who found me :) Liz has 5 kids *WOW* and share the same bags and jewelry passion as I *it's ok, you're not the only one who can't afford all of those haha* :). She also went to Istanbul last year and was lucky enough to have been given some nice bling (from the Grand Bazaar!!!) for their 27th year wedding anniversary (Champagne and caviar in order, hello!) :) I do hope to meet you one day so you can show me your bling (and I can just ogle :D)

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For those who have not yet visited my new site, please do drop by! It's allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com (to be updated at least once a week), and you need not ask me what the blog's all about :) *thwap!!*



Anonymous paz said...

mrs.T, we had a blast at chanel. you didn't post the chanel luggage! i think they're great but the price is too much!

12:44 AM  

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