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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The BIG surprise + the baghag's shortlist for Spring Cleaning

My day went so well today until tonight, when I went to the Powerplant Mall to watch Da Vinci Code again with my DH and ILs. Anyway I will spare you all from the unpleasant details, but let me tell you this-- I was mortified. Bottom line, it got straightened out, although I'm sure one can't help but feel the sting of the wound if one were in my shoes. Ah well, there are good days and there are bad days, right? :) Positive thinking, positive thinking, shampoohag Jen says :D

Anyway, enough talk about crappy matters. Guess what, I am heading off to some mystery place over the weekend. No, no more shopping involved. You kidding? I am not even anywhere near the vicinity of financial recovery yet!! In fact, I seriously DOUBT if I will ever financially recover!! :( You see, I've been harboring a very deep and dark secret from all of you since my last trip. I think it's high time I reveal it. So here it is, the cause of all my pain, suffering, debt, debt, and more debt!!!! (Ok, don't fingerpoint and say I'm bragging, because I can't really be given the right to brag-- hello?! DEBT? Want this bag? You can have my debts too hehe package deal!)

Lo and Behold, the newest member of the Baghag household:Hermes 35cm Fuchsia Chevre de Coromandel Kelly with Palladium Hardware. (I will take better shots of the bag tomorrow hopefully, if not, when I debut it-- the color is much more vibrant than in photos!) *Wolfwhistle* this baby just cost my kids their education. So next time you bump into them when they're older, and you wonder why they are ill- mannered and terribly uncouth, remember this post :D *muwahahaha what a weevil mom!!*

So in lieu of this new member of the household, I am but forced to take stock of all my other bags, and decide which bags are going, going, gone.

Here's a shortlist so far (and no, this list is not yet permanent).

1. LV Denim Baggy PM-- I know, I know, you will tell me I will burn in bag hell for selling the bag that DH got me, but DH pointed this bag out as the first bag that should go-- so that he can say that he "did his part" by contributing to the fund for my new baby *muwahahaha* See, I can't possibly burn in bag hell if HE sanctioned the sale :D *clever eh?* Also, if this bag should go, I will throw in the extra long strap which I purchased on my own. *fine, call it excuses, but at least they are logical... somewhat. hehe*

2. LV Fuchsia Charms Pochette-- I have used this pochette once (and seen by baghags JY and JC in Greenbelt!) Why am I planning to sell this? Because although I love cute bags (cute that they're small), I can't really use them. My phones can't even fit inside, and my wallet (full of credit card receipts, no less) can't fit either *gasp*! So, when push comes to shove, the practicality factor has to prevail over the cuteness factor :(

3. LV Green Perforated Speedy 30 (take note, UNUSED, WITH plastic on handles)-- I will either use this bag for a bit, or sell it unused and in new condition. Hmm, decisions decisions!!

4. Liz Claiborne Pink Multi-pocket bag-- I enjoyed using this bag. But I have stopped using it altogether because all the bags have to time-share (woohooo as if the bags should feel honored that I chose to carry them! *puke, I'm soo full of it!*)

5. Chanel Fantasy Tweed Kelly-- Oh my goodness, this bag is still here! I felt so bad for her that I pulled her out of my bags for sale on Tresor. But to date, I have not yet even used her again when I promised I would :(

Anyway, on another note, a fairly new large Prada brown canvas bag (Priced at Php 38,000) with white leather trims just got consigned to Tresor, along with another black Bally leather bag in excellent condition (Priced at Php 13,000). Both bags are still not posted there though.

I hafta go sleep, my little imp is with us again tonight for the 2nd night in a row, and we got "commanded" to all go to sleep! :D

P.S. I am a proud wombat. Today, I made a Crocs convert out of my friend CathS :) She now is a proud owner of a pair of light pink Crocs-- By the way, I still think they are ugly, but they are HEAVEN on my feet! :) I don't really care about the gawks and stares-- at least my feet are finally getting some attention *muwahahaha*

This is so morbid. My dear bro (DB) has just called me informing me of my credit card bill. My jaw dropped... My head screamed "terms! terms!" *haha* and my mouth? Well, it's still wide open by the way :-O


Anonymous DOP said...

Can you post a picture of you wearing the crocs? my DH keeps insisting its not 'me'. But my family and the whole of Canada, it seems, is wearing crocs this summer. my feet are swollen, i'm preggo... i may succumb to the humble but loud crocs soon.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

oh my god i really love that chanel! it looks so candy sweet! :)

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. T, i've been a lurker in your blog for a while and am wondering what you think of chloe silverado, i want to get one but it might be too trendy and not practical for its price, may i know what you think please?

8:04 AM  
Anonymous patrickkk said...

oh my god i forgot to tell you i'm jealous of you and your kelly.

i'm gonna get one in 5 decades time :D

i just have to sell all the stuff in my room including the light bulbs to simple plastic bags :D

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! wow!!! your new kelly is super to die for!!! never mind the debt... everybody has some form of debt though they won't all admit it! =) if you don't mind my asking, where did you get that beautiful bag, and around how much? thanks! you are the QUEEN! - c =)

1:36 PM  
Anonymous JP said...

OMFG... what a beaut Mrs T! congrats.... somehow i kinda knew you did buy more than what you showed us. still waiting for a huge family photo of all your babies before they get disbanded..... i still think you should keep the Denim Baggy PM for sentimental reasons. I'd get rid of the Manhattan or any other Mono Canvas bag instead if i were you. jmho.


7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG such a beautiful bag and i looooove the color!!!!!!!!!!

mrs. g

8:45 PM  
Anonymous paz said...

HA! the truth comes out!

mrs. T - that is simply gorgeous! and that size is even perfect for work! what i love about the kellys, you can put on the long strap and carry it on your shoulder vs. the birkin that hurts your elbow if you endlessly carry it all day! love the color, too!

9:47 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

dop: girl, i will take the photo for you when i come back :) better yet, why don't we meet up and i'll wear my crocs, and maybe debut the kelly :D *high luxe meets low luxe* lunch date? *hehe*

anonymous on silverado: I do like the silverado, but i don't like it that much to buy it actually. i think it has passed its time already :(. It was really more of a trend than a classic piece to own and keep. i do think it is a practical bag though- pockets and all :)

patrickkk: you gave me an idea. maybe i can start selling off our lightbulbs too! they're osram (spelling?!). aren't they supposed to be expensive? *muwahahaha*

MrsG: thanks honey! The color is sooo beautiful in person, I honestly don't think pictures do it justice :(

anonymous on debt: haha you are right! I am always the first to admit i have tons of debt! i will be drowning in debt, with my bags *hehe* tsk! i bought the bag while I was in HK with my Paris -Cannes :) They also had an indigo blue kelly in 32cm with bluejean piping. :) *wink wink! teehee I'm really bad influence haha*

JP: hey babe, I have already let some mono bags go :( I miss them though, but do know that I can always buy them again someday :D *geez what a way to assure myself! think delusional*

paz: the size is perfect. too perfect! a 35cm birkin is wayy too heavy and chunky, and a 32cm is way too tight for all my junk. 35cm, perfecto! now for the debut... methinks I'll go see Daph, wear my Fuchsia Crocs, and use this bag :D hehehe

11:53 PM  
Anonymous dop said...

okay, lunch on me next week... wear the pink shoes and pink bag!!! matchy matchy :) whoooeee!!

1:17 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Wow, beautiful addition to your collection! Debt or no debt, happiness is priceless ;) enjoy your new baby!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous pg said...

Wowowowow! I was away and I missed the big news! Love the Kelly!

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Prish said...

ey how much is the perforated speedy 30 brand new? love love love ze color!!!

12:19 AM  

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