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Monday, May 29, 2006

Back in Manila

Hi hags!
I'm back in Manila. So tired, after running after a toddler with DH :-) Though I can't tell you how much fun we all had even though we were all tired out!

Disneyland was fun, it was not so big, so we were not really overwhelmed. But I was a bit disappointed though. I was thinking that Sleeping Beauty's castle would be sooo big, but it was rather small (well it was still big, but smaller than what I thought. Hmph am I jaded? *duh!*)

Anyway, I might as well tell you all now (since you were all wondering what loot I brought home this time). I did not get anything at all. No bags. NOTHING, NADA.

WHY? Because I know if I make another purchase, I will never be able to pay for it. I know my limits. Sad that I can't buy any new bag (especially since I saw a Lanvin Kentucky bag and a Moschino Pasta bag-- SO DAMN CUTE), but I really can't afford it right now :(

I need to still pay off the Kelly :( *bawl*. So that is reality check for me. Funny I talk about being broke, a person left a comment on my previous post, asking how I can afford all these expensive bags. But the thing is, I can't afford ALL these expensive bags. If the reader read carefully, I did note in previous posts that I am letting some of the bags in my collection go, to pay for the new ones. Hello ding ding :) I don't own a diamond mine or gold mine for that matter (if I did, I'd have bought a huge property in Lake Como and be neighbors with George Clooney *hehe*)

I am proud of myself despite having failed to wow you all as a bag hag :D At least commend me for knowing when to say no to new bags!! Money needs to be saved for June-- school opening = tuition fee!

I will be blogging more about my trip tomorrow, and photos of my small loot:

1. Christie's catalog of Princess Margaret's private collection (jewellery and other things)
2. Two Japanese magazines (containing photos of bags! *WOOHOO*)
3. A cheap tee :D
4. Faux bling necklace
5. Faux crown earrings (*teehee feeling royal!*)

There ya go :D All listed! Now, let me get shuteye. I think I deserved it. Today is my Daddy's birthday. He would have been 69 :(

Wherever you are Daddy, I miss you, I love you, and Happy Birthday! I really wish you were still with us. You would've been proud of me during our recent trip to HK. Seriously.

Photos up tomorrow hags!! Bear with me :)



Anonymous Jenny B. said...

Hi Mrs. T! I'm in Italy right now on a visit to some family members who've migrated here. I'm here in Bologna, home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. I've been to Venice and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Modena. The bags I've seen here are mostly Louis Vuittons and Guccis.

Anyway, I'm really surprised that there are fake LVs, Guccis, even Guess bags, being sold by hawkers in the streets of Bologna and even Venice. I thought there was a fake fashion police that zeroes in on those selling and carrying fake stuff? Or they're just not probably strict here? Tomorrow we go to Milan, and I'll see whether they're just as lenient there.


3:43 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

JennyB: Wooohooo I am so jealous of you! Take lots of photos! Yes, actually I am not that surprised at the hawkers-- that's what they are, hawkers. They swoop down on innocent victims like prey and end up selling their crap to tourists who unknowingly buy fakes (or knowingly). But they smell cops? They pack up their fake loot, and run off to some dark alley (oh Gawd I have seen them do it too, and I dont know how they can pack up so fast!). Here is the sad part-- as long as there are people who are willing to buy and support fakes, then these hawkers will continue to be around :(

3:52 AM  
Anonymous pg said...

Mrs T! It's ok, it's not sale in HK anyway... want to go with me in July? ;-)

1:00 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Hi Mrs T! Welcome back!!!!

I know your daddy is really proud of you!

About fake bags in Italy-I have seen em too!!! All brands i.e. LV,Valetino, etc!!!! How sad!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous MS said...

wuhooo welcome back Mrs. T!!!! I am still sooooo n love with your kelly bag...gorgeous color!!!! ;)

4:24 PM  
Blogger alex|hates said...

hi Mrs. T! I have been following your bag hagging for sometime now. I just have a question. I have this Speedy 35 that my mom handed down to me. It has some black marks on time, i think dirt from her using it too often for work. How do I clean it? Or better yet, where do I have it cleaned? I'm actually here in Cebu. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Hehehe. And oh, before I forget, I just love the color of your Kelly!

10:53 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

heya ms: thanks :) you have a spiffy collection of bags yourself, so don't you envy me, coz I ENVY YOU :D hehe

mpr: thankyew :)

pg: hmm july HK? i will PASS! Come on!! are you trying to put the bag hag back in bag rehab? hahaha :D I wont go with you but you GOTTA share your loot with all of us here!! :D

alex|hates: thanks for reading my shallow blog :) Hmm i didnt really get your meaning there-- black marks on time? would that be the handles you mean? in such case, i hate to break the news, but the patina on the leather or the dirt marks on the handle is rather permanent :( *sniff I know!* But the canvas body, if it gets dirty, you can try a damp cloth-- but DO NOT use that damp cloth on any of the leather part! the body of the speedy is made of coated canvas. the only way to make your speedy look new again is if you have it brought to LV to have them replace the handles :( but hey, not to worry about that black mark, it just adds more character to your bag!! besides, it's from mommy :) you shouldn't change it to make it newish again :) congratulations on a wonderful hand-me-down!!

1:59 AM  
Blogger alex|hates said...

Thanks! I actually meant black marks due to constant use and age. She had it for sometime now. But anyway, thanks! I will try to keep you advise in mind. I still love your Kelly!

2:03 AM  

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