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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Rep, Firma, Goyard, and my Little Miss Marc!

Yay, didn't realize the weekend has arrived. I was supposed to have flown off to Bali for the wedding of our friend BP to JT, but I also have another wedding of another good friend JC to attend the day after. I can't be superwoman and be at two places at the same time (that, plus I am financially strapped, remember? *wink!*)

So, I hate to bid the Bali trip goodbye, but I was left with no choice. To drown my sorrows, DH and I went on a feel-good date-- one of the dates that we used to have when we were still, umm.. "dating"! :-) *We always have feel-good dates, but tonight was special because this was really one of our rituals back when we weren't married OR even dating yet!*

The Repertory has been relocated to Greenbelt 1 (of course this I only knew recently-- the last time DH and I watched the Rep was back at Edsa Shangrila! We totally skipped the whole RCBC theater thing, and the saddest part was, we were so much closer there than the Shang!). Anyway, "2 & 2 Make Sex" was showing, which co- starred DH's friend's wife, Anna B.

Hags, if you have nothing to do on weekends (i.e. tired of watching movies), do check out the Rep. It's so worth the money you pay, and you get a slice of culture (DUH!). This particular play we watched, is hilarious! (Note to Baroness B: Go watch this, you will crack up!)They show from April 28-30; May 5-7 at the Rep's Globe Theater at Onstage Greenbelt 1. Call 887-0710/ 891-9999 (Ticketworld). Tickets at Php 500, Php 300, and Php 200.

Our show was still at 8pm, so we walked around Greenbelt 1 for a bit, though we just ended up at National Bookstore browsing through magazines. I of course, ended up buying some. :)
Check out the magazine section of NBS. DO YOU HAGS RECOGNIZE ANYONE? :) Hint Hint: Lookie at the front row, center!!! :) As Paris Hilton would say, "That's hot!" (You know who YOU are *wink!*)

So, post Rep, DH and I walked around a bit in Greenbelt 3, in search of a dessert place. Of course no trip is complete without a quick stopover at Firma. And no day would be complete if the baghag didn't spend (oh my, oh my stop stop already!), so I ended up with a new necklace ;) Not too expensive and loving it!!Check it out (yep that's moi, and yes, I now have shorter hair haha). I must've looked so unmatched, even Little Miss Marc had to show THAT sulky face of hers *Tsk, so what!*. I do love my shell necklace though-- I channeled The Little Mermaid Ariel's arch nemesis *who wore that necklace with the enchanting voice hehe*. Hmm... how does it really look? I guess layering chunky pieces didn't work out too well... But hey, deep down, I thought they looked awesome together *hehe forget Little Miss Marc!* And people probably thought I was a walking fashion disaster (err.. tell me something new-- I have ALWAYS been a walking fashion disaster anyway)

Ok before I park my words, I want to post this new bag photo (to be uploaded tomorrow at Tresormakati). This is a Gucci camel all-leather bag with the horsebit logo in blackened silver hardwaremeasuring 13"L x 9"H x 2.5"W. The bag is still quite new looking and very clean, and comes with its Gucci dustbag. Asking Price is Php 18,000. It's up for grabs :)

And last but not least, here is what Houston's baghag LPT sent me on my email the other day. WOOHOO another GOYARD toting celeb-- singer Cristina Milian (on the latest issue of In Style- May 2006 with Debra Messing on the cover). :D Thanks for the photo girl!! Go Go Goyard! (Check out that custom painted heart!!!)

ATTENTION HAGS: If you have a bag you'd like to brag about, do email me a photo of you carrying it (you can crop the photo to just your bag, if you are shy :-) ) And tell me all about the bag!! It's time we have more BRAG-A-BAG HAGS! Don't worry, no one will judge you. We are already all above- gentry, remember? :-)

Have a great weekend you all!!
P.S. (Addendum!!) I took a photo of what my new TRESOR website will look like. It will launch fairly soon. Give my webman a week more or so to teach me how to upload everything else on my own and I'll launch it when I can already maintain it :) TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK with my sneak peek !! :D Comments are appreciated!


Anonymous paz said...

mrs.T, i am excited on your new site! good luck to you and i hope more bag hags are coming out in the open!

it's actually therapeutic! ha, ha!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Claire T. said...

Hello MrsT!
I love ur new website, when will u show it to us? More power more power ^{^

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Daphne said...

Classy website!!! Did you do the photography??

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Daphne said...

Classy website!!! Did you do the photography??

9:10 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

love your new website! cant wait to see it open with lots and lotsa bags. btw, opened your profile and i think youre forgetting to add GOYARD in your interests list!

kudos more power to you!


3:39 PM  
Anonymous pg said...

Love the new look, it looks classy and enticing... can't wait to see it!

12:13 PM  

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