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Friday, May 05, 2006

How do I plead? GUILTY (of course!!!)

I had no choice. I had to go to Greenbelt 4 today to meet up with someone. And no choice, I passed by LV (actually I've been meaning to visit my fave SA Abby to catch up-- I haven't seen her in a month, and this gal is practically a good friend :D). She was there. I decided, why stop for "just chitchat" when I can also lookit the bags I had been thinking about--

1. LV Multicolore Priscilla
2. LV Multicolore Trouville
3. LV Monogram Trouville

JP: You will love me and yet pelt me with boulders for I have sinned. No, I did not buy any of the abovementioned bags. I simply cannot afford it. My pockets are unfortunately, not deep enough for any of the three.

Tsk, wait. Let me give you a rundown of events first. I went to Greenbelt3. Met up with JC the sexy baghag with two (!!!) kids, then went to Greenbelt 4-- to LV with the intention of looking at the new Priscilla (I asked to see the black one of this style). It looked cute and "fat", but I am not too sure about the front pocket-- that extra flap just looks wayyy off!! I also checked out the difference between the Mono Trouville and the Multicolore Trouville. And of course, did some catching up (the usual chitchats and pleasantries) with Abby. She also showed me the HUGE MC Aurelia (cabas type).No thanks. Too many bright logos. I love logos, but I think this far exceeded my logo- quota for how much logos a bag should actually have *teehee*.

Besides, I really have NO INTENTION OF BUYING ANYTHING. Because?
1. No money to buy a new bag (tsk where's the money when you "need" it? By the way, I used that word "need" loosely) . 2. SERIOUSLY, I'm saving up for the kids' education (gotta help DH if the need arises-- gotta play responsible wife and mom sometimes, give me credit, GEEZ *Snicker! Waaaa such a hypocrite! Ptoooey! shame shame!!*)

While I didn't buy any bag (though I have been sooo tempted), I did end up buying something. No, it was definitely not those key pouches (although they are rather cute with the mini useless locks haha). *Speaking of which, ohmahgawd, I think I still have an LV charms pochette in pink that remains unused... And a perforated Speedy-- again, unused! Oh GEEZ!!!*

TRUE CONFESSION OF A BAG HAG: But see it would've been easy to just end the story right here. But I have to be true to the readers of this blog (meaning: I have to tell the truth-- spill the beans so to speak. Sometimes. *guffaw*). I ended up getting a Black Multicolore Wapity *DUCKS!* (I can just foresee JP throwing rotten tomatoes at my fat flat face and wide bottoms *screeeech!!*)

OH NO OH NO OH NO, I freakin' used my meal allowance (4 months worth!!!) to pay for this purchase *Starvation diet, here I come!!!*It's Php 19,800. (I know, I myself am shocked that I allowed such a transaction to go through. I should've warned my card company that they should redflag any transactions that exceed 4K.) I really can't believe that LV merchandise is getting steeper in price by the segundo (This wapity is US$320 at eluxury and probably even cheaper in HK)!! But I supported the local economy-- those extra charges are the VAT haha! I did my part as a citizen today, darnit! *snicker* Be proud of me!!!!

Bag Hag's Purchase excuse #1: I remembered my DH who said, "give your camera a better home." (My camera pouch came from HK-- it's from one of those sidewalk vendors who sold it to me for HK$10 *snicker!*) My DH finds me so silly-- yeah sure spend a bundle on a bag and go cheap on "hardware" care *muwahahahaha*

Soooooo, Silly bag hag heeded his advice and bought the wapity, which I must say, is a rather cute bag (Now, having DH pay for this purchase is another thing of course-- I get denied more by asking him than by my countless credit card applications *muwahaha*). Tsk. I was told (by some baghags) I was getting rather disappointing as a bag hag *muwahaha no bag purchase for a month gets people disappointed????*, to which I told Abby: I started with expensive bags. And now, my purchases are not only shrinking numbers-wise, it is also shrinking size-wise! Lookit, just a little case for the camera and what-have-yous, and to think I went for a HUGE matronic turtle bag at one point, and now, small pouch!! Tsk, this is behavior is called: Poor, but pretending to be rich-- a wannabe VIP, aka a hypocrite!! Yup, that would have to be ME.

*BAWL* I am such a loser (I thought this THE WHOLE TIME as I signed my credit card slip). Mind still churning out ideas on how to pay for this purchase: *gulp I can't really go on a starvation diet* Sooo... Oh!! Great-- I have a few more yet- unused bags. Perhaps I should already sell them. :D

YAY! Blingbling idea!!! :) That way, I didn't really compromise my tube- tied finances :D

Bag Hag's Purchase excuse #2: I found out that today is also PP and DOP's 4th year wedding anniversary.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to PP and DOP!! :) See, I even got myself a gift on YOUR anniversary *eh?! confuzzled look haha* Tsk, I am so useless to this society. Could I be at the lowest ebb of my life to be THIS low to use my dear friend's wedding anniversary as an excuse (dang, ANYTHING for an excuse haha) for such an unnecessary purchase?! *THWAP MYSELF*

Oooh, by the way-- there is an HSBC card promo at Rockwell Mall that would allow cardholders a chance to win a Php 100,000 shopping spree if they can "crack the code". Tsk. I'll keep trying. If I win that amount, apparently I will only have ONE day to spend it all at Rockwell Mall. (I better start making a list hahaha-- not to worry. Tomorrow, that will be the title of my post!).

Sigh. ENOUGH! I have been real bad. But hey it's May already, and I had won a bet that I wouldn't buy a bag for the whole month of April (the Goyard bags don't count because they were paid for since December last year).

:D I'm gonna get some sleep early tonight (early, meaning before 2am). I woke up so early this morning, and did so on the "wrong side". Imagine if i had woken up on the RIGHT side, I'd probably be the beaming proud owner of an LV MC Priscilla (and also be the shameful owner of an Php 81,000 bill to which I will seriously have to "steal" to get the damn thing paid muwahahaha!! Think: career thief to pay for expensive bag habit= ME! Didn't Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni do well as "career thieves" for Fun with Dick and Jane? *snicker ideas*)

Alright, enough is enough. I should be more socially conscious. (I'm telling you, this is me being a hypocrite at my worst!) Someone put some sense into my thick skull. I should just spend my money on nice and more affordable bags like the ones at Top Shop (check out that white quilted hobo with the chain link strap. Or that cute green bag. Me likey both!!)and give the remaining money to charity. After all, our less fortunate friends could use our help. (But seriously, if you do have spare change, do help them. Start with your own househelp. They could use the money).

Sigh, why do I have to be such a self- righteous hypocrite? *thwack myself seriously in the noggin* No wonder I have no friends *bawl or muwahaha??*

ENOUGH justification on that Wapity. I have morphed into Mrs. T, the debt monster. And it's too late to return the pouch. I already like it too much. Plus, it has already been adopted by my bag *and mind you, my bag has a MIND of its own!!!* :D

Oh, P.S. The Multicolore fringe line is arriving soon. Here'a glimpse... *cough, cough Bugly!!*

I hate ending on a rather "sour" note, but oh well, let me put the "dark cloud- silver lining" cliche to use-- Such a shame that Marc Jacobs came out with this line because it's really bugly, but hey, at least I DO KNOW that I won't be shelling out a single cent for any of those bags *SCORE! Muwahaha!*

Night hags!!



Anonymous pg said...

Cute wapity!! And I have to say I am not a big multicolore fan, but I've been admiring the Priscilla a lot lately. I still love the Passy more though. (Yes, I know I am boring.)

11:26 PM  
Blogger g.knotee said...

the fringe detail makes the LV bag look cheap. oh well, to each his own! what i'm dreaming of right now is a chunky gold bracelet with those charms you could get from LV. those charms at the end of the fringe would look great on the bracelet as well.ho-hum!

11:45 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

You know I felt so so guilty recently for having spent so much for bags that I donated $2K to charity.

I have pledged that if I spend a certain amount on luxury bags (plus)10% should go to charity. Actually I thought of 40% to control my cravings but couldn't do it. Pathetic. sad.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Setts said...

I love your blog!!! How witty and amusing! I am a mom too and can totally relate to your sentiments on purses, shoes, and mommyhood.
Good luck on your business endeavors!

6:47 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

setts: thanks for reading my shallow blog! isn't it hard to prioritize? i totally agree about mommyhood. it just really puts our finances in place somehow. But know what? we still find a way haha (i.e. like me, i'll sell some of my bags that I no longer use to fund a new piece, but i make sure too that i dont buy a MORE expensive one haha :D)

mpr:good on you girl, I am so proud to hear that you gave to charity! you know the money will go a long way there. nothing beats hitting two birds with one stone (ugh that sounded so banal haha). On a serious note, I commend you for what you have done. I'm sure that charitable institution is so grateful, and so am I. It's nice to know someone who is sensitive to others' Needs (real needs). :) *hugs*

g.knotee: Oh yes, those charms are real cute, but a tad too expensive-- paying for "real" jewellery PLUS the brand :) *excessive luxury haha!*

pg: the Passy is actually not so bad, looks real functional :) *tsk it's not booring hehe*. But sadly I no longer work *no one wants to hire me bawl! teehee*, otherwise that would've made a perfect work bag, no? :) And the wapity is real cute although I do find it a tad gaudy when I look at it-- coz of the overdose of color *teehee*, but all bag hags make mistakes :) oh but this is one mistake i'd like to keep :D *The priscilla is SO cute :D*

1:12 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Hello, fellow LV lover!

Been reading your blog (came by it from Bryanboy.com) and well, I'm glad to find another kababayan online who has a passion for nice bags.

I have a Musette and it's my workhorse of a bag. But the bag that is keeping me awake these days is the Fendi B bag. Yum...


P.S. I've started to blog (kuno) just for fun and if you wanna see it, its http://joanne-isthisit.blospot.com

8:02 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

it is totally none of my business if you bought something i personally think is atrocious. it's not my money. but you will probably get a judgmental sneer (and maybe a little eye-rolling)from me. hehehehehe....

i actually think the Wapity is a rather cute clutch. it's a very secure camera pouch PLUS it's small enough to hide inside a larger non-Multicolour bag!

i've been naughty too.... just got my 3rd Balenciaga Men's Day (messenger) last week. and i want more. i feel like i've been cheating and neglecting my LVs.

12:15 AM  

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