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Thursday, April 27, 2006

What celebs are carrying! (from E! Online)

Thought that I might republish this and show the hags what the celebs are currently carrying :)

Bag Ladies

Jessica Alba Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to go shopping. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan are snatching up the latest must-have--a fabulous handbag.

Got the bucks? Then get one of these celbrity faves!

Jimmy Choo: A favorite accessory of Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Lindsay Lohan, the Ramona is available in calf leather ($1,850) as well as crocodile ($11,000)

This pricey purse graces the arms of Diane Kruger and Jessica Simpson ($1700-1800)

Mulberry Ayler: Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett own this woven bucket bag (approximately $1200)

Dior: The Gaucho is hot and trendy, just like its owners--Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Mischa Barton ($1410-$1995)

Chloe: Last season, it was all about the Chloe Paddington bag, and now Chloe lovers Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst are clamoring for the Silverado, the latest addition to the designer's handbag line ($1740)

Yves Saint Laurent:

Kate Moss, Demi Moore and Madonna all love the Muse; it's definitely a must-have for spring ($1295)

Fendi: Lindsay Lohan has a B bag in every color! (up to $5,190)

Marc Jacobs: While Jessica Simpson totes around the full-size Brigette bag, Nicole Richie opted for the smaller version ($1350)

Chanel: Lindsay Lohan counts the quilted tote as a part of her collection! ($1275)

Devi Kroell: Constructed out of real python skin, this swanky handbag is loved by Jessica Simpson, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson ($2280)

Don't have the big bucks? Here are similar looks for less!

Mio: Similar to the Chloe Silverado, this purse has tons of pockets that are perfect for stashing your Blackberry, cell and more ($530)

Banana Republic: Kempton, a small shoulder bag, is similar to the Mulberry ($128)

Intuition: This inexpensive option designed by the chic Los Angeles boutique Intuition looks just like the Marc Jacobs Brigette bag ($45)

Banana Republic: The Tangiers collection offers a great replica of Lindsay Lohan's Chanel bag that's affordable and comes in tons of different sizes (small hobo, $98; small triangle, $178; large tote, $198)

Alexis Hudson: Eva Longoria slings this Eclipse purse over her shoulder, and it looks just like the Devi Kroell bag ($375)

Sola Fashions: This fun handbag has a light inside that glows when you open it up to search for your lipstick in a dark club! Both Cameron Diaz and Fergie tote around this bag on their nights out! (Prices start at $200)

Luella Bartley for Target: These bags are decorated with skulls--which is very in style! ($29.99-$34.99)

Shelly Caudill: This eco-friendly option is made from natural resources but looks similar to the hot Fendi Spy bag ($500)

P.S. Speaking of Fendi Spy-- there is a mini Spy available at Rustan's right now-- a dark brown with fendi monogram combination, for Php 59,500.

P.P.S. Speaking of Rustan's, I was at the Sisley tea event this afternoon (no, I was not invited, I gatecrashed haha! Seriously though, I was invited by the fashionable Tita FrannieJ. when she ran into my mom and I. So it was sort of an impromptu attendance. Check it out, products such as the fragrance had the crown logo :) Sisley also had these makeup demos as well as a private sale of some products such as the tinted moisturizer (which was 50% off!!), and other products like the Anti- Age moisturizer which cost like, umm... Php 15,000+ (yikes). Came with a free bag. Hehe my dear mom ended up getting persuaded, and bought one. And yay, I get to keep the tweed pouch :D Neato. If she chooses not to use that moisturizer, I will ask for it haha.

*Some photos taken from barneys.com, eluxury.com, and bergdorfgoodman.com

That's all for tonight folks. Nitey :) I can't believe it. Not spending a single cent, and getting a nice tweed pouch :) *freeloading as always!!*


Anonymous JP said...

methinnks eOnline totally got the Chloe bit wrong... didn't the Silverado come out a couple of years before the Paddington? JP

2:38 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

JP: I hear you on that-- i also thought e online made a mistake about the chloe silverado. personally i never liked that bag :D

3:15 PM  

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