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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Greenbelt 4 + Denim Craze + a "fashionable" wake? *HUH??*

LOOKIE what's new at eluxury.com! The colored denim line of Louis Vuitton!

There's nothing quite like a fuchsia denim Baggy PM. I just so absolutely adore this style, and wow, now in this color! It's soo tempting! Incidentally, I also saw local actress Heart E. surveying the Greenbelt 4 shops today. I totally forgot about taking her photo, but she was carrying an LV denim (blue) Baggy GM.

I am not hot about the green Baggy PM though.. In fact, I don't like the whole green denim line at all. It is too "militaristic" for me. I would pick "flirtateous girly" anytime :)

Hags, this I can tell you-- the Baggy PM is an easy bag to use. Very functional. I especially love that you can use a long strap with this bag. Perfect for travelling as well as perfect if you have to handle a tot when you are without a nanny :) *that being the case, you will need the bigger baggy*

Ok since I was at Greenbelt 4 this morning, chatting the time away with SSI main man Ramon SA., I also toured about the area and took photos of what's currently "showing" on the boutique windows:

PRADA with all those white bags!! All white leather bags with logos!
BOTTEGA Red cabas with yummy yellow and green intrecciato wallets.
FERRAGAMO python bag. (I can't get over the fact that I like the metallic! And believe me, I am SO tempted to get the bag. This is really a true test of EQ, and financial capability *hehe well, that being the case, I CAN'T buy the bag)

LOUIS VUITTON with the suede bags and some wallets and watches.Oh and speaking of the Suede collection, I ran into baghag Baba B. and she has the large yellow suede Onatah with the suede flowers.
Before the night was over, DH and I went to the wake of my godparents' mother at Santuario de San Antonio Parish at Forbes Park. I have NEVER been to a wake where there were SO MANY designer bags walking around (errr I mean women with designer bags hehe)! Where the heck was I anyway? I was sooo tempted to just whip out my camera and snap away at these ladies with the woohoo bags but my *cough* good sense told me not to. Etiquette dahlings, this is a wake, not some fashion show after-party. But here are the bags I saw (and I will list them one by one!!)

1. Prada "plume" style bag in caramel
2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Ellipse GM
3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Papillon 26
4. Balenciaga Pewter Weekender
5. Fendi Denim Squirrel Spy (this bag looks GORGEOUS in person!!)
6. Balenciaga Rose Box
7. Balenciaga White City
8. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30
9. Chanel Black Caviar Cabas
10. Louis Vuitton White Suhali Le Talentueux (with matching white Suhali slip-ons!!!)
11. Louis Vuitton Blue Suhali Le Talentueux
12. Louis Vuitton Denim Neo Speedy
13. Burberry Tartan Cabas
14. Balenciaga Apple Green City (that would be my bag hehehe *braaaaagging biatch*)

My goodness! And this was what I saw during the whole time I was there (for 40 minutes?!). And while there were a lot of people, there were just a FEW women! And a majority of the FEW were carrying the abovementioned bags!!

Hands down, this was THE most extravagant send-off for the dearly departed. Wow.

Anyway, I have to go back and check up on my Longchamp large foldable tote. I am using my purple one for travel and I just washed it a few minutes before I began blogging. This was how I washed it by the way. I just placed the bag onto the ledge of my tub and used the showerhead to spray warm water over the dirty spots. I also used soap to wash some stains off. And just rinsed it off again with the showerhead :)

Good night! Lots to do tomorrow.