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Friday, April 21, 2006

CITEM fair (Pinoys export some awesome stuff!)

Sorry I didn't post last night. The bag hag biatches alert: I got so stressed out because of some problems with my account at Paypal, hence them holding onto the balance (aka freezing my money) in my account-- at my expense (while they earn interest!). The trouble with the zeediots there is that they cannot just rely on the info I gave them to prove my identity (since I was logging in from the Philippines and my account is US based). These are the info I have provided and yet they remain dubious (like if I wanted to steal money, would I call the bank ahead to let them know I'm coming?! Stupid)-- I turned over my Social Security Number, my Credit card info, my bank info (with which I had to reverify by submitting some numbers then Paypal debits $1.95 from my account, and a 4 digit code pops up thereafter-- and that 4 digit code is used to further verify my account). I am being jipped. Not only that, I had to CALL paypal (in San Jose, CA) to explain to them why I am using my paypal to transfer the remaining balance to my US bank account when I am in the Philippines. Exactly the reason why I want to transfer is because Paypal thinks it's Big Brother. It just decides to withhold your balance whenever it feels like it. Bullcrap about security measures. I have already informed them wayyy back that I am in the Philippines and won't be in the US til mid year. ARGGGHH!!!! This is total internet discrimination. Paypal ASSUMES ANY TRANSACTION COMING OUT OF THE PHILIPPINES IS FRAUDULENT. Someone PLEASE think about suing Paypal. Never done before? Well, hello, Internet discrimination. Maybe this is the way for me to become rich (to sue them. Paypal vs. Mrs. T-- that'll be the day haha). I was so emotionally drained. Talked to three levels of supervisors (!). So tomorrow I will fax my US Driver's License, US Bank statement, and US credit card statement. I've never taken to using the word "hate" lightly, but using it now seems totally appropriate. I HATE paypal. And if Identity theft happens to me-- I have you all as witnesses. You all know I turned all the abovementioned info to Paypal and paypal alone. *harumph!* Paging the legal eagle bag hags-- do I have a case against Paypal here? Let me play the part of the litigious baghag (in true biatchy form).

Ok anyway forget about bitching or I will grow yet another strand of stiff white hair around my cowlick, and earn a new wrinkle right on my already wrinkled forehead. I went with DP yesterday to CITEM-- the Furnitures and Fashion accessories expo for exporters and international buyers (She had to conduct interviews with designers, and I just tagged along for the ride. Damn I am such a leech. I'm surprised DP has not pried me off her yet :P D: please allow my mid-life crisis to pass hehe). *Thick booklet containing contact info of exhibitors-- that robot trick keychain was given to me by this nice "booth handler"-- I had asked how much they were selling these per piece but it wasn't for sale. Seconds later, this lil thing was handed to me. FREE! (cough I must have the word FREELOADER tattooed across my forehead!) Hehe. THANK YOU!! :D Anyway, for the duration of our walkabout within the expo, we wore Press tags. (WOOHOO license to shoot-- photo shoot :D) Here are Metro Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Mel C. *Fendi* and Daph O. *Goyard*Hot news alert: Mel C. is going to Taipei to attend the Louis Vuitton store opening. I am greeeen with envy. But I think I am giving my wallet a rest. Besides, LV is gonna have Lindsay Lohan as their spokesmodel. Ummm *hurl!* (I am just in denial coz I have no funds to buy an LV bag) *hehe* Ugh am I PMS-ing or what?! I'm just plain biatchy today, sorry! hehee

Going back to my topic, the World Trade Center was home to all things related to the home-- furniture in particular. *cough* Where is my couch fund??? I saw a good 10 couches that I actually liked!!!
This is a feast for a furniture lover's eyes. I actually wished that my house looked like one of the showcases. Alas, my house is in topsy turvy condition-- don't you already know by now that I am one messy gook of a bag hag? The only organized part of my life is my bag closet!! *muwahahaha*
Speaking of organizing, I saw tons of mini bodyforms and would have loved to buy one (bah they were not for sale)-- it would be perfect to hold some of my accessories (my necklaces!). There was also this little room that had all these nice tassles with mother of pearl ornaments (perfect to tie curtains with). And sigh, my love for lamps, lanterns, and... Chandeliers! (nothing crystal thank you, I LOVE these iron pieces!)

We moved onto the PICC for the fashion accessories, and I was overwhelmed within seconds of entering the hall. Design house Avatarhas by far superceded every other 'booth' by offering champagne and hors d'oeurves to visitors who view their products. And they have my favorite necklace. The necklace would retail for about US$80. Unfortunately it was not for sale (so what else is new!) But, no matter! I was nevertheless able to get one of their export overrun necklaces for Php 1,500. I love it! :)

Pan Arts also has a pretty interesting, no- frills spot on the floor, with all these pull-out drawers that showcase their wares (the pair are Pan Arts' senior designers and they hail from Cebu). And let me tell you, most of these beautiful fashion accessories within the whole hall, are mostly made in Cebu! Geez and we have to go shopping online at Barneys.com or other online sites to buy exactly the same necklaces!? BUY OUR OWN!! SUPPORT the Philippine economy! *Tsk, but how? Nothing is for sale here!!!* Let it be known though, that when you buy those necklaces or bracelets or earrings from one of the big stores in the US or Europe, they could be from the Philippines!!! :) I salute our artists and designers. They make me proud to be a Pinoy (Paypal zeediots, take THAT! For stereotyping Filipinos as fraudsters and con artists! Yes hags, that Paypal customer service supervisor mentioned that Filipinos are known to hack into paypal accounts, which was why my account got 'frozen'! Because I accessed it from the Philippines, and they don't know if I am the accountholder or I'm just another Filipino con artist!! I swear someone should sue that company! *Fuming*) Ok sorry (haha I can't believe I am still pissed!)

Then there were bags like this one-- inspired by the Star fruit. I'm not so sure if this is a Bea Valdes bag (there was no name or anything on the exhibit *pout*)

There was fashion designer Yvonne Quisumbing-Romulo YQR who created the nice bib necklace. More necklaces such as this one were showcased. Clever use of mother of pearls, and rattan- like rings are also prevalent. The collections of most exhibitors had the Marni-esque look going.

And then of course, there were the quirkier ones like this piece. Very interesting piece. The white flower-like charms hanging off the necklace are actually some kind of plant fiber. That's clever use of materials all right. And I would not mind wearing that piece too! This other piece looks like some mini exotic fruit (starfruit) that was strung together. Again, very unique looking piece. But I worry that it might be a bit too bulky. I know of someone who can carry this piece well because she has a long neck. But this piece is not for me.

There was supposed to be a fashion show by Cesar Gaupo that night, but I had to head home to entertain a client by 6pm. Oh speaking of fashion show-- designer Mel Vergel De Dios (you would remember him-- he was part of the team of designers who presented their collection last month on fashion week)-- this will shock many of you, but he was found dead. Murdered :( *Rest in peace* Sad huh? So many crazies these days. :( *sigh* Think happy thoughts...

Ok, post dinner, DH and I had to run an errand and met up quickly with friends DiVa and her Dear Hubby, which led us to Malugay Street in Makati. WOOHOO all was not wasted on that errand-- all four of us saw this BAG SHOP!!!!

SHARE A BAG SHOP TO BAG HAGS ALERT: The boutique name is MATISSE. A Specialty bags boutique!! They have this SUPER cute clutch/ shoulder bag made of leather, sewn with cutesie things like a thread spool, as well as little glass animals! Price was something like Php 13,000+. It is SO nice though and I was so tempted to get it. It's one of those one-of-a-kind bags. There also were leather-cutout bags with metallic leather accents, as well as bags which had a few zippers strung together to form a bag charm!! I love their stuff and I will definitely pay them a visit again soon. Located at Unit 5-A, The Zone. Malugay Street, Makati City (to get more details on where exactly this shop is located, call or text +63917-822.7507)

Anyway that's about all I have to share for now. Tonight is date night. Hello to Baghag KM who passed by my place earlier and heard me biatching about paypal. Sorry that it had to be you girl :) *hehehe free biatching, compared to my direct biatching to paypal which I had to pay for! BLAH :(*

P.S. SHAMELESS PLUG: Check out www.tresormakati.com now for bags and (slightly used) shoes UNDER PhP 5,000!! There's about 22 items there right now, all newly updated! There's more to come as well, including this YSL suede fringe hoboat Php 18,500 only (original price was Php 64,000!!!) A STEAL! And this LV monogram deauville
at Php 35,000 (a new deauville goes for Php 65,000 now).

P.P.S. Congratulations to baghag CPP (all the way up north) for her new GOYARD bag!!! WooHoo there are more and more fans of the bag and tell me frankly, isn't Goyard a fresh breath of air compared to Louis Vuitton?

PSST, baghag LPT-- time to get a Goyard :)

Have a good weekend hags!!


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