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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Your Freeloading Hag with the Latest Bag Photos!


(Not!! HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!) Like right, I have THAT kind of good luck to win me an IT bag. *Snort* I didn't even join the dratted contest because I was too lazy to fill out whatever forms. (Come to think of it, I COULD HAVE won a bag today IF I had filled out the form! Hmm lemme go check the form out again...) I'd love to have a free bag.... :) *who wouldn't?*

Freeloading BagHag Alert!!!
Who loves freebies?? Anyone who denies liking freebies, is a total liar.

Bragging hag biatch in 3..2.. I got free stuff in the mail today-- imported from the talented Architect MT, bag hag of Naga :) She went to Retail Heaven of Asia, Hong Kong last week (and she apparenty also saw baghag DOP at Disneyland. A-ha! Secret Bag hag meeting eh? *hehe*) and had brought home 2 BRAND magazines, and a reallly nice pink tank top :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been ogling at the bags in the magazine since I opened it. I am not selfish. I will share the best pages with you in a bit :D (But hey check out the cover-- why, it's an LV Monogram perforated Speedy in Green!!! :D)

I met up with MBS today at Starbucks. She showed me the ittybitty teenyweeny Havaianas she bought for her 11 month old daughter (who just looves to smile for the camera) :) See, I tell you, I've never owned a pair of Havaianas. I should really look into owning a pair, especially if I am heading to the beach in a few months! (Imagine I'd be the only one wearing rubber ballet flats at the sandy shores of Bora *muwahaha fashion-victim in-waiting!!) The slippers were soooo tinyyyy!!!! :) I wish I can just string them and use them as a keychain ;) hehe

Freeloading bag hag alert twice over today!! Lookie what MBS gave me! Murad Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy SPF15. I looove the taste! And more importantly, MBS surely knows this bag hag! I am a Murad lady! (Although I have yet to see the results on my face. Bah, putting on the most expensive creams and treatments on my face won't make me look any better. I have already accepted the fate of my face= age spotty, wrinkly, dark circles under eyes *NATURAL and NOT over the eyes... snicker!!*) I love this lip thingie. It's definitely going with me on my upcoming bag rehab trip away from bag civilization!!

Ok now let me share the contents of the magazine that MT bought for me:

LOUIS VUITTON!!! Here it is, the green denim. (looks much like the regular blue jean) It is NOT a myth. Also check out the fuchsia (pink) denim pleaty at the bottom left. Then there are the velvet bags as well as the patchwork bucket with exotics, and the scarf- print bag. That pink quilted denim bag at the top right corner is pretty darn expensive. I vaguely recalled asking for the price of this bag and it was something like Php 203,000/ approx US$3900+. Don't quote me but I just vaguely recall the price to be somewhere in that area.

CELINE. I like the Clandestine series (apparently not just one is called Clandestine... unless of course someone can verify that. We have no Celine boutique here) I sooo like that yellow one. *sniff* I miss my yellow Boogie :( But I just am more than satisfied to know that "she" is being taken cared of !

FENDI. Aaaaahhhhh!!! The B. Fendi bag which has been slated as the upcoming "IT" bag. Already seen on Lindsay Lohan, this whimsical take on the big buckles is the one visible element on an otherwise plainjaney bag. I want one in patent blue with white linen/canvas combo. Thanks to KO, I can almost smell the bag :)

CHANEL's Luxury Line is gonna be hot, especially that bottom right bag-- the flap bag with the huge stitched logo on metallic silver lambskin leather. I can't even ask for the price without gasping. But it is, unquestionably gorgeous. Speaking of which, jetsetting bag hag GZ is in Singapore now and has just told me that she got herself a black Chanel lambskin 2.55 !! Lucky lucky!!!

DIOR. Frankly, I'm not big on the Dior Gaucho bag (the brown bag figured prominently on the page). I'm not really into this western thing. But the price of this bag is apparently much more than a YSL Muse, as GZ told me. If I were given a choice, I'd take the Dior Gaucho in white and not in any other dark color. But then that would negate the "old cowboy" ghost-towny feel. But hey, I'm all for counterpointing :) I wouldn't actually mind owning the Detective bag (bottom middle bag) over the Gaucho though. I like more "lady like" bags *cough aka matronic*.

Oh and here's a happy conclusion. I was reading the rest of the mag and this part struck me. Year 2005-- year of the bags (and bag hags). Number 1 bag to own: Balenciaga Motorcycle City (and in APPLE GREEN!!!!); 2. is the LV Manhattan (geez I have this bag and I have not taken it out for a ride in a long time... Time to do it); 3. LV cerises bag (this one featured is limited edition with lizard trims); 4. Bottega Cabas Shopper (oh God I'm reminded of the anthracite cabas bag in Bottega Greenbelt4 for Php 200,000/ approx US$3,850++; 5. Dior Detective bag. I saw this bag at Neiman-- in brown croc, for US$18,000 *shock shock* but wouldn't it have been soooo nice to own one?? :)

P.S. For Bag Hags in Manila only: Prada already has its latest collection on display at Greenbelt 4. (Wow I get this personal text message with my name along with the reminder to go check out the new stuff... hehe cool! *feeling VIP again!! UGH!* Anyway, if you are in the area this weekend, go check the new collection out :D

P.P.S. For Bag Hag- Foodies in Manila only: Dear Hubby (DH) and I went to dinner at the Little Tokyo area (Pasong Tamo corner Makati Cinema Square) at this place called Izakawa Kikufuji. Such a yummy yummy place to eat. You must try their Maguro Daikon Salad, fresh sashimi, Agedashi tofu or the Hiyayako (just as good), as well as the monkfish liver and grilled fishes (they melt in your mouth!!). I had a bento box-- a bit of everything. Very filling. Anyway, the place was packed with a lot of Japanese. You know the restaurant is good when majority of the diners are Japanese :)

Have a Happy Weekend ahead!! Bag Hag Berry-O's baby celebrates the 1st birthday this Sunday. Happy B-day and See ya, baby!! :D

OooOh.... It's the beginning of Fashion Week in Manila next Monday!!!