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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Quickie Ode to YSL

Oh My Gawd. The bag that I had been seriously lusting for is finally available at Bergdorf Goodman.

This is it-- The YSL Maia bag. YSL's version of the birkin. Although this is I believe, the smaller version (I still am lusting for the bigger version), I like this bag nonetheless. At US$1895 for a pricetag, it is certainly my "lust-for" bag for this morning (what a way to say goodnite to me!!)

Another bag worth looking at is the YSL Muse in Pewter (metallic). I still like this bag, and it being metallic scores more points for me. I know that the bag's style is somewhat boring (well it doesn't have embellishments of any kind and CAN be perceived as "old" looking), but this is the kind of bag (bugatti) that retains its timelessness quality. The shape itself says it all (Case in point, think of the LV Alma.. How long has that shape been in the bag world? These two shapes are relatively similar). At US$1095 (wow this bag is actually more "affordable"-- it being pitted against the prices of most "it" bag these days, which cost from US$1200 up)

Sigh... I wish Greenbelt 4's YSL would carry the Maia bag... I'd be first in line to get it! :) (alert: credit card swipe abuse). I am not motivated to shop online nowadays. I seriously need to cut back on spending. After all, I've got kids to think of! (Whoa?! Earth to Mrs. T all of a sudden :D *snicker*)

Ok enough harping here (like I ever really stopped harping), I have to get some shuteye already. Long day ahead tomorrow. Finalizing my bag- rehab trip plans early in the morning :D
(I can already picture myself shaking and sweating uncontrollably-- cardswipe withdrawal) hehee night!! xoxo