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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A "Bollywood" Kiddie Party + Tresor's From Negligence to Debuts

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to have been invited to the 1st birthday of Athena-- Tessa and DennisV's princess (and you all know, I never get invited to anything. But hey, this socialclimbing bag hag found her way! *tsk how shameless!!*). The party invitation (it's actually a booklet) itself was Indian-inspired, and true enough, the party was definitely a nod to Bollywood (woohoo Fiesta-- but wait... that's Mexican.. Oh heck, bottom line, the decor was soo colorful, thanks to Jelly Bellies). There were even belly dancers who entertained the *ahem* adult guests with the jiggling bellies :D (I think I can do well with belly dancing-- I am proud to be the owner of a HUGE one *hehe)Everyone was dressed in Indian garb! And as expected, the corny ol' me didn't wear anything Indian inspired (yes, I know. I am SO corny, and a non-conformist haha). The only thing Indian about me was my bindhi. :D Everything else about what I wore was a trailer trash fashion mistake (you should be expecting that about how I dress by now, after all, I don't have *cough* breeding-- I'm no old rich *nor am I even new rich*!!). Blah.

Anyway, here's the Indian hotmama Tessa (striking a Vogue-India *hehe* pose :D) with hubby Dennis and birthday princess Athena.
And pretty preggy KitZ, due to give birth to 4th baby *and 1st son!* soon :)

L'oreal's LeicaC appropriately dressed for the occasionTsk, wait wait, where are the bags, ladies? *Confused look*

This was such an amazing party-- there was never a dull moment, and there were all these flashes of bag luxury left, right, front, back, and center! Bags seen: LV denim baggy PM, LV monogram Speedy 30, LV monogram pochette, LV murakami white speedy (boy this party unofficially doubled up as an LV convention *wheeee!*). Then there was a Prada large backpack (as a diaper bag *woooo*), Furla ribbon bag, and a Burberry nova check bag. There's more, but Confession: I actually got real caught up in all the action that I momentarily forgot about my "I Spy a _ Bag" mind game! By action, I meant: Picture Card booth with personalized "Athena"background :D, Personalized Bead/Jewellery- making souvenirs, Bouncing Castle, Tattoo/ Facepainting "Parlor",
KettleKorn (where I parked my fat bootie for a good 5 minutes hehe), and Flavored Shaved Ice (2 servings of Grape please!).

The beautiful cake was made by cake artist Penk Ching of Pastry Bin
(who, incidentally is about to launch her Cakes coffeetable book by month end!). And check out the layered cupcakes! (Wow talk about having two "cakes" for one occasion!)

Towards the end of the party, all the little girls (including TessaV and the bellydancing instructor) took the stage and did their bellydancing jiggles (Now check them all out, wearing "The" attire. Now I feel reallly out of place *muwahaha*)

Too bad the party had to end (after 3.5 hours)-- we were still all having fun (eat, eat, eat)! So we got home and I realized I better shape my life up. Fast. Do some exercise, and stop neglecting www.tresormakati.com since there are new bags that came my way. *I promise to post them there very soon-- I am actually heading out of town early next week, so I promise to post them once I get back*

Here are some "Victims" of my negligent non-posting (ahh they debut HERE :D) :

1. BOTTEGA VENETA caramel leather (with intrecciato detail) Fortune Cookie bag. Though the bag has some splotches in the leather (they look like oil or maybe perfume *?* spots), the bag is still very Bottega-- buttery soft. The shape is so cute too, and is true to its name :) At the price of Php 20,000-- it's quite cheap (for a Bottega!) already. Plus it's pretty roomy with 3 compartments. (P.S. No I'm not pregnant. I'm just honestly fat with a beer belly)

2. GUCCI Beige Monogram Hobo with signature green-red striped strap. Bag is in excellent condition! This is already a classic piece and would be perfect for your collection. Priced at Php 23,500.

3. LV Popincourt Haut. (Photo shows the back of the bag, hence the inverted monograms)This tote bag is still pretty new and perfect, size- wise! Dustbag is included. Priced at Php 43,000.

4. LV Yellow Epi Soufflot.This barrel shaped bag is already used, and shows some dirt marks on the strap areas of the bag. The matching yellow epi trousse ronde cosmetic pouch is included in this. Price is pegged at Php 28,000.

5. LV Monogram Viva Cite MM. This is such a nice bag to use. It's not too bulky, and yet it's functional enough for daily use. The bag being offered is in excellent condition, with the cowhide strap in a relatively light color. Comes with the dustbag and priced at Php 40,000.

OFF TOPIC SELF-REFLECTION ALERT: I've often wondered. Do some people (esp ones that I don't know, who grace my blog with their attention *thank you by the way*) really think that I am full of myself? Because what follows that question is a series of questions (with answers of course!): do I even have ANYTHING to show for (aside from my mounting debt)? Nada. Can I truly brag about something? Not really (well except for my growing backfat and beer belly-- and I don't even drink beer! *Tsk maybe I'll lose that fat, now that I have squandered off my meal ticket for the next 4 months*). Do I even have the RIGHT to brag about anything? Ya kiddin? Of course NOT! Since when did I become a member of the privileged class when I can't even afford to pay for an economy class fare?! *TSK* Holier-than-thou peeps need not worry. I ain't stealin' yer throne or pullin' you off your high horses :D. Anyyyway, I have absolutely nothing to show for (as I've mentioned, except for my bodyfats-- thanks to those instant cup o noodles!), and I am definitely not holy (But if your definition of holy is a mounting credit card debt, then let's talk about that throne or that horse hehe) *GULP* Uh-oh did I just bare my financial soul? *teehee!!*

Alright, enough of that biatchin', trash- talkin', label whorin', and self reflectin' bag hag in me. I should just be a safety pin (thanks for that term BB). Humility is the key :D *for me anyway*. For you bag hags, SEND SEND SEND your photos of your new bags. I will brag about YOUR stuff for ya :D

P.S. Ooooh so I heard that La Baronessa de Mucho Manolas BB went to LV this afternoon to check out the LV Passy up close and personal :D. BB, muchas gracias for taking this photo (photo shows the bag with PLASTIC on the handles as well as CARDBOARD *on the side*). This is proof that LV does have bags which have plastic and protective cardboard pieces on them! :) And by the way, that Passy does look good. It looks so... classic! Tsk Temptations temptations!!

P.P.S. Boo to the Redondo beach reader from Total Xtreme Sports Inc. *you know who you are*


Have an excellent weekend Hags!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre not full of yourself, youre just addicted to handbags! nothing wrong with that. I love your site and i know where youre coming from, im almost in debt too...id rather take coach anytime and spend the extra money for a business class ticket on a bag!

10:21 AM  
Blogger MPR said...

Cool kiddie party! Hope and pray that I will have a baby soon. I will definitely throw a fabulous party!

Mrs. T PLEASE, PLEASE find me an excellent condition yellow epi petit noe. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! Your blog is amazing!


1:43 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Cool kiddie party! Hope and pray that I will have a baby soon. I will definitely throw a fabulous party!

Mrs. T PLEASE, PLEASE find me an excellent condition yellow epi petit noe. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! Your blog is amazing!


1:44 PM  
Blogger jencc said...

on self reflection: i did wonder about it, as i mentioned to you, but my MIL says you're nice. and i believe her. i guess your writing style (as you say, it's therapy, right?) and your personality are different. looking forward to meeting you one day. =)

6:42 PM  
Anonymous CarolS said...

Hello MrsT,

Been faithfully reading your blog for some time. I once sent you some messages a few months ago but I don't know if you would remember me? I was afraid to send it, not knowing if you will reply to me. It was regarding the hermes birkin blue jeans color?

I was not expecting a friendly answer. Thought pa nga baka masungit ka, ha ha sorry kasi siguro I was thinking you thought I am not naman going to buy a birkin. But you know you seem so friendly and so not full of yourself at all, I even find it funny you would think yourself as full of yourself?

Thank you really for being so nice in answering me. I was also surprised at the price of the birkin. Ang mahal kahit pag second hand ha ha ha!

I hope that I can afford it when I am working full time na. And also I hope maybe you can help me get one when that time happens! Ha ha sana payag ka with installment payments next time!

Hayaan mo lang yung person that said you insulted daw her, baka siguro bad day lang sya that day and she misinterpreted you lang. Don't be affected by it because I am sure people who know you will know you are nice and acommodating. Bag hag Elaine K is my friend and she bought bag from you, and she said you are so kalog daw! I already regret not going with her that time she picked up the LV bag from you becuz I had to go home already. =(

Pasensya ka na if I ask questions again with your bags you sell even if I may not be able to afford to buy. One day hayan mo, makaka afford na din ako =)

More power to bag hags and keep up the bag postings so we can all continue to aspire to study then get good paying jobs to work harder to afford a nice luxurious bag soon!


11:05 PM  
Blogger g.knotee said...

i think of your blog as a really fun place to learn and see new designs of signature bags. although if a financially challenged wife and mother reads your blog, she might react negatively...but heck, this is your blog and you have a right to say whatever you want. you shouldn't change for others because being a bag hag is who you really are! ;D

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh.my.god. mrs.t ! you have muscles! you're more macho than i am [to think that i am a boy] HAHAHAHAHAH :)

now i really think i'm gay. i should be getting some testosterone for god's sake :P

PS i never knew that the #1 customer of LV philippines was only 16 years old! :)

9:12 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

WOW WOW this comment page bloated up like my belly!! :D

to the 2 anonymous posters: (anon.1) here, here! I can't even pay for a HK ticket fare so I have to bank on my free miles *heehee* and YES fly coach anytime for nice bags!! (anon.2) what muscles, you mean my FATS? :D Try eating cup o noodles every night, you'll have my fats too (jellyrolls) hehee

MPR: good luck on babymaking girl! (You can SCORE a lot hahaha *winky winky!*) On a serious note, You know I always pray for you :) *hugs*

jen: thanks for putting up with my shallowness on my blog though, and thanks for that nice email! Sorry if I "bitch" at times hehee (gotta let out some of that steam somewhere haha). By the way, your MIL is real cool! You're soo lucky! I'd love it if I get given a free designer bag too *and cherish it like you do!*

carols: thanks so much for your vote of confidence in me and thanks for texting me earlier! We will meet one day, I promise you that. I'm sure our paths will cross :) Don't lust for a birkin-- it's really soooo heavy! There are other lighter bags that are less expensive but equally worthy, girl! Keep reading the blog :)

g.knotee: thanks for your understanding of my shallowness too! Oh I totally agree that many people could take my blogging the wrong way, hence my immediate apology for that-- but like those many moms who struggle financially (hey, I belong to this group too!) as well, I have lust-for stuff, although of course we all don't live in a perfect world, and we can't get everything we want. It's alright :) It's all about priorities. I respect that totally! :) *Tsk just need to work a lot harder to be able to have my own disposable income!* :D

3:38 AM  

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