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Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code with DP + A Brag a Bag Post

This lucky bag hag got a chance to watch Da Vinci Code for lunch in place of a proper meal (at 12 noon). Thanks to DaphP, (sigh, Mrs.T, forever the leech! Pry me offf!!! hehehe) I saw the movie before anyone else in my family *muwahaha bragging rights!!!!*

Words I will use to describe the 2 hr 45 min long movie: powerful and gripping. That's my take. I know there've been so much negative criticism about it, but heck, it was to me, one of the best "blockbuster" movies produced this year (so far). Anyway I'll leave the rest of the critiquing to you. So go watch it!!

Freeloader alert today: So since the movie was also co-sponsored by HSBC, (Quick holler to MinaO. :-D) we got free lunchboxes with yummy Cibo gourmet sandwiches to go along with an apple, a box of popcorn, and a bottle of water (see, this is how LOW I am willing to go to get free stuff!!) My trusted nana (who's been with me since I was a 6 month old wailin' biatch) ended up with the nice, insulated lunchbox which she can give her daughter to use. My kids already have tons of lunchboxes from all those parties they attended-- tsk, their social life is certainly better than mine :D Heheecute lil socialclimbers like mommy *Weeeevil mom!!!*


Preggy baghag MBS texted me today. Said that the LV Damier Speedy (photo credit: Janice S. of ebay id babestaaa) is now available at the LV boutique. I was also told that she is the first woman to get her hands on it. Ok now, woman, you HAVE to take a photo of the bag. Lotsa hags wanna see it!! Please model the bag for us to see!!

I also got a real nice email from baghag MPR of San Diego, who sent me a photo of her bag for summer in her zoomzoom nice car :) WOoHoo that bag is muy delicioso!!! (Bag: LV White satin glitter cabas with lizard trims)

Another bag-lovin' young mom JY and her friend JC *wink* went to Gucci this afternoon, where JY bought her lovely blue-tone monogram Gucci shopping tote. Such a yummmmy bag!! And that blue is perfect for those jeans too!

And hot mama CT of Cagayan, who got this beautiful Gucci pochette *bling* for Mother's Day-- courtesy of her DH! *Awwww*

Tsk, all that eye candy worked up my appetite, and indeed, the perfect way to end a wonderful day is, to have dinner at my fave Japanese restaurant (which has since moved from the old place at Pasay Road, and into this new one-- see below)

Sushi just got better :-D and it certainly has! Tsumura (known to others as Sushi Tsumura) is now located at 2/F 88 Corporate Center, SedeƱo Corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village Makati City. For those of you who have not been there yet, be prepared because the sushi will blow you away. I had the Sashimi plate good for two people (yes I gobbled EVERYTHING up-- too bad no photo, my trusted camera battery died on me!!). The platter was really HUGE, something not many can finish. But for Php 1,600 it will get you full and to the sushi heavens!!

Worth trying as well are their fried oysters and Ankimo (angler fish "foie gras"). For reservations or inquiries, call 887-4848 to 50. I promise photos the next time I head out there (sooon!!!). *By the way, Tsumura is owned by the same folks who brought you Kuretake at Rockwell! So you can be guaranteed of excellent food!*

P.S. I'll do a meatier post tomorrow. I suddenly had reason to feel bad. See P.P.S. below

P.P.S. on a rather sad note, my hotpink Motorola Razr phone's LCD got sooo busted (yup those black lines-- the broken LCD), after I accidentally dropped the phone (while it was closed). This is the end of my motoRazr. I had it checked and it will cost Php 4,500 to replace it with a new LCD screen! forget it. I realize now this is just a "disposable" phone :( Motorola, tsk you guys should do something about your phones. They may be light as a feather, but they hit the ground and THAT'S IT FOLKS! :( Soo, if you know the Motorola PR people, this is the time to enlighten them with this incident. Take note too, my phone fell on a parquet floor. NOT pavement. :( *I'm not asking for a new phone, just asking for my phone to get fixed-- free of charge, muwahaha freeloader!!!*


Anonymous JC said...

Oh I love that white satin glitter! But I'm still waiting for you to get tired of the pink one! Let me know when that day comes! :D

4:16 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...


i dropped my phone a lot of times [actually we have the same phone although mine's black] but it's a good thing that it hasn't broken since december :)

it's okay mrs. t... you can get a new one. there'are new versions of the v3 that are available now [there's one with 3g, one with a megapikel cam, and lots of normal v3's like mine and yours, but only in more colors...] :)

6:22 AM  
Blogger jencc said...

bag hag! you didn't tell me you watch da vinci code! i'm soooo inggit...i'm dying to watch the movie. saving it for a weekend date with the husband. :) seeya next week, hag!

10:29 AM  
Blogger MPR said...

Hi Mrs. T ! I got the car to complete my summer look! I'm too shy to be in the photo! I have the LV White satin glitter cabas all because of you!!!
Thanks soooooooooo much!


1:59 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

patrickkk: i aint getting another motorola phone-- it's really a waste of money :( id probably do sony e. or nokia. back to the drawing board.

jc: still in love with the satin glitter :D

season: haha i watched davinci code with Daph, not the hubby. :D

mpr: cool car! but even coooler bag!

4:51 AM  

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