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Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm Now in Dubai!

After a long 8 hour flight, we have landed in Dubai.
Yup, the land where streets are paved in gold (or was that London?!)
This is just a 3 hour layover to our final destination--
There, I said it. We are flying off to Egypt-- to Cairo and then to Luxor.
After which, we head onto another country, Turkey (Ruffa's territory :D)
Boy, it's just 4.30am here in Dubai and I am inside the Business Class Lounge of
Emirates Airlines (which by the way, I give high marks-- Emirates Airlines
is definitely one of the best I've taken so far, and being in Business class
*compliments of my family hehe freeloader!* doesn't hurt either).
I will be heading out to the Duty Free Shops here (ahhh yes, believe it or not,
at this semi- ungodly hour, THEY ARE OPEN!!!!!)
Now I will keep this short, will take plenty photos and beg my sister-in-law to
allow me to upload my photos to her Mac.
Thanks too to Daph P. and Pat P., whom DH and I saw before we went to the airport-- they have graciously lent us their 512 camera memory card!!
I shall now enjoy my little slice of retail heaven before we head off to the Holy Land in 3 hours. (postscript: My bad, Egypt is NOT the holy land *DUH*)
P.S. I have decided to use the Coco and Tres hobo bag that DP gave me as my cabin bag (over the Longchamp). I love this bag, but now that I am in Dubai, I wish I carried the Longchamp instead-- it's larger!!!!


Blogger angelgo said...

hi mrs. T. its me angel!! im so happy you got to blog pa. have fun!!!

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