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Friday, April 14, 2006


The past two days were spent in Luxor, Egypt, where we visited Karnak Temple,

Luxor Temple,

Valley of the Kings and Queens, as well as the local museums (mummification museum and Luxor museum), the local tourist trap bazaar (souq) which had tons of silver stuff (I got dizzy looking at them!!), and an alabaster factory. We stayed by the way, at Sonesta St. George hotel.
Had the view of the Nile River once more. There was no internet there though (provincial), but the place was again, not a disappointment. We had some free time to even set sail on one of the sailboats called faluka (sp?).

Oh and one of the other highlights of the trip was that we got to see how a cartouche (it's like a hieroglyphic ID name plate)
gets done.
(By the way, doesn't this silversmith remind you of an italian actor?? The guy who played the part of an Italian police officer for Silence of the Lambs 2. He was the one who got killed by Anthony Hopkins and hung outside the Uffize at Florence *hehee vivid memory of the movie*)

Anyway I will post more about Luxor when I come back to Manila. Tonight, we are finally in Istanbul, staying at the Conrad hotel with this view ☺

Conrad is a pretty huge upgrade from Luxor’s Sonesta St. George (although I love the quaintness that St.George had to offer, plus the food and service was excellent!). This afternoon was free for us to roam around the city, so I took advantage of the recommendation that Ruffa G-B. had emailed me—(retail rehab over!!!) we all hopped over to the Akmerkez Mall, where there was this one store that would be shopper’s almost-paradise in my vocab (it wasn’t paradise because the two bags I wanted were not available). Club Beymen is like Mix in greenbelt3. On a larger scale, it’s like the Lane Crawford of Istanbul.
Brands like D&G, Balenciaga, YSL, Fendi, Mulberry, Bottega venetta, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander, Francesco Biasia, Furla, as well as Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Giuseppe Zanotti, Prada, MiuMiu, Dior, are stocked.

Too bad though this store didn’t have the YSL Maia (YSL birkin)!!! They also didn’t have a Fendi Spy (!!!), BUT they had a rose Balenciaga bag (the new motorcycle)

as well as an Indigo Box Balenciaga bag. If you’re asking me about a purchase, let me tell you this—well, I got a pair of slippers ☺ Don’t worry, I’ll post my mini loot when I get back to the Philippines.

9pm came & we were still at the mall (store by store!! Hehee we went into retail rehab so we are making up for lost time). Ruffa GB had suggested for us to dine at Paper Moon.
This was perfect since we were just right beside the restaurant. We got in without a reservation (practically a miracle because the place was just PACKED!!!). And the people who dined there were in their nice cars—Mercedes Benz, Ferrari.. *cough wow rich… unlike us rich wannabes hahaha* And need I say more about the women?

I saw the following bags:
1. Louis Vuitton Cabas Globe trotter
2. Louis Vuitton Denim Neo Speedy
3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30
4. Chanel cream bowler bag (luxury line)
5. Chanel caviar medium 2.55 quilt classic bag
6. Chloe Paddington

I had insalata caprese, saffron risotto (which I forgot to take photos of because DH split his pasta with me and my plate was no longer pretty!!), and for dessert, panna cotta with raspberry sauce.

YUMMY. But ey, the prices are not for the faint hearted *wallet, watch out!*

Anyway we are now back at the hotel. I will keep this post short again so I can enjoy our view before we head to sleep. Tomorrow wake up time is at 8am (I swear I think I have become a convert—can you believe I actually wake up at 7am???? IN TIME FOR BREAKFAST?? – Those who know me, KNOW I DO NOT take breakfast. Well I do now. Perhaps the retail rehab is doing me some good? Hmmm…. :D )

Night peeps!!!

P.S. IM BAAAACK!! :) (Dont you just want to slap me for being soooo damn annoying??? :D)
P.P.S. I miss Egypt already! It is today that we all realized how CHEAP things were at Egypt!! *kick myself in the head*


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