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Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Louis Vuitton Denims

Just a quick post here-- Louis Vuitton's fuchsia pink and khaki green Denim Monograms are about to be released. But hey, they already have it on ebay *shock*. Anyway, check these out. Denim speedy in fuchsia, and the denim speedy in khaki. (photos from ebay oh-la-la-louis)

Also, here are photos of the Quilted Denim Line of LV (thanks to my Alva boardie khoi). Very pricey bags. They're not so bad, but in high likelihood, I won't be ordering any. That, plus I can't afford any of them. :D

Quilted Linda (in pink). Approx price for it is US$3,430.Quilted Musette (in black). Approx price US$3,230.Quilted Gondole (in green). Approx price US$3,150.Again these prices are not fixed and just for your reference. We all know that prices are different in every other LV country :D (taxes and all)

Anyway, I thought you bag hags will enjoy these photos :) Have a good Sunday!!