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Saturday, April 08, 2006

TRAVELBLOG: The PYRAMIDS *No words can do justice to these magnificent edifices*

Today was spent at Memphis (yeah like the King's homeland-- King Elvis hehe), Sakara, and Giza.

At Memphis, we saw a huge statue of Ramesses II as well as a small statue of a sphinx (not the real mama sphinx).

The highlight though of today, was the Pyramids. We went first to the Step Pyramids, and went below King Titi's tomb (hehehe I know, funny name!!) before heading over to the Pyramids at Giza.

I can tell you this-- Pyramids at Giza are AMAZING. Breathtaking sight to see. I know I will never see anything so beautiful. Built by King Cheops in 2600 BC, 4th dynasty, the first pyramid stands 146 metres high (HOLY CRAP!). King Cheops' son, Chephrin's pyramid (which is beside Cheops') stands shorter at 143m.

And the last, the grandson of King Cheops' pyramid only stood at 66m. Nevertheless, all three pyramids are spectacular and HUGE.
Then of course the pyramid tour would not have been complete without seeing the Sphinx! Too bad that the Sphinx had these scaffoldings (apparently it is undergoing some reworking)

I know these pictures don't do these magnificent edifices any justice at all. I wish there was a way for you to see the true beauty and majesty of these pyramids... Sigh... the engineering of these buildings are amazing. I can only wonder if we, (mankind) have moved forward and improved, or stepped backward and regressed. I don't think there is any other way to replicate these pyramids. Apparently 100,000 workers worked on the first pyramid, and I was told it took almost 25 years to build it!! No, the workers by the way, were NOT slaves. These people worked for the King-- because the King was supposed to be the Supreme being, treated like a god.

After the pyramids, we went to a perfumerie where they had all these yummy scents (essences) that cost like US$20 per bottle (but they don't contain any alcohol like the commercial perfumes do), as well as a carpet school (hehe, they train 8 year olds to make these awesome silk carpets that cost like US$200 for a VERY small piece *size of a table placemat!!*)

Anyway after the whole tourist trap places we went to, we were back at Giza, to watch the Lights and sound show at the Pyramids. It was there that I was able to take in everything. The majesty and the grandeur of it all-- LOOK AT THAT!!!!

How lavish a lifestyle these kings lived, and how much more they prepared for their after-life.

Much more to blog about, but I am just giving you highlights now because tomorrow we head off to Alexandria and we have to leave at 7AM!!!!!! It's almost 9pm now, and we have just gotten back to our hotel, and need to eat dinner! I promise better photos when I get back to Manila.

ENJOY the photos I hope. Sorry, no BAG today!!! There were some bags being sold at the carpet school though :)
but hehehe I wasn't THAT desperate YET!!


P.S. I might not be able to post tomorrow. But check nevertheless :)