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Friday, April 07, 2006

TRAVELBLOG: Bag Hag in CAIRO- Egyptian Museum + Nile River Cruise

YAY!! I now have control (somewhat) of my sis-in-law’s MAC. So I was able to begin uploading photos from my cam to this Mac! By the way, I really highly recommend Emirates airlines. We flew business class and the service was excellent. This was by the way, our first time to take Emirates. We all slept like a log. Oh and here, I used my Coco and Tres hobo (by Sapato Manila). In case you have forgotten what the bag looks like--
It’s a great schlepping travel bag, but I also noticed that the lining on the bag was much smaller than the bag exterior itself—the bag would have been perfect if the lining was made to fit the size of the bag. Nevertheless, it was a great bag to use for travel. (Check out how fat my bag is!!!)

Although we were not really able to go outside the airport, it was fun nevertheless. The Dubai airport is very interesting. It is made to look like an oasis of some sort—check out the palm trees!!
Anyway, you need to go to Dubai sometime soon—I have seen photos of their resorts and it’s beautiful!!! Alas, it was only the airport for me. I ended up strolling along their airport stripshops which were not really much.
BUT— I managed to find something to buy. STILL. I am telling you hags, I am already going through retail withdrawal. Couldn’t resist. HAD to buy something. Egypt won’t have much to get other than really interesting souvenirs (which is just as good, but no designer hehe… Can’t really satisfy a label whore now, can it?)

Here was where I ended up buying something.
You can take your guess if you like. I don’t plan to tell until I get back from Manila. Hint: It's one of the cheapest things that Hermes sells at Duty Free Shops.
Bottom line is, it’s NOT a bag nor is it a bracelet (although the ones pictured are all SOOOO nice_!! There are also some Longchamp bags available.
But nothing that would really light your designer desire fire.

There were also these sheshas (for tobacco smokers I believe).
Super interesting and tempting to get. But what on earth will I do with them, aside from put them on display somewhere in my house? :D

We flew out of Dubai after 4 hours in Dubai and landed in Cairo, Egypt another 4 hours later. The airport was a far cry from Dubai just hours ago. We had a meet-and-greet with our local travel agent (this is soo cool, the 6 of us family members were all that was for this ”tour group”. I love traveling with my family!! Talk about feeling VIP! As if we can afford to act like VIP- hello, freeloading couple DH and I, have no right to act VIP. I am just a pauper acting like a rich biatch hag!!) Did you know by the way that 70% of Egyptians are Muslims? This city has very nice mosques too!

Arriving at our super nice hotel (Grand Hyatt) which was located by the Nile River (with the view of the Cairo tower from the lobby), we checked out our rooms (WOOHOO we have a view of the Nile River!!!)

And we also have a nice bathroom! :) Ahh the little things that make me happy Hehehe... before we headed off to see the Egyptian Museum.
Too bad we couldn’t bring the camera inside the museum, but this was what I saw (highlights): Ramesses II’s Mummified Body (!!!!)—He is “supposedly” the pharaoh at the time of Moses (Red sea parting, Nile river turned into blood). The pharaoh had blond hair!!! It was just SO AMAZING to see a few other mummies—real ones : King Tutemosis I-IV. Note that these bodies have been so well- preserved-- they were mummified even WAY before the birth of Christ!!

Another spectacular sight, apart from the sarcophagus that we saw almost at every other inch of the museum (I would NOT wanna be left here at night), the most breathtaking sight was that of King Tut’s section. Yep, the famous King who became ruler of Egypt at aged 9 and then died at 18 years of age. This young ruler’s tomb was only accidentally discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Apparently (according to our guide, Hassan), Ramesses had built his “tomb” on top of Tut. There were FOUR wooden sarcophagi “rooms” that were covered in gold gilt (REAL gold!). The largest would house the 2nd largest, which in turn would house the 3rd largest, which in turn would house the smallest one (which was STILL HUGE—you can probably squeeze in 30 people inside the smallest “room”). And in the smallest room, housed the very detailed carved coffin of Tut, with gold gilt and lapis and coral as well as turquoise decorations. Opening that coffin would not reveal Tut’s mummified body just yet—instead, it housed the PURE GOLD coffin of King Tut (getting warmer!!). Sigh, if King Tut were at the time, still undead, he would die anyway, with so many sarcophagi, and coffins. No room to breathe anymore!! Anyway inside the golden coffin, is the mummified King Tut. Finally! (We didn’t see this body because it lies in Luxor). Tut apparently was waring this HUGE GOLDEN MASK. (Like when I say golden, I really mean GOLDEN. Not gold gilt or plated. Pure gold!!) The scene was breathtaking. I could not take my eyes off the headdress/mask. And so did about 30 people who were also in there. It was amazing. The Egypt trip was already worth it by just seeing this. Boohoo!! I’m truly sorry I could not provide any photos of the museum. I could not smuggle the camera in ☹

Tonight, we went on a cruise aboard a ferryboat (I think that’s what it’s called), where we dined on authentic (aka tourist trap) Egyptian food, complete with belly dancing
(oh guess WHO danced with her?? Heheheh Yours truly! Out to embarrass myself—retail withdrawal I tell you!). We were also able to watch this spinning male dancer who just basically kept spinning with his colorful skirt flying around him—spinning and spinning for over 30 minutes (like a human flying saucer- top hehe)!! Non stop!!! It was truly amazing that the guy didn’t fall off balance (Hello, vertigo?!)

At the end of the dinner, we went up to the boat to take in the view. Here is the photo of our hotel from the boat

Tomorrow morning, we head off to see the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza. So I will park my post right here. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

P.S. Bag used for the afternoon: Goyard Orange Hobo (since this bag is so light and has zippered enclosure!!)

P.P.S. I am using the room's high speed internet. I am being charged Php 1,650 per 24 hour use of the net!! Hello, Highway robbery!!!

P.P.P.S. I am such a good girl today-- I did not get anything in Cairo on my 1st day!!! WoooHoOoooo!!!!
xoxo til tomorrow!!


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