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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An impromptu Goyard get-together + New places to shop!

I was just uploading photos from dear friend Jo's wedding held at Century Park Sheraton a few nights ago. I could not help but shed a tear. The ceremony was so emotional-- the couple was so sincere and vocal about their feelings; the reception was really intimate-- just what weddings really ought to be (Tsk. I'm sorry I am not articulate enough to describe the wedding. Here: the wedding was unpretentious and so "warm", and everyone truly enjoyed being there). I loved Jo's wedding gown's details.All that beadwork and pleatwork. Sigh, beautiful. Just beautiful. And Jo was just glowing!! :)

Anyway, also at the Century Park Sheraton are ternos on display, made by FDAP members. This is one of the ternos I really like (oh how I wish I have a lithe body to fit into this!)-- This was made by Ronaldo Arnaldo (I remember this designer-- he made actress Beth Tamayo's wedding gown. How do I know this? I do recall getting a call from this designer, inviting me *actually, the Weddings Mag eds* to the wedding of the actress. Sadly, I didn't go. But I heard the dress was beautiful).

Today, I ended up on a last-minute afternoon hookup with La Baronessa B :). Had lunch at Sakae Sushi(conveyer belt sushi thingie) at the Fort, then headed to his appointment at Irene's Closet (one guess who that person is :D) in Palm Village, before moving on to Fibre where we met up with owner Vickie ADL.Fibre is a great boutique which stocks up on YDG designer couture (think Ivar Aseron, LZ Punzalan, Yvonne Quisumbing Romulo, Louis Claparols, Reian Mata, James Reyes, Joey Samson, Patty Eustacio, Mitzi Quilendrino) with accessories from Ciara Marasigan, and shoes by Brian Tenorio.Every single piece is "the original" thing. And they are pretty reasonable (considering these pieces are sooo detailed). If you are interested to see the collections available, do visit Fibre at the 2nd floor of Doña Consolacion Building, 122 Jupiter Street Makati City. For more details, please call (02) 899.1194. This boutique is worth a visit (quick couture at retail price!!).

We also passed by Abfit Jeans Co.-- where pleather bags (not bad, and they're not too expensive) are also available as well as, JEANS! So if you are looking to buy a pair of designer jeans (think Seven, Rock&Republic), do visit this shop. Also located at the 2nd Floor of Doña Consolacion Bldg. Call (02) 890.4326 for more info.

This is so cute. So I "borrowed" my Mom's Goyard black Croisiere35. And I haven't really... um.. returned it yet. Anyway I used it today. And BB used his white Croisiere35 as well!! Talk about coincidence! :D *Sing Ebony and Ivory...* ;) hehee

Anyway, I will "retire" early tonight. I need to get some R&R. By the way, I had so much fun with VADL and BB, and was also glad that I didn't miss my 5.30pm appointment with GR.

P.S. I want to thank the hags who send me text messages and emails about their bag stories. It really makes me happy to know that you deem my bag opinions important (but hey please know, I am NOT a bag expert, I DON'T know it all, although I wish I did hehe :o). But bottom line, if buying a certain bag that you like (but not too sure about yet) makes you happy, then get it! Don't really listen to my opinion :) *cough hello AA hehe* Sometimes I try to be the voice of reason and say "don't buy the bag, save your money", but I also don't want you to regret not getting it in the end (because of my stupid opinion!). My bottom line for you hags is, as long as you don't need to borrow money to fund an expensive bag lifestyle, you're alright :) Don't ever forget about your Priorities! (Hehe but don't let priorities kill your lusting for new bags-- lusting is STILL free, right? *snicker*) Nevertheless, I'd still love to be your bag hag-- though I don't deserve to be the Queen Mother of bag hags :D *The title is up for grabs! Open season!!!*

P.P.S. Hags, send me photos of your new bag acquisitions! I'd loooove to drool some more (especially now, since I can't really afford to get any new bag! Hafta save up for kid's education!! *sigh, so expensive!* Priorities, priorities!) :D



Anonymous Daph said...

Oooh sticky situation. Texts messages are so easy to misread. I'm sure you-know-who understands by now.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. T, may I please ask how much a Goyard Croisiere35 costs?

11:50 PM  

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