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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just Another Day in Bag Paradise (but I'm Broke!)

I was so pleasantly awakened by a phone text message from Houston's hot baghag LPT, asking me if I was interested in a 32cm Hermes birkin. I almost fell off my bed. I am so broke-- aka Poor, aka Financially challenged... Wait. Make that financially incapacitated.

Here's the funny part, LPT was offered an apple green birkin! Shallow baghag alert: I would've taken out a loan anytime for the apple green bag muwahahaha!! I am such a sucker, it's no longer funny. Anyway, LPT, thank you for thinking of me. I will have to earn $$ to buy anything Hermes first! (I threw my credit cards away, hoping the credit card bills won't trace my whereabouts hehehe :P)

Two more baghag honorable mentions:

MBS who is currently in Paris right now, went to the Goyard boutique at 233 Rue Saint Honore. She went to LV first and said, "the boutique was like SM (shoe mart)-- there were so many people inside!". Then she dropped by Goyard-- "Not as many people yet, but lotsa Japanese women!". I'm telling ya, these Japanese ladies know a good brand when they see it !! She walked out of LV with a new Speedy (woohoo Pandora's bag!), and Goyard with a new Orange Fidji Hobo. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

JGC whom I had contacted before to borrow some jewelry for my shoot back when I was with Metro Weddings, wrote to me. I laughed so hard after having read her email. Another "closet-case" bag hag surfaces! I love this!! I thought I was seriously going to cure my obsession, but now I am helping hags "come out"!! Tsk tsk, I can't believe you had to confess to your DH about the price of your Hermes birkin! I would've said it was just another new bag. Period. *muwahahaha* Cheers to you girl, I think you should add Goyard bags to your collection :D (Goyard publicists, please read my blog, please hire me to be the local spokesperson! hahaha what a pathetic sod I am!)

Ok ok, enough mention of that for now.

Speaking of Hermes bags, has anyone seen this new Hermes bag model-- Paris-Bombay? My fellow boardie GianaB is in love with the bag, and I think I am too. It is such a classic shaped bag. But oh be still my heart, it has a price tag of about US$3,000++! Don't worry, when I strike gold one day, I will get this bag and raffle it off here on my blog :D heheehee! *That would be the day!*

Oh! Some hags (ok ladies, raise your hands now) were asking me for my opinion on the Chloe Edith bag. This is a smaller version of the Edith in a really nice blue color. Hmm, know what, I am divided on this bag (partly because of my finances hahaha!!). I really like it because it's cute, but it doesn't look like it will pack a lot. Plus it looks a bit too similar to the Balenciaga bags. But maybe let me see the large one in person and I will seriously consider it. My eyes are still reserved for that Chanel metallic bowling bag from the luxury line. (photo credit: Baghag LPT-- her cousin owns this fab bag!!)

Ok, I don't wanna shortchange everyone today, but I have a seriously sore shoulderblade. I need to rest (since I can't get a massage). :(

Anyway have a good Sunday, and if by chance tomorrow night, you are just home, don't forget to tune in to the ANC Channel, for Daph P.'s show at 7pm :) I have to sleep now. I have to play Mommy (the real Mommy, not Hoochie Mama-- that's my different side please) who'd bring the kids to a children's party by noon tomorrow. Sigh, it's a big world out there for the lil ones isn't it? :)


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