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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Totally OT (off topic)-- HAVAIANAS!

Here's how my afternoon went. Chuck out the nap. I ended up not getting a quick nap as I had originally planned. I went to Razon's at Jupiter Street to order the yummy Palabok. While there, I saw that there was a hair salon right below, called the Basecut Salon.

So I went down there for a quick hair treatment (my usual shampoo- blowdry) thing. This is so funny you gotta read on. I had this lady wash my hair, then wrap it. She ushers me to my seat and begins to clip my hair in sections to begin blowdrying. So the blowdrying lasts for all of 5 minutes before she tells me "Sandali lang ha, may magpapa-shampoo." ("Hold on please, someone wants to have his hair shampooed"). Natch, I thought perhaps she was gonna call another lady to do it for the male client. After all, my hair was dripping wet and partly clipped. She wouldn't be leaving me to take care of another client.

SHE DID!!! I sat there, wet towel on my shoulders with partly dried hair, but mostly with wet and dripping hair. I could NOT believe it. This has got to be the WORST service I've ever had. Who's ever heard of a stylist leaving his/her client's wet and dripping hair to wash someone else's hair? What, is this woman in dire need of a tip or something? Couldn't that client wait for his turn?! I was pissed off (as a client!) but I kept my calm. I just knew right when I come home, I would be blogging about it. And warning you about it. DO NOT GO TO BASECUT SALON. They are VERY unprofessional. Seriously I hope someone knows the owner and is informed of such incident. Tsk. I pay Php 250 for this and the service was frucking lousy. Hell I get better service at Ricky Reyes for Php 150!!!

Anyyyway, I called DP during this time to share the incident. We had a good laugh about it, but of course it was also pretty humiliating, and disappointing to keep trying new salons and well, finding a bad apple in the bunch. One day, I promise to give you a list of hair salons that I've visited, and will also rate them for their shampoo-blowdry service.

During the course of our brief conversation, Daph tells me to visit Rockwell for the Design your own Havaianas event. Previously, I had mentioned that I had resisted the urge to pay for a pair of Havaianas-- well, a pair of expensive flipflops. But right, what was I gonna wear on my feet when I head over to Bora? *gulp*

And of course through DP, I was able to meet the owner, Anne G., who allowed me into the event (apparently you need something like a minimum purchase amount to get a pair). I SUCCUMBED!!!

I SUCCUMBED to Havaiana fever. A bit late, but heyyyy it's summmmmer... Summer can't be complete without at least a pair of Flipflops! Thanks thanks to DP (the orange thong with brown bottoms is dedicated to you-- I've inverted your design haha). I ended up with FOUR pairs!! Talk about "when it rains, it pours"!! The fever swept me off and swept me off big time :)

If you are in Rockwell tomorrow, check out that Havaianas event!! Tomorrow is the LAST day!!!

Here are the four pairs I ended up with. I can't believe I had not bought a single pair in the past. These flippies are sooo awesome! I ended up wearing the hot pink/lime combination for tonight's little get together.

Tonight, I went to Intramuros with DH. My friend CS moved up to her family's "Penthouse" complete with rooftop garden. It is awesome!! I loved her family's place. Check it out!!I've never seen a place with so much character. And the place is huuuuge!! Too bad I couldn't get a brighter shot of the place :(

Anyway I've gotta wake up early tomorrow. It's Berry-O's kid's party and I plan to bring my children there :) They need some fun too!!