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Monday, May 01, 2006

Launching ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.blogspot.com and being Beachbum Chic :)

Am I becoming a self- proclaimed expert of all things expensive or what? First, expensive bags. Now, expensive jewellery! Know what, being the crazy woman that I am, I have decided to "branch out" and put up yet another blog. It's ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.blogspot.com
and there won't be any of that biatching or name-calling or what have you. Just what it says it is-- all things expensive (with emphasis on jewellery!)

I won't be updating that daily (just once or twice a week for that) like I would with this, heck this is already my LIFE here! But if your hubbies/ bf/ male mates enjoy reading the Robb Report Magazine, then I can assure you, I will attempt to make that site the FEMALE Robb Report :)

Anyway on to more bag hagging matters. I received this email a few days ago (which I had miserably failed to read coz I'm blind as a bat haha)

Dear Mrs. T.,
Hi! I'm in Jakarta right now on holiday and I just wanted to share the bags I've seen. Although I can't afford to buy designer bags myself, this setback doesn't stop me from admiring them. I thought you and your readers would like to know how bag obessed Indonesian ladies are! After spending more than an hour in Pondok Indah Mall 2 (the equivalent of Greenbelt 4 + Rockwell combined), I saw dozens of bags only you and your readers would appreciate: more than 20 LV bags including denim speedys, half a dozen Fendi Spy bags in many colors, almost a dozen Gucci bags, a pair of Balenciaga motorcycle bags, a couple of Burberry bags, and a bag from the Chanel luxury line. I think you would definitely enjoy it here! The ladies here take their bags seriously like you! :) Have a nice weekend!
Sincerely, JM

I've never been to Indonesia before, and I'd actually love it if anyone who has, can tell me more about the places to go there (aside from Bali!). And now, after having read that email, it made me wanna go there more!!! I do know our friend FL used to live there-- and I didn't know this fact until DP made it known to me (some friend I am! haha). Yeah well, perhaps when I have more moolah, I can take a trip there and spend some serious bucks *cough sponsors? anyone?*

Sigh, anyway, today was such a HOT day that it was so perfect for a dip in the pool. In fact, today was perfect Boracay weather!! (And I've NEVER been to Bora YET!! I know, sad) So with that in mind, I'd like to check out which beach bag totes are cool to have and to carry for, wherelse, the beach!!! Forget that I will need something waterproof. I want something that's chic!! Not some garden variety plastic bag!! :D hehe Geez talk about being so jaded!!

I am liking Marni's feather print cotton shopper bag with beaded detail and leather handles (I said, I'm willing to forego waterproof bags hehe). Browns Fashion UK is selling this bag for £305. Pretty pretty bag!

Emilio Pucci's Terrycloth Towelling print tote with white leather trim and pink and white nylon signature handles redefines beach chic. For £221.28 at net-a-porter, this is a bag worth investing in, if you are a beach bum and often take to the water.

Another bag, definitely meant for the beach, is Melissa Odabash's Nicolette Persplex Beach bag. Now this is a chic "plastic" bag. And yes, waterproof (well practically, if you don't count the leather trims). Price you pay for this bag is £178.72, also at net-a-porter. It looks so...Mod! :)

Although I have a growing dispassion for untreated canvas bags (simply because they catch dirt faster than you can catch a cold from an infected person), I have to give a nod to Louis Vuitton's Antigua Cabas. The Cabas GM works well for the beach, and it exudes this I'm-going-sailing-on-a-yacht look :)! I especially like this blue color too. At eluxury, this bag costs US$715.

Oh and need I say more, I have to include Goyard's St Louis PM tote here. That's thumbs up as a beach bag as well. Having custom stripes on it, makes it even more acceptable ;)

Another bag that you can probably source locally here in the Philippines is the woven straw "bayong" bag. But if you are feeling Beachbum diva, you can carry the Felix Rey Sequin Fiesta £68.08 and look sassy :) Again, available at net-a-porter.

Alrighty then, that pretty much settles tonight's post. My friend JC and JS just got hitched, and I wish them the very best in life and love, and a forever full of marital bliss!! ;)

Quick hollers to: Baghag MT is going to Australia sometime next week til mid May and I am totally envious!! Buy new bags there, girl! Not even early store closing hours should stop you from shopping. I have faith in you and don't you let me down :-)

Another Baghag Rhea is currently in Las Vegas and she just sent me a text message saying she is in Bag Heaven. Lady, stop gloating, because I can't stop salivating just thinking about Sin City! Haha, if I had enough free mileage, I'd just fly out of here and head to Las Vegas to ogle at Fred Leighton's and Hermes and Fendi and.... many many more :) *haha I am hopeless!*

Ok that's all for now, Please DO NOT FORGET to check out my new site ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM and do spread the word!!!! :) Many thanks as well to LPT who has given me more info about ALL THINGS EXPENSIVE :)

P.S. Today is May 1, Labor Day, which also happens to be my Daddy's 4th year death anniversary. Daddy, wherever you are, I miss you dreadfully. I wish you can see how I am now, so you can laugh some more because your daughter turned out to be a dingdong bag hag :). I miss you so much :( *sniff* Hags, if you still have dads, do give them a call and tell them how much you love them. Please.


Blogger MPR said...

Dear, Mrs. T
I can't afford to buy a beach bag or I would rather spend money on a city bag. Is the (old and so over) Jelly Kelly okay to use as a beach bag?


2:47 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

I was gonna say, that jelly kelly is still worth using somewhere and it's to the beach :)

3:13 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

i shall just ignore that you even mentioned Jelly Kelly and invite you to Melbourne! let's do some serious damage (and a long trail of drool) along Collins and Chapel Streets.


8:09 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

HAHAHA JP: Don't be a snoot, no bag realllly deserves to go to bag hell :) *maybe the bugly bags haha* Besides, I advise anyone NOT to carry the jelly kelly bag OUTSIDE the beach HAHA. But if you can seriously part with it, do part with the bag. It has no real place in bag society (just the boondocks!) *sad thing is, even jelly kelly bags have "fakes"*. P.S. I don't even own one anymore. Gave it away before the jelly explosion at the bazaars :D *smart move on my part I might add*

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Daphne said...

hey i got rid of all my jellies except for one -- and I still use it at the beach. only at the beach. its so practical.

8:28 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

oh good on you Daphne. It is a practical bag for the beach. And besides, it works well as a diaper bag AT the beach too :D


4:58 AM  

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