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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bag Hag in Hong Kong *again* Day 1-2

So now that we have gotten the fact (that I did NOT buy any bags) out of the way, let me tell you about the lovely things I saw *hum: "These are a few of my favorite things..."*

1. Globetrotter cabin luggage. Of course it HAD to be a bag. *hehe always number one on a baghag's list!!* I saw this beauty and was bowled over. A Japanese guy was lugging this around before he came to a halt, sat down, and read the paper. Meanwhile I was waiting for that moment, camera in hand *ala paparazzi*, before I took a shot of his luggage. After taking the shot, he looked my way and I had to pretend I was checking out my camera. *snicker, bad bad*

2. Our hotel room view at Park Lane (see that tall structure on the mid-right? Beside that bldg was where my office used to be :D *hum: Memories...*). We got real lucky (either that, or I charmed the guy at the check-in counter *muwahahaha boy oh boy are we full of ourself today! haha*) because we got an upgrade to a room with a view! Price for the room we had paid for: US$150/ night. Price for the free upgrade: Priceless! *hehe to borrow the line from Mastercard*

3. Disneyland entrance! YAY, finally we arrive at La Disneyland! We just touched down HK about an hour and a half before we headed out to Disneyland. It was Friday. We knew Saturday that the chances of rain were 70%. Sunday was out of the question.

4. Madhatter Tea Cups ride. Holy cow. So my family and I took to this ride TWICE. The second time was wayyy more violent a ride than the first. We decided to spin, spin, spin :) It was thrice the fun, fun, fun too! But reminder: Do NOT eat anything before going spin, spin, spin or your food will come out, out, out :D

5. Japanese girl in all white who was with her all black goth boyfriend. I actually first thought she was the Little Bo Peep character... seriously!! But then of course I realized, err no staff, no sheep... Besides, Little Bo Peep was no Disney character... (ding ding! A-ha! Harajuku girl?) I have to admire this lady. I wouldn't wear this outfit to Disneyland for fear kids might want their photos taken with me, thinking I'm some character from Disney :D *it was truly an honest mistake, but doesn't this lady deserve some serious fashion brownie point? :) Took lotsa guts to pull off this outfit!*

6. DONALD DUCK waving to us!! :D He is my fave character (not the lady in #4 *hehe. ok that was mean, soweee*. Donald reminds me of me when I'm PMSing. Just ask DH :D *muwahahaha* (Rats, I hope DH doesn't read this haha)

7. Main Street at night. Nothing more beautiful than walking through Main Street with all the lights gleaming in the dark, beckoning tourists and kids to come and shop, shop, shop! We were meanwhile, too cheap to buy anything *muwahahaha seriously. Except for a hat for our DT (dear toddler) and a little hairband *cough my tiara* with two metallic pink mickeyhead balls *hehehe which I wore, which made me look SOOOO looney that I loved it! hehe I wore it well I think!*

8. Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night. It was small, but it was real pretty at night. And while I stared at the castle, my mickeyhead balls tiara bobbed up and down, side to side *snicker, see how deluded I am hahaha*

9. Fireworks display atop the Castle. How pretty! :D

We got back to our hotel room at 9.45 pm already. So yes, I was not able to attend the Christie's cocktail party :( But tomorrow, something better at Christie's awaits this bag hag :D


We all woke up late. Natch. Total flat tire from the day before. Disneyland romp went for a good 5- 6 hours. Today, we relax. Besides, it was raining. Blah. That doesn't leave us with much choices on how to spend our day. Sorry, no Ocean Park. But today's damp weather won't stop me from going to Wanchai to see Princess Margaret's jewellery (and the other jewels on display for auction in HK on June 1). I take my marine blue Goyard fidji for a spin. You know, rain and all :D *You know you trust the brand when you take the bag out on a rainy day*

We went to our my old milk curd haunt for lunch first, briefly passing by Milan Station and France Station. Check it out! France Station has an Hermes 28cm togo kelly in fuchsia (beside that lady's head hehe)! I later asked and the price was about US$5,866 (yikes, and this is just a 28cm and Togo leather). Milan Station had some Goyard bags-- (no Fidji though) a Jeanne PM, and St. Louis PM in four colors: maroon, green, red, black. There were also the usual lot of LV bags, Gucci, and Balenciaga (emerald green city, bubblegum pink first, a beat up magenta city, a beat up black day bag, and a few weekender bags), Chloe Silverado & Paddingtons (there was one in silver, anthracite), Chloe Edith (craie, camel), Hermes Evelyn, Marc Jacobs Stam, Chanel silver (or is it gold) shopper, Fendi Spy (chocolate, white, caramel), Fendi B Bags, Chanel reporter bag, YSL muse. I was in a hurry because I had to make a lame excuse to head out of the restaurant (and into the 2nd hand bag store to snoop haha).

After our lunch, OHMAHGAWD it was already 3pm! We rushed off to Wanchai, to go to Christie's exhibit hall to see the *WOOHOO* Princess Margaret jewellery at the HK Convention Centre, where they are currently on display. I logged onto their registry as "Press", thinking that would give me carte blanche to take photos of the pieces. Alas, Philippine Press amounted to nothing in their vocabulary. I was not exempt from the no-photos rule :( *CRUD!!*

Hmm so what was I gonna see today? Perhaps a brooch or pin of the Princess? We took the escalator to the 3rd floor, where all the items to be auctioned off were displayed (HK auction in June 1 included Magnificent Jewellery and Jadeite, important watches, and paintings). I am uneducated when it comes to paintings, so I skipped that and went straight for the "kill": Jewellery and Important watches.

Princess Margaret's jewellery did NOT disappoint. In fact, the whole HK trip (from yesterday to today), was WELL WORTH every cent (even if I did not go shopping). Princess Margaret's Poltimore Tiara was on display!!!!!! That beautiful piece of royal jewellery, is ON DISPLAY IN HK!! And the exquisite (and historical) diamond riviere! The center stone alone is 7 carats!! It was likewise on display! Two of the most important pieces in her collection are in Hong Kong!! I would've fainted, but my instinct told me to hold that off or make a complete fool out of myself in front of the viewing public who came to see the jewels, not a woman who fainted at the sight of jewels :D *muwahahaha* (FOR MORE INFO AND PHOTOS OF THE JEWELLERY I SAW, PLEASE CHECK OUT ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM)

Oh and here's SOMETHING for the bag hags out here who can cough up the dough for a ROYAL piece. It's a Louis Vuitton Jewellery box in cowhide leather, with the initials of Princess Margaret, and a tag which says "Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret". Bidding for this piece begins at £500. Anyone wanna bid for this? :D *and be crowned ROYAL BAG HAG* wooohoooo!!!!!

Apres Christie's, we passed by the Gallery shop which had this cute print bag (right row, center). Didn't really bother to ask anymore about the price since we were sorta racing against time and weather (rain was sporadic). We took the Star Ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui's Ocean Terminal, where my DH bought me an extra memory card for my camera *awww that was soo sweet of him :)*. We took DT to Toys R Us, where we pretty much stayed the whole time (nope, not even a visit to Harbour City mall... Bottega, Joyce... boohoo NOPE!). After what seemed like hours, we finally walked out of the mall toward the MTR, where we passed by LV (nope, did NOT even go in *boy someone, please be proud of me-- at least I didn't go swipey swipey with my card!) then Dior (hmm check out that Bugatti/ Alma shaped bag.. Interesting), before hitting Fendi (where I was able to peek inside with my EYES *take note, I did not physically go inside*)-- I saw a few Spy bags and in fact, saw one in BRONZE (bottom left bag in the photo) ... OoooOh I was soooooo tempted, believe me... DH asked me if I wanted to take a peek inside. I declined. Too much temptation. The house of Sin is not gonna lure me into their trap. Not this trip.

Thank Gawd it sorta drizzled again, so we had to make a run for the MTR station :) Wheee!!! The bag boutiques lost!! :D *haha oh this is really behavior unbecoming of a bag hag!!*

Not to disappoint, we made a quick stop to Central, to visit Harvey Nichols (ahem, Goyard), only long enough to get a bag for someone (no, not me-- please, bear in mind, I am REALLY financially incapacitated). DT was already sleepy so we had to head back to the hotel.

P.S. Our dinner consisted of noodles inside this plastic thingie. There was a stand that made you choose which noodle you want, along with which "topping" you like (hotdog, quail egg, booktripe, beef, seaweed, little octopus, cuttlefish, crabsticks, clams), then they mix it with some mystery sauce and lots of freshly minced garlic. Then you eat it using 2 wooden barbeque sticks (as chopsticks!). It was really yummy, and only HK$10!!

OK, enough talk for now. Please do check out http://allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com for more on jewels that were at Christie's :)

Tomorrow I post my loot. Books and accessories. Sorry, no bags!! :(

P.P.S. I spent my day yesterday (May 29) with my Daddy at the cemetery. He would have been 69 years old now, if he were still with us :( *sigh* I hope he is happy and celebrating his cumpleaños wherever he is... I miss you Dad...


Anonymous patrickkk said...

ooooh i love those hologram spy bags! :)

but i still remember, i'll need to sell everything in my room. count and sell the pad papers and all :)

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, those Spy bags are giving me "orgasms"! I have to have one soon....theyre so hot!

- Mrs. G

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! France and Milan Stations in HK sell used bags right? How do you authenticate Fendi spy bags? How do you distinguish real ones from fakes?

11:25 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Hi Anonymous (on Milan and France Station): They seem to sell authentic bags. I have yet to know anyone who bought a bag there and have LV or other designer brand office say it's fake. So they are pretty reputable. Fendi Spy fakes' usual dead giveaway is their leather. It's not as buttery soft as the real deal. The clasp on the secret compartment also is not done as well as the real thing. The dustbags of Fendi come in either black or white, so don't be alarmed if you end up with either color of dustbag. I'm not sure on this, but real bags have authenticity cards, while fakes I don't think ,do. It's really best to compare the bag you bought with someone who has bought the bag from Fendi. Better yet, bring the bag in question to Fendi.

MrsG: That bronze spy bag was reallllly nice too. But temptation would've turned into sin if i went into the boutique, so best to stay away :D
*hehe I do have a cognac spy here available, and a client is planning to consign her metallic spy too! So watch for it :D*

patrickkk: the bronze spy is not the holographic one :D *WOOOWOOO* the laser cut holographic spy was also awesome but this one is sooo nice... i now wish i went in to take a closer look. but that would mean "Disgrasya" :D


5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

may i know where are the Milan and France station located in HK ?


9:24 PM  

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