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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Leaving in 5 hours!!

I have five hours to go. I know this is sorta insane to not post any
more photos, but please bear with me,
I am having trouble as it is, organizing last minute things to put in
my luggage.
And although I'd love to pack like BB (*wink*), I can't!! Or I'll be
seriously disowned by my family
for causing them so much stress over excess luggage!
I have decided on the bags I am bringing:

1. Goyard Orange Hobo
2. LV Denim Baggy PM-- both short and long strap
3. Longchamp purple carry-on cabin bag

The true test lies ahead. Will the Goyard and the LV denim bag
withstand all that sand? *hint hint there* So
do YOU know where I'm off to yet? :-)

Hint 1: Exotic land far, far away
Hint 2: One of the seven wonders of the world
Hint 3: Possible smell of camel piss *hehehe, hey I don't mind, I
probably will smell worse than these animals anyway*
Hint 4: Actors Rachel W. and Arnold V. filmed a blockbuster at this
place (I can't tell you the OTHER guy's name. That would be a serious
giveaway already)

Anyway I hear that my sis inlaw will be bringing her Mac, so perhaps
I can blog somehow after all!!

*Keep those stubby fingers crossed!*

Bag hag traveling free and in *cough* style !! *muwahahaha*


Blogger the fash pack said...

going to egypt? we've been there, done that. the pyramids are AMAZING! and a camel ride is something everyone has to do at least once in her life, hehe....

6:34 PM  
Blogger Shop Diary said...

where else but egypt?

10:29 PM  

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