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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hi hags!
POIRE phone pouches are baaaaack!!
Unfortunately good ol' customs decided to tax them about 16% so the price has increased :(
Anyway here they are!

1. Brown fragrance (brown background with brown & white flowers and blue piping)
2. Tartan scottie (pink embroidered doggie has a collar with a crystal stud and pink piping )
3. Pucci (with lilac piping)
4. Argyle (green with lime background and baby pink piping)
5. Red poodles (reddish-orange satiny background with blue poodles and light blue piping)
6. Snowflakes (brown with light blue snowflakes and crystal studs)
7. Orange fragance (aqua background with brown and orange flowers and brown piping)

*The Pucci print is somewhat larger and can accommodate a bigger phone :)

Please text me at +63916-7580857 for orders or for more details. Appreciate if you could identify yourself. (No anonymous texts please-- they won't be entertained)



Anonymous paz said...

these are so cute? can it fit a nano ipod, too?

1:09 AM  

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