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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yet another tribute to GOYARD *heart heart*

Guess what. I went to a bridal shower at Furusato in Roxas Blvd tonight (food's still good!). The last unmarried chick among my old group of friends (by old, I don't mean age... hehe mantra: I am NOT old *yet cough cough choke*) is getting married in a week and a half's time. My mind was boggled because I did not know what to get her. And DP and I had a serious laugh about this. Hmmm... I worked for a Weddings magazine for what, 4 years, and now I can't even figure out what to give my friend on her hen party?? Tsk tsk, the bag hag is losing it eh? After much contemplation, I ended up getting her some kinky bottoms *giggle I used the word Kinky here! hehehee*

Hooh!! I can't remember how much fun it was to talk about girl stuff. You know, about guys, about s-e-x (a once taboo subject, now open for the rest of our married friends to talk about and dissect to shards! Oh boys, if you were only flies on our wall, you'd all be aghast and flabbergasted hahaha). It was too hilarious :D *Psst, DH, I hope you aren't reading this post and getting any ideas. I vowed not to talk about what we gals talked about *raspberry* *

Anyway, I am relatively tired now-- too full: of food, and of gas (from all that laughter). So I figured the perfect way to wind down on a perfectly fun night, is to check my emails (what a loser. I get excited reading my mail!). Oh and of course also to check out what the online stores have to offer a brokeback hag like me. (Basically they have everything to offer a once- ideal sucker- consumer like me. BUT tonight, Nada. Not for a poor hag. And I can only droool in despair *bawl*)

Ooooh by the way, baghag from NJ, KO said our B Fendi bags (patent blue leather + linen) have arrived !!! *shock* Now can anyone loan me a couple a thousand bucks to pay for the bag?? *do I need to crawl and beg???* (psst, quick holler out to our ultimate bag hag Bryanboy BB who already has the B FENDI BAG!!! woooohooooo!!!!)

Brag-a-bag Alert: BagHag AA just came back from Hong Kong and brought home TWO GOYARD BAGS!!! *Girl you do me proud!!!* She bought an orange St. Louis PM and a black Fidji hobo. My opinion? TWO THUMBS UP!!! Both bags will be sooo useful and perfect for toting everyday. And you are about to discover that the bags pack soo light and yet can fit a TON of stuff :D Congratulations BagHag!!! xo

Here I go again, back on another Goyard preaching spree. I can't help it. Like I said, the brand is a classic. Featured recently as well at Harper's Bazaar, I just know this brand is slowly infiltrating the systems of the bagloving hags of the world. It won't be some trend. Like its counterpart (Louis Vuitton), Goyard will be a classic. That said, let me introduce the styles. The popular ones :D Mrs. T's must haves :)

Fidji Hobo: This bag can just about fit anything. When I was on my trip (Egypt and Turkey *yeah yeah ok I bragged again. I'm a bragging freeloader! Snicker*), the bag fit the following: 2 water bottles, my Stella mcCartney for Addidas jacket, my wallet, two passports, a magazine, and a pashmina! And the bag didn't break. The shoulder strap is still intact, no loose thread. I love, love this bag. it's really perfect for travel. Price: US$ 1,145.00

St. Louis PM: This is the perfect size for a shopping tote/ diaper bag. I used mine as a diaper bag back when I was in the U.S. with my two kids, and it held up so well. Ask my fellow baghag cum hot mama MBS who has this bag in red. I swear hags, those who have this bag, SHOULD think twice about reselling the bag. Remember, Goyard is poised to become the next LV. They are getting more and more exposure in fashion mags. Slowly but surely. Besides, Debra Messing also has this exact same tote. Local celeb seen with this bag: Gaita Fores (owner of restaurants Cibo, Pepato, Cafe Bola) Price: US$ 785.00

Croisiere 35: The bag that the following celebs have-- Daph P., Bryanboy, Jessica Simpson, designer Behnaz Serafpour. I too, succumbed to the beauty of this bag. Looks like LV's Speedy (Pandora's bag!). The handles are fastened to the buckles on the body of the bag, so it's not as harsh as an LV Speedy when it comes time to change the handle (if even there is a need to change the handle!! The handles don't even turn dark/ patina). I can't bring myself to use my white croisiere yet. I think I'd like to stare at it a bit more :D *hog hog here I go again* Price: US$ 1,690.00

Mini Croisiere: This bag is sooo cute, the baby of the Croisiere 35. Quite pricey for a small bag, but hey, if you are a Serious bag hag, get a croisiere 35 and get a small one for your daughter (if you have one) :D *excess excess, as BB always said, is not such a bad thing! (wink)* Priced at US$ 1,200.00

Jeanne PM
: This Bugatti shaped bag is quite small, but also becoming popular to Goyard afficionados. I personally prefer the larger version but it is a tad too big. The PM featured here is just right, but again, if you are a pack rat (like I am), go with the Croisiere 35 if you don't have that style yet. You can exhaust using the Croisiere 35 first. Then opt to buy this bag as a second piece :) Price: US$ 1165.00

What I love the most about Goyard bags, is the choice of colors available. Indigo (dark blue), powder (light blue), orange, yellow, white, black-black, black-tan, green, red, pink (more maroonish). And what's more, you can customize the bags too. Put a stripe of your choice, a crown perhaps, and your monograms! *Hmmm can Goyard now hire me to be their publicist? hehe* (Monograms and stripes are US$ 150 and crowns US$ 100 if my memory serves me right! The bags have to be taken to Paris for the customization and will take awhile to get done-- I had to wait 4 months for mine. Blah. I had no EQ but I had no choice! Now that wait is sooo worth it!!!)

By the way, monograms are so cool to have for your bags. LV has had their monogramming on luggage tags, and more recently, YSL has taken on this same practice by having monograms available for their white muse bag, as mentioned by baghag PazT

So hags, go forth, save money for a Goyard bag, and do what baghag AA did. Buy not one, but two :) Nighty!!

P.S. Greetings to New mama FS, who is all the way up north, recuperating from the recent birth of her twin girls :) *more bag hags- in- waiting!! WOOHOO!!! The Bag community rejoices in your new addition :)*

P.P.S. I have already begun allowing comments to be posted-- please do feel free to leave a post relating to the topic at hand :D


Blogger rc426 said...

hi ings!
welcome back. just got my own orange goyard e/w tote w/ zip & frnt pk. i love it! thanks for introducing this to me.

11:35 PM  
Blogger paz said...

hi Ms. Tresor, is the fidji hobo a pretty decent shoulder bag? or is the strap not long enough to carry it on the shoulders?

i desperately need a light shoulder bag!

12:18 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Your love for Goyard has certainly rubbed off on a lot of us. Goyard should hire you!!! :D

I find the St. Louis PM a bit big for everyday. Have you seen the St. Louis Jr. tote in person? What do you think of its size?


3:03 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

angela: I would never continue to profess my love for a bag brand unless I really really love it. You know I'm such a designer slut (love all loyal to none :D) But I have to say I found my true bag in Goyard. The St Louis PM is not too big at all. Know what, you can fold in the two sides (edges) of the bag to make it smaller! The St.Louis Jr. Tote is rather small, looks more like the kind of bag you'd use to go to the mall. But then again, the Stlouis PM works better-- you can stuff your purchases into the bag!! :) GOod luck! If you are about 5'3" up, you are ok to carry the PM. if you are relatively petite and you're not a packrat (like I am), the junior tote might do. :) Hope that helps!!

10:11 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

paz: Go with the fidji hobo! You will love it. I promise that. And it packs a ton! :)

rc426: congratulations!! Another Goyard hag is born :)

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goyard rocks- this is a bag that will endure trends, the material is functional and lightweight.
But to my dismay, it looks like the counterfeit criminals have made their way on to ebay here in the States.
Just look at this - THE SHAME! BIG EWWWWWWWW!


10:53 AM  
Anonymous bien said...

ok...i'm planning on getting my girlfriend a Croisiere on my next "forced" trip to HK 2 weeks from now. "forced", since the only reason i'm going is to carry my mom's and my 3 sisters' shopping bags all around the city! jeez...but on a serious (and actually quite embarassing note...), how do you pronounce "Croisiere" anyway? don't wanna ask my sisters...they're never going to let me hear the end of it. and by the way, where's Goyard located in HK? i'd appreciate the help...thanks.

12:58 AM  

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