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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Louis Vuitton Bags

Coming from that boobtube appearance on DaphP's show last Sunday, I am still sorta on a high (WOW this is realllly getting to my head, I reallly am deluding myself into thinking I AM popular! *oh Puke puhleeaaase!!*) Earth to Mrs. T!!!

Ok fine. Sigh. Moving on to more bag talk-- let's discuss our love for all bags designer *cough you label whores you-- me included!*. Especially LV. Apart from the fuchsia and green denim bags that are coming out this season for Louis Vuitton, here are a few more monogram pieces that have just debuted:

Tikal PM

Tikal GM
Pochette CancunI am so not fond of the Tikal style. That turnlock reminds me so much of Coach bags. If I were to spend a good US $1,200 on a bag, I'd honestly not spend it on the Tikal GM. Sorry, but this doesn't score any points for me right now. I'd rather do the pushlocks please. Those were a lot cuter.

Why pray tell, so suddenly is the LV Murakami Trouville in Black appealing to my bag senses? Tsk. This is LV withdrawal kicking in. I haven't been to the local LV boutique since March. It's almost end of April already.

Sigh, to be a woman and to have so many skeletons in her closet (skeletons who carry bags *teehee of course, can't have it any other way!*), a travesty I tell you. Time to turn in for the night.



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