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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TRESOR's new consigned loot + Much Ado about CHANEL

Today was not wasted. I was up and running errands early in the AM (yes, morning, like a normal person for a change). Then I had a series of meetings in the afternoon for woowooo more, more bags, which will include:

1. Tods
yellow suede bag (Brand new with dustbag at 35k) *will take photo of the bag tomorrow because bag came in late already*

2. Gucci monogram canvas shopping tote in blue (the new style!) with striped blue-red-white handles (new with tag and dustbag-- this style is sold out at Gucci, for Php 22k) *note: Bag hag JY has this exact same bag and I was actually asking her earlier she likes hers and she said it was a real easy bag to use. I would have normally bought this bag, but seeing how I'm in a dire financial strait, I'd have to pass (bawl)*

3. Louis Vuitton monogram canvas Speedy 30 with shoulder strap (very nice and even colored patina, with lock and keys for Php 27k-- no dustbag) *LV is planning a price increase fairly soon, and the Speedy right now is at 35.8k and the strap is about 5.5k. The bag would retail 41k(+-) if you buy this Speedy in-store new*

and of course, the highlight, 2 Chanel pieces!

Baghag PC's (who allowed her initials to be mentioned) Chanel collection is enviable, and has decided to let 2 of them go. And you hags see them here first! :D

Left: Chanel classic 2.55 CC lambskin (matelasse) quilt leather bag with intertwined lambskin+chain straps that can be doubled over (see bottom photo) or slung across the body (if you don't double the strap over the bag flap). The bag is still in superb condition, and measures 7"L x 5"H x 2.5"W; strap when doubled measures a drop of 8.75"/ if strap remains single, it's drop is 21".This bag has very minimal scratches, barely visible. Gold hardware has no tarnish. The authenticity card as well as the dustbag are included with this purse. Retail now for this bag is approx. Php 73,000 converted. Her selling price is Php 27,000. This is a CLASSIC Chanel piece! (In fact, my very first Chanel was exactly like this bag, which I had saved up 6 months of my allowance for when I was still studying!!)

Right: Chanel classic CC lambskin (matelasse) quilt backpack with a small exterior pocket and intertwined lambskin+chain straps. The bag body itself is in very good condition, there are minimal scratches on the bottom of the bag (which also has a stitched-in Chanel logo). The bag measures 8"L x 9"H x 4"W (expandable width). The chain straps of the bag have some oxidation (I am thinking perhaps this can be cleaned with a metal cleaner), and the leather on the straps have slightly dulled. The bag overall is in good condition. The gold hardware on the double C clasps in front are shiny and have no tarnish. The interior of the bag is very clean, although the hologram sticker is no longer there. The bag comes with its original dustbag. There is no question about the bag's authenticity (seller guarantees money back if the bag was found not authentic-- likewise I also guarantee the bag's authenticity. It's an authentic Chanel bag). She was the first owner of this backpack and had purchased it at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills. This bag would retail about Php 61,000 now, and her selling price is only Php 18,000!!! (This is a steal, hags!) I still remember wanting this exact style in silver, but they only had a gold available, so I ended up with a gold one (which I had later sold for Php 30k, pre-Tresor!).

Additional photos provided so you can sorta know how the bag would look like when carried :D *Snicker snicker* Disclaimer: Please don't scrutinize my outfit because we have already long established that I am no fashion plate *be kind to animals hahaha*
That's the Chanel 2.55 when carried with the chain strap looped over the flap (to shorten strap).
And here's the cute backpack! I love lambskin leather. It's sooo buttery soft!! *psst, I know, I know, wide ass muwahaha*

Chanel has gone royal too. From the late Princess Diana (who had the exact same sized 2.55 bag as above when she visited Paris), to Denmark's Crown Princess Mary (seen here with a Chanel "7 series" bag *which has brushed gold hardware cubes with CC engraved* on a recent shopping trip in London's Knightsbridge), to Spain's Infanta Elena who likewise carried a pink classic 2.55 (easter holiday 2006)! *photo credit: Face to Face Photo Press*

Oh and before I forget, I am posting my loot here. First photo: Books! The 2 Christie's catalogs of Princess Margaret's collection that Viscount Linley put up on the auction block. A Japanese magazine which had all these designer bags (take note. CHANEL on the cover!!). A mini Hermes booklet detailing the types of leather and color as well as styles of Hermes bags (geez now if only I can read Japanese letters...) *Don't worry, I will share photos with you all! :D*

And here's that BLING necklace I mentioned :D It's faux bling of course, but makes for a funky neckpiece haha. And oh my Mickeyballs pink tiara :) *hehe for the royal wannabe baghag in Disneyland :D*

Sorry for disappointing you hags, but hey, a bag hag's wallet has to rest too, after all that abuse it took! :) Til the next new bag comes along :D *Let's hope, soon, shall we? Now, I am still on that Hermes high, but seeing these Chanel bags made me wanna keep and Buy Chanel too! TSK. Chanel + Hermes= financial disaster (more horrific than Black Monday '87--the single day largest stockmarket crash in history) :D *and let's not even bring in Goyard into the equation!*

P.S. My HK trip has gotta be the cheapest trip I've ever been on! :) And arguably one of the best :D

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bag Hag in Hong Kong *again* Day 1-2

So now that we have gotten the fact (that I did NOT buy any bags) out of the way, let me tell you about the lovely things I saw *hum: "These are a few of my favorite things..."*

1. Globetrotter cabin luggage. Of course it HAD to be a bag. *hehe always number one on a baghag's list!!* I saw this beauty and was bowled over. A Japanese guy was lugging this around before he came to a halt, sat down, and read the paper. Meanwhile I was waiting for that moment, camera in hand *ala paparazzi*, before I took a shot of his luggage. After taking the shot, he looked my way and I had to pretend I was checking out my camera. *snicker, bad bad*

2. Our hotel room view at Park Lane (see that tall structure on the mid-right? Beside that bldg was where my office used to be :D *hum: Memories...*). We got real lucky (either that, or I charmed the guy at the check-in counter *muwahahaha boy oh boy are we full of ourself today! haha*) because we got an upgrade to a room with a view! Price for the room we had paid for: US$150/ night. Price for the free upgrade: Priceless! *hehe to borrow the line from Mastercard*

3. Disneyland entrance! YAY, finally we arrive at La Disneyland! We just touched down HK about an hour and a half before we headed out to Disneyland. It was Friday. We knew Saturday that the chances of rain were 70%. Sunday was out of the question.

4. Madhatter Tea Cups ride. Holy cow. So my family and I took to this ride TWICE. The second time was wayyy more violent a ride than the first. We decided to spin, spin, spin :) It was thrice the fun, fun, fun too! But reminder: Do NOT eat anything before going spin, spin, spin or your food will come out, out, out :D

5. Japanese girl in all white who was with her all black goth boyfriend. I actually first thought she was the Little Bo Peep character... seriously!! But then of course I realized, err no staff, no sheep... Besides, Little Bo Peep was no Disney character... (ding ding! A-ha! Harajuku girl?) I have to admire this lady. I wouldn't wear this outfit to Disneyland for fear kids might want their photos taken with me, thinking I'm some character from Disney :D *it was truly an honest mistake, but doesn't this lady deserve some serious fashion brownie point? :) Took lotsa guts to pull off this outfit!*

6. DONALD DUCK waving to us!! :D He is my fave character (not the lady in #4 *hehe. ok that was mean, soweee*. Donald reminds me of me when I'm PMSing. Just ask DH :D *muwahahaha* (Rats, I hope DH doesn't read this haha)

7. Main Street at night. Nothing more beautiful than walking through Main Street with all the lights gleaming in the dark, beckoning tourists and kids to come and shop, shop, shop! We were meanwhile, too cheap to buy anything *muwahahaha seriously. Except for a hat for our DT (dear toddler) and a little hairband *cough my tiara* with two metallic pink mickeyhead balls *hehehe which I wore, which made me look SOOOO looney that I loved it! hehe I wore it well I think!*

8. Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night. It was small, but it was real pretty at night. And while I stared at the castle, my mickeyhead balls tiara bobbed up and down, side to side *snicker, see how deluded I am hahaha*

9. Fireworks display atop the Castle. How pretty! :D

We got back to our hotel room at 9.45 pm already. So yes, I was not able to attend the Christie's cocktail party :( But tomorrow, something better at Christie's awaits this bag hag :D


We all woke up late. Natch. Total flat tire from the day before. Disneyland romp went for a good 5- 6 hours. Today, we relax. Besides, it was raining. Blah. That doesn't leave us with much choices on how to spend our day. Sorry, no Ocean Park. But today's damp weather won't stop me from going to Wanchai to see Princess Margaret's jewellery (and the other jewels on display for auction in HK on June 1). I take my marine blue Goyard fidji for a spin. You know, rain and all :D *You know you trust the brand when you take the bag out on a rainy day*

We went to our my old milk curd haunt for lunch first, briefly passing by Milan Station and France Station. Check it out! France Station has an Hermes 28cm togo kelly in fuchsia (beside that lady's head hehe)! I later asked and the price was about US$5,866 (yikes, and this is just a 28cm and Togo leather). Milan Station had some Goyard bags-- (no Fidji though) a Jeanne PM, and St. Louis PM in four colors: maroon, green, red, black. There were also the usual lot of LV bags, Gucci, and Balenciaga (emerald green city, bubblegum pink first, a beat up magenta city, a beat up black day bag, and a few weekender bags), Chloe Silverado & Paddingtons (there was one in silver, anthracite), Chloe Edith (craie, camel), Hermes Evelyn, Marc Jacobs Stam, Chanel silver (or is it gold) shopper, Fendi Spy (chocolate, white, caramel), Fendi B Bags, Chanel reporter bag, YSL muse. I was in a hurry because I had to make a lame excuse to head out of the restaurant (and into the 2nd hand bag store to snoop haha).

After our lunch, OHMAHGAWD it was already 3pm! We rushed off to Wanchai, to go to Christie's exhibit hall to see the *WOOHOO* Princess Margaret jewellery at the HK Convention Centre, where they are currently on display. I logged onto their registry as "Press", thinking that would give me carte blanche to take photos of the pieces. Alas, Philippine Press amounted to nothing in their vocabulary. I was not exempt from the no-photos rule :( *CRUD!!*

Hmm so what was I gonna see today? Perhaps a brooch or pin of the Princess? We took the escalator to the 3rd floor, where all the items to be auctioned off were displayed (HK auction in June 1 included Magnificent Jewellery and Jadeite, important watches, and paintings). I am uneducated when it comes to paintings, so I skipped that and went straight for the "kill": Jewellery and Important watches.

Princess Margaret's jewellery did NOT disappoint. In fact, the whole HK trip (from yesterday to today), was WELL WORTH every cent (even if I did not go shopping). Princess Margaret's Poltimore Tiara was on display!!!!!! That beautiful piece of royal jewellery, is ON DISPLAY IN HK!! And the exquisite (and historical) diamond riviere! The center stone alone is 7 carats!! It was likewise on display! Two of the most important pieces in her collection are in Hong Kong!! I would've fainted, but my instinct told me to hold that off or make a complete fool out of myself in front of the viewing public who came to see the jewels, not a woman who fainted at the sight of jewels :D *muwahahaha* (FOR MORE INFO AND PHOTOS OF THE JEWELLERY I SAW, PLEASE CHECK OUT ALLTHINGSEXPENSIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM)

Oh and here's SOMETHING for the bag hags out here who can cough up the dough for a ROYAL piece. It's a Louis Vuitton Jewellery box in cowhide leather, with the initials of Princess Margaret, and a tag which says "Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret". Bidding for this piece begins at £500. Anyone wanna bid for this? :D *and be crowned ROYAL BAG HAG* wooohoooo!!!!!

Apres Christie's, we passed by the Gallery shop which had this cute print bag (right row, center). Didn't really bother to ask anymore about the price since we were sorta racing against time and weather (rain was sporadic). We took the Star Ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui's Ocean Terminal, where my DH bought me an extra memory card for my camera *awww that was soo sweet of him :)*. We took DT to Toys R Us, where we pretty much stayed the whole time (nope, not even a visit to Harbour City mall... Bottega, Joyce... boohoo NOPE!). After what seemed like hours, we finally walked out of the mall toward the MTR, where we passed by LV (nope, did NOT even go in *boy someone, please be proud of me-- at least I didn't go swipey swipey with my card!) then Dior (hmm check out that Bugatti/ Alma shaped bag.. Interesting), before hitting Fendi (where I was able to peek inside with my EYES *take note, I did not physically go inside*)-- I saw a few Spy bags and in fact, saw one in BRONZE (bottom left bag in the photo) ... OoooOh I was soooooo tempted, believe me... DH asked me if I wanted to take a peek inside. I declined. Too much temptation. The house of Sin is not gonna lure me into their trap. Not this trip.

Thank Gawd it sorta drizzled again, so we had to make a run for the MTR station :) Wheee!!! The bag boutiques lost!! :D *haha oh this is really behavior unbecoming of a bag hag!!*

Not to disappoint, we made a quick stop to Central, to visit Harvey Nichols (ahem, Goyard), only long enough to get a bag for someone (no, not me-- please, bear in mind, I am REALLY financially incapacitated). DT was already sleepy so we had to head back to the hotel.

P.S. Our dinner consisted of noodles inside this plastic thingie. There was a stand that made you choose which noodle you want, along with which "topping" you like (hotdog, quail egg, booktripe, beef, seaweed, little octopus, cuttlefish, crabsticks, clams), then they mix it with some mystery sauce and lots of freshly minced garlic. Then you eat it using 2 wooden barbeque sticks (as chopsticks!). It was really yummy, and only HK$10!!

OK, enough talk for now. Please do check out http://allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com for more on jewels that were at Christie's :)

Tomorrow I post my loot. Books and accessories. Sorry, no bags!! :(

P.P.S. I spent my day yesterday (May 29) with my Daddy at the cemetery. He would have been 69 years old now, if he were still with us :( *sigh* I hope he is happy and celebrating his cumpleaños wherever he is... I miss you Dad...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Back in Manila

Hi hags!
I'm back in Manila. So tired, after running after a toddler with DH :-) Though I can't tell you how much fun we all had even though we were all tired out!

Disneyland was fun, it was not so big, so we were not really overwhelmed. But I was a bit disappointed though. I was thinking that Sleeping Beauty's castle would be sooo big, but it was rather small (well it was still big, but smaller than what I thought. Hmph am I jaded? *duh!*)

Anyway, I might as well tell you all now (since you were all wondering what loot I brought home this time). I did not get anything at all. No bags. NOTHING, NADA.

WHY? Because I know if I make another purchase, I will never be able to pay for it. I know my limits. Sad that I can't buy any new bag (especially since I saw a Lanvin Kentucky bag and a Moschino Pasta bag-- SO DAMN CUTE), but I really can't afford it right now :(

I need to still pay off the Kelly :( *bawl*. So that is reality check for me. Funny I talk about being broke, a person left a comment on my previous post, asking how I can afford all these expensive bags. But the thing is, I can't afford ALL these expensive bags. If the reader read carefully, I did note in previous posts that I am letting some of the bags in my collection go, to pay for the new ones. Hello ding ding :) I don't own a diamond mine or gold mine for that matter (if I did, I'd have bought a huge property in Lake Como and be neighbors with George Clooney *hehe*)

I am proud of myself despite having failed to wow you all as a bag hag :D At least commend me for knowing when to say no to new bags!! Money needs to be saved for June-- school opening = tuition fee!

I will be blogging more about my trip tomorrow, and photos of my small loot:

1. Christie's catalog of Princess Margaret's private collection (jewellery and other things)
2. Two Japanese magazines (containing photos of bags! *WOOHOO*)
3. A cheap tee :D
4. Faux bling necklace
5. Faux crown earrings (*teehee feeling royal!*)

There ya go :D All listed! Now, let me get shuteye. I think I deserved it. Today is my Daddy's birthday. He would have been 69 :(

Wherever you are Daddy, I miss you, I love you, and Happy Birthday! I really wish you were still with us. You would've been proud of me during our recent trip to HK. Seriously.

Photos up tomorrow hags!! Bear with me :)


Friday, May 26, 2006

More on the Hermes Kelly and the Mystery Location

Yay yay yay the secret is SOOO OUT already. I can now sleep better at night (not well yet-- hello, debt debt haha)! Thank you thank you thank you for all your well wishes and heart-bloating comments, Princess Kelly (oh great, now I am naming my bags too) is so flattered :D

So hags, as promised, here are more + larger photos for everyone.
And here's one with cousin Paris-Cannes :D (That orange thing is the felt protection flap for the hardware)
And another photo taken at night (avec camflash)

Ok that's that. And now, about the mystery location? Ok ok, I am flying off to HK with DH and our DB (dear baby-- although the baby is now a toddler haha). No, NO SHOPPING. KO emailed me and told me not to be a Spenderella again *guffaw!! I LOVE that girl!!!* Not this time. Especially not with DH around (you GOTTA be kidding! his idea of shopping with me is ME accompanying HIM to see all those electronic thingies for the game consoles he has... Tsk, that, is SHEER TORTURE!! *bawl haha* Tsk, I'll be nice. I'll accompany him *cough* shopping. :D)

Anyway, here's another piece of news that will make all social climbing hags proud of me! :D *beam* I am so honored to be invited to Christie's cocktail party tomorrow night by Christie's ambassadress FR (see where your social-climbing hag has climbed to? :D). I brought along my Balenciaga dress (woohoo mileage!!!) just in case I can attend, although have yet to find out if I can attend at all! Because that would mean leaving DH and DB alone (ohdear! Disaster becomes them? hahaha!!) Anyway I guess you hags will find out on Monday if I did go. One thing for sure though, I will be going to see Princess Margaret's jewels which will be on display in HK Convention Centre before going under the hammer in London in June. YES! Royalista at work!!!! No, I have NO plans to bid on anything, thank you-- unless someone out there is generous enough to bid on the more important pieces, like perhaps, the Poltimore tiara, which I can conceivably wear next time I go to Goyard Paris *here's to that really silly European nobility excuse!!*, so I can get those damn crowns handpainted on my bag *muwahahaha pathetic.* (by the way, go check out my other site, allthingsexpensive.blogspot.com where I made a new post on ROYAL Jewelry, which included the Poltimore tiara *what else! hehe*)

Friday - Sunday is reserved for family, and it's Disneyland :D So, more than likely, there won't be posts in this space for those days. And I assure you, I WILL be undergoing serious internet withdrawal. I will, however be bringing my mobile phone with me. So just in case something comes to mind, i.e. some hag decides about wanting a bag (i.e. a GOYARD haha!), you can send me a message at +63916-7580857! Hopefully my phone works (think: Motorola Razr LCD cracks and all). Also, no guarantee I can buy it-- depends really if I can leave DB with DH :D (but I assure you peeps, I am NOT shopping anymore. Not after that Amex bill which has pretty much financially incapacitated me and seriously wiped me out til kingdom come. *bawl*)

P.S. If you send me a message, please make sure to include your name. Because my phone mem is apparently getting affected with this. Damn the phone must be really going koo-koo :(

P.P.S. To my dearest friend MG-- be patient, your LV Damier Speedy will be with you soon :D

P.P.P.S. And if you do see a new post this weekend, think 2 things-- there might be an impostor, OR I might be sneaking off to post *haha yes yes, sneaky hag.. ok ok*

Be good this weekend, peeps!!! :D

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The BIG surprise + the baghag's shortlist for Spring Cleaning

My day went so well today until tonight, when I went to the Powerplant Mall to watch Da Vinci Code again with my DH and ILs. Anyway I will spare you all from the unpleasant details, but let me tell you this-- I was mortified. Bottom line, it got straightened out, although I'm sure one can't help but feel the sting of the wound if one were in my shoes. Ah well, there are good days and there are bad days, right? :) Positive thinking, positive thinking, shampoohag Jen says :D

Anyway, enough talk about crappy matters. Guess what, I am heading off to some mystery place over the weekend. No, no more shopping involved. You kidding? I am not even anywhere near the vicinity of financial recovery yet!! In fact, I seriously DOUBT if I will ever financially recover!! :( You see, I've been harboring a very deep and dark secret from all of you since my last trip. I think it's high time I reveal it. So here it is, the cause of all my pain, suffering, debt, debt, and more debt!!!! (Ok, don't fingerpoint and say I'm bragging, because I can't really be given the right to brag-- hello?! DEBT? Want this bag? You can have my debts too hehe package deal!)

Lo and Behold, the newest member of the Baghag household:Hermes 35cm Fuchsia Chevre de Coromandel Kelly with Palladium Hardware. (I will take better shots of the bag tomorrow hopefully, if not, when I debut it-- the color is much more vibrant than in photos!) *Wolfwhistle* this baby just cost my kids their education. So next time you bump into them when they're older, and you wonder why they are ill- mannered and terribly uncouth, remember this post :D *muwahahaha what a weevil mom!!*

So in lieu of this new member of the household, I am but forced to take stock of all my other bags, and decide which bags are going, going, gone.

Here's a shortlist so far (and no, this list is not yet permanent).

1. LV Denim Baggy PM-- I know, I know, you will tell me I will burn in bag hell for selling the bag that DH got me, but DH pointed this bag out as the first bag that should go-- so that he can say that he "did his part" by contributing to the fund for my new baby *muwahahaha* See, I can't possibly burn in bag hell if HE sanctioned the sale :D *clever eh?* Also, if this bag should go, I will throw in the extra long strap which I purchased on my own. *fine, call it excuses, but at least they are logical... somewhat. hehe*

2. LV Fuchsia Charms Pochette-- I have used this pochette once (and seen by baghags JY and JC in Greenbelt!) Why am I planning to sell this? Because although I love cute bags (cute that they're small), I can't really use them. My phones can't even fit inside, and my wallet (full of credit card receipts, no less) can't fit either *gasp*! So, when push comes to shove, the practicality factor has to prevail over the cuteness factor :(

3. LV Green Perforated Speedy 30 (take note, UNUSED, WITH plastic on handles)-- I will either use this bag for a bit, or sell it unused and in new condition. Hmm, decisions decisions!!

4. Liz Claiborne Pink Multi-pocket bag-- I enjoyed using this bag. But I have stopped using it altogether because all the bags have to time-share (woohooo as if the bags should feel honored that I chose to carry them! *puke, I'm soo full of it!*)

5. Chanel Fantasy Tweed Kelly-- Oh my goodness, this bag is still here! I felt so bad for her that I pulled her out of my bags for sale on Tresor. But to date, I have not yet even used her again when I promised I would :(

Anyway, on another note, a fairly new large Prada brown canvas bag (Priced at Php 38,000) with white leather trims just got consigned to Tresor, along with another black Bally leather bag in excellent condition (Priced at Php 13,000). Both bags are still not posted there though.

I hafta go sleep, my little imp is with us again tonight for the 2nd night in a row, and we got "commanded" to all go to sleep! :D

P.S. I am a proud wombat. Today, I made a Crocs convert out of my friend CathS :) She now is a proud owner of a pair of light pink Crocs-- By the way, I still think they are ugly, but they are HEAVEN on my feet! :) I don't really care about the gawks and stares-- at least my feet are finally getting some attention *muwahahaha*

This is so morbid. My dear bro (DB) has just called me informing me of my credit card bill. My jaw dropped... My head screamed "terms! terms!" *haha* and my mouth? Well, it's still wide open by the way :-O

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reconnoitering at Mall of Asia

For lack of a better thing to do today (well actually there were tons to do-- i.e. pay my credit card bill *muwahaha ohhkayy, that's at the bottom of my to-do list*), my mom, my lil one, and I hopped over to the much talked about Mall of Asia, which opened its grand doors to le publique yesterday.

What's really so baffling about this placeis that it was swarmed with hundreds, even thousands of people on a Monday (!!! don't people have work to do??? I know I don't because I am jobless!) Was it to catch a whiff of the taipan air? (Mall master HenryS was there yesterday for the opening), or was it to find opportunities (err... to steal perhaps? Damn I betcha this country will be rich if there's a petty thieving industry here. Seriously, hags, hold on tight to your bags!!!) hehe.. ok that was not really funny, sorry *snicker*

Well OK. Confession: I came here to catch a whiff of the taipan air, in the hopes that his prosperity and luck will rub off on me, the otherwise known money jinx of town *muwahaha I can't even remember the last time I had ZERO expense on my credit card! See, I am a jinx for incurring mucho expense, and leaving ZERO on my bank account*. Anyway enough talk about me (as if I didn't have enough bragging sessions on my post yesterday, and I'm sure you all want to throw rocks my way already, but are just too well-mannered to do such a *shock* heinous baghag act).

We parked at the parking structure which charged Php 40 (man, they just opened and they are already hijacking us, and this ain't even Makati!). At the 4th level of the parking area, I was baffled with all that metal scaffolding. Our car went through an obstacle course, and almost HIT the damn metal scaffold-- the damn scaffolds were not meant for cars to pass through and yet the guards directed us there!! Ok, this is gonna be pretty bad on the Mall report card!! Tsk Tsk. Strike One.

Then the elevator ride from 4th floor parking to ground, was enough to suffocate my mom and my baby (I am used to this though, come on, you're talking to the trailerpark queenbee here! *hehe*). Tsk tsk, another negative mark on the Mall report card. Strike Two.

Once at groundlevel, things were ok. There were hoards of people everywhere! (And it was what, 3.30pm?) We went into the 2nd of 4 buildings first, which housed stores like Izod, Schu, VNC, NafNaf, Mossimo, and soon to open stores like Zara, Mango, Nullah. There was also this bag and shoe boutique I've never really heard of before, called U.R.S. I didn't bother going in, I was still mall reconnoitering. Actually it is rather hard to reconnoiter if you brought your child, who insists on riding on one of those pushy thingamajigs. I can't lug that thing up an escalator and I sure as hell can't expect my mom to do it for me :D Oh and we stopped by briefly to look at the huge skating rink (HUGE). Hmm....heyyyy that's Mount Everest right there! *hehee know-it-all!* Actually, this mall is beginning to remind me of the big mall in Hong Kong located at Kowloon Tong (Festival Walk).

So we just walked around the area a few times, went into SM (at SM, we've got it all for you.. hehe), then went toward the IMAX theater. There were also a few more shops on that side, but the corridors were no longer a/c'd. And today was a hot day. Incidentally, I think baghag JY saw me there *and didn't say hi! aww boo :-( *. I was mommy *cough* chic today, as in, real mom *sans nanny* (meaning, no makeup, hair pulled back hastily, and my Longchamp bag on my shoulder while my shirt gets pulled off by the weight. In other words, I looked like I was a victim of Typhoon Caloy, and I wasn't even anywhere near the cities that were hit by the typhoon. So there. You can now paint a very grim mental pic of me-- plus, I wore the uber ugly Crocs *haha*). That area with no a/c though, led out to this "auditorium" (noooo this isn't the Imax theater, silly *hehe*)-- you can get first class tickets to see the sun set. Awww how romantic :D *wink*

This Mall of Asia is indeed huge, but there are still so many spaces for letting. (By the way, for the boys-- there is a huge Astrovision, and 3 speciality bookstores-- one of which will soon open) So I guess it would be nice to come back in a few months' time, when all spaces are already leased out to interesting establishments.

Food though, is one thing this place has an abundance of. For instance, my favorite favorite place to eat, is Pho Hoa, and wooha, they have Pho Hoa! Another place which serves my fave Coffee bun is open, Kopi Roti (Quick holler to SharT-- is this kopi place yours?? *woohooo*)

We didn't realize the time when we left the place-- it was already almost 7pm, and we had spent almost 3 hours-- and bought NOTHING (except food haha) :D *someone please be very proud of me*

Tsk speaking of food, I need to lose weight. I have been eating nonstop (my daily salty fix!) and I have gotten so bloated that it's no longer funny. I can't fit into my clothes. But I now have a reason to lose the weight and stop the binge--

FREELOADER ALERT: Baghag MT of Naga sent me THESE! I swear, this lady is feeding my freeloading frenzy! I not only got these two cool tanktops (on top of the pink tanktop she already gave me in the past which I loooove to wear), I also got awww these cute things! One is a bronze coinpurse and the other is a pewter leather phonepouch much like the poire! And well, you don't see the other item she sent me because, well, I have sorta... started eating it.. Choco Macadamia!!! Lady, you are getting me into trouble here, how can I wear the tanks you got me if you expect me to devour the whole boxful of chocolates??? *bawl* :-D I love em though, Thank YOU!!

Anyway, that sure as heck made my day!! I am shallow, remember? And when hags show their thoughtfulness, it really makes me all mushy inside. And here I thought you hated me, hated my shallowness, my pathetic obsession, my nonstop blabbermouthing. Tsk, turns out, "You like me, you really, really like me!" (channeling Sally Fields when she accepted her Best Actress Oscar for the 2nd year in a row) :D *Oh Puke! Here we go again, feeling celeb!*

BRAG-A-BAG ALERT! Before this hag signs off, I'd like to finally post the newest addition to MBS' family, her LV Damier Speedy 30 (and yes she is the FIRST hag to get it in LV Greenbelt too!!) Love the bag girl, thanks for taking that photo in the boutique (now people will really know that LV bags do have plastic + cardboard on their handles!!) :D Love love love the bag! And can you imagine, you can use it everydayyy without worrying about a patina?!! TSK! Winner!!

Night hags!!! Sweet dreams! Meanwhile it's time for me to get some shuteye too. I might be surprising you guys with an outta this world post over the weekend. Again :) *keep fingers crossed!* (woohoo the anticipation is enough to make me sweat buckets *muwahaha eewww*)