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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

YDG Fashion Week Show + A possible one for the road?? *HELP!*

I confess. I am a slave to this blog. Literally. I shake if I don't post right away. Fear that the info inside my hard coconut shell of a head would rot fast if I didn't post ASAP. *sigh* I am a loser. L-O-S-E-R.
Ok wait. Hold that thought about me being a loser for now.

I have to tell you where I was tonight. So I did manage to get into the NBC Tent tonight for the Fashion Week show (how? face value!! *ahem nooo, not mine! Geez, like I have any face value?!* I got in because Daph brought me along :D *muwahaha friends in high places alert hehe*)--- it's fashion week and the Young Avant Garde Collections by designers Joey Samson, Louis Claparols, Patty Eustaquio, Yvonne Quisumbing Romulo (YQR), Reian Mata, Mel Vergel De Dios, John Herrera, Brian Leyva, Mitzi Quilendrino, Dong Omaga Diaz, LZ Punzalan, Ciara Marasigan, and James Reyes were all presented.

Two things I like about fashion shows: 1. Ogle at possibly nice clothes, 2. Ogle at bags that women who attend carry. But here's one thing you don't know about me and fashion shows: 1. I never really get invited because I'm so tasteless and perennially unfashionable. *snicker oh how true*

I don't have the goods like my second cousin Gayle O. (I can't even believe I am related to this model. And don't you laugh! We are related-- by blood!!! *brag brag*) Well, unfortunate for her (I am such a liability), she is related to me. Again, I may not have the goods, but hell babe, I have bragging rights!!! *muwahahaha*

We sat in the Media section, DP and I. Well, DP has every right to be in the media section. She is, after all, the host of ANC Life :) (watch it on Sundays!!) But me? Well, I am grossly displaced. I "was" part of the press, but now, I'm just "pressed" to become part of the press. *Snicker* Good thing no one was bold enough to kick my big bootie out of that section-- my "press" pass was my Hermes Croc Kelly. And even that bag would not have saved my arse if I were asked to move. I can only wish it was my meal ticket (everywhere!).

Here are some bits of the collections (not all came out clear on my cam!!!). But don't ask me who made them if the designer's name is not indicated. It means, I don't know-- I already got so confused, one hand fidgeting with my camera (which was not focusing well on moving objects *err people*, while both eyes were checking out the names of the designers onscreen as their collections were unveiled. (Sigh, that's why I'm just a trying-hard-fashionista-wannabe... sigh, I am such an embarrassment to my peers for not knowing who made what-- err wait... I have peers?!)

Brian Leyva
-- I love the dresses. Especially this one. Check out the back.
Look at all that black (John Herrera I think! *uh oh I hope I'm not getting confused yet*). Literally head to toe. (Gulp, are we THAT far from the ramp??? )There was also this one dress from this same collection that had the longest imaginable sleeves (this gives new meaning to the words "long- sleeved"). It reminded me somewhat of another dress I saw on some European runway-- Alexander McQueen is it?? Fashionistas-- help on this association with the long sleeved dress please.

On another collection (James Reyes, I believe), I am loving the detail cinched waist with covered side buttons on this dress. (I can imagine myself wearing this dress and carrying a fire engine red B.Fendi patent bag!)

Ciara Marasigan
owns an accessories line called Ciara Creates. Tonight, she cleverly uses black jersey dresses as the canvas to showcase her colorful creations.
Of course, there was also this super colorful collection, which juxtaposed nicely against the somber tones of the past designers' clothes.
And certainly not to be missed is Joey Samson's collection (Joey is in an all- white shirt), which was opened by supermodel Jo Ann Bitagcol. The clothes were all very nice, and those orange tags were sooo "flight" and ala Dior.

Louis Claparols had his gowns as well, and brought along poodle Marni (Louis C. and Bobby C. named their store Marni's Room *which has designer vintage clothing as well as new clothes off the rack* after this pawpal)

Anyway wait, what's with these shoes?? I couldn't tell if they were created out of paper or not :) Pretty funky eh? (in an odd sorta way)

And oooh look, there were bags at the show! :) They are made of some leaf weaving material-- ahem, the Philippines' version of a Bottega Veneta's leather intrecciato. And I baptized them as "Banig-nga-ang Bag-a" (hehehe phonetics-- reads out like "Bottega Veneta") *teehee weevil*

So the show ends, everyone gets up, and I get inspired to call out people I know (or vaguely) and go "You've been hagged!!" :D And so, here are the photos!

Of course, Daph P. as the red hot mama- to- be x2 (with her little baghag in-waiting-in-the-belly) and her Goyard and her Tartan scottie Poire phone case :D *woowoo* (Pssst, check out that little brown thing peeking from the bottom left side-- that's my Hermes Croc Kelly, my meal ticket! *woohoo!*)

Loungeri Lux designer Celine L.
wearing Pucci with her super nice Fendi gold python Spy and her *gasp* Graff yellow diamond ring ! *bling bling, oooh my eyes!!*

(Proudly Philippine made!) Bags designer Amina A. in yellow, carrying her Aranaz bag (natch!)

Former Lifestyle Asia Managing Editor- turned- entrepreneur (Owner of Fibre *Nullah Bldg at Jupiter Street*-- this is THE place to shop for clothes made by the very talented YDG-- Proudly Philippine Made as well!!) Vicky DL. and her black leather Prada with chartreuse leather strap. She made me guess the brand of the bag, and guess what, Your bag hag guessed it right!!!! *Woohoo come on guys, clap your hands!! The bag had no logo for me to figure out it was a Prada!*

Marge D., (who happens to be sis of Vicky DL.) co-owner of Fibre, with one of the hot designers, Ivar Aseron (his clothes are also stocked at Fibre and he also designs a line called Vado at Crossings' The Ramp). Marge carries a Gucci bag.

Preview Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Pauline S. looking svelte in her beautiful Yvonne Quisumbing- Romulo (YQR) pina top with a back tie.

The uber stylish Rorie C., Marie Claire Magazine's Fashion Editor carrying her Chanel bag, together with Preview Magazine Fashion Editor Liz Uy who carried her yummy Louis Vuitton monogram mini Mary Kate tote.

Fashionable mom and wife of Kim Atienza, Feli A., with her friend and talented graphic designer
Traci A-D.
who was slinging her Chanel bag :)

Young designer and Pinoy Big Brother (evicted?) housemate Mich D. carrying a Chanel clutch.

K Magazine (Kris Aquino's mag) Editor-in-Chief Jane K. staying cool in her shorts and her new Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy! (I'm telling you, the Speedy... the Pandora's bag!!! *wink wink!!* Once you start, you'll never stop :D )

And finally, I just had to post Firma's Chito V. and Ricky T. -- Firma is not your average garden variety boutique. This is a special boutique that stocks on jewelry designers like WynnWynn Ong (Naga), Rica Taneda, and Jenny Dizon among others. Chito and Ricky also own Chi Chi Rico at Market!Market! and Felicity (which stocks Bea Valdes' Voguette bejewelled bag that costs Php 100K!) at Shangrila Mall Edsa :)

Ok it's time for this little hag to sleep.

Brag a Bag:

1. Oh I have to share this cutesie photo of baghag KV's daughter who graduated today :) *woohoo another bag hag in waiting!!* Check her bag out!! It's a white LV Multicolore Murakami Pochette. Tsk tsk mommy KV, ya startin' her young eh? *wink!*

2. Bag hag PG whom I ran into in Alabang has a really nice LV Damier Alma and her blue Kate Spade which she got at such a bargain at Tutto Moda.

That's all for tonight. I really need some shut-eye. My sleeping schedule is sooo warped :(

P.S. I was at Rockwell earlier this afternoon for two meetings and I chanced upon this S.Ferragamo silvery-gold (tsk. Metallic!) Gancini (err.. I think it is Gancini) with wooden link chains bag. Now, I had previously sworn off Ferragamo bags, but oh mah Gawd this bag is calling out to me, waiting for me to adopt!! But how can I adopt this bag if the price tag is a hefty Php 78.5k / approx US$1500+ ??? *sigh* A few more days and I am off to retail rehab. Some exotic land far, far away. When I'm already there and if I still come up with a credit card bill big enough to make me swallow my own tongue, well, I really, truly, will rest my case. I will mount a placard on top of my head that says "Incorrigible Bag Addict with Impulsive Spending Plague (ISP-- NOT to be mistaken with ESP please). Stay Away." Going back to that Ferragamo bag... Hmm... One for the road? :o *snicker muwahaha*

Sigh, I seriously hope that bag will NOT be in my hands before I head out for my trip! Mantra: I am not a bag addict. I have self control.... *gulp* No. I have to be good. Am in line for the Pink denim LV ?? Sigh.. *cough* label whore!!! Hehehe...

Nighty hags!!