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Saturday, April 01, 2006

BB's A-Z of Style at MEGA + the Bottega bling

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Did you fool anyone yet? *Snicker*

I leafed through my copy of Mega Magazine and was instantly jolted out of my seat when I saw a Goyard bag featured. And a Chanel too! Then of course I realize, it's the BryanBoy feature :D (natch!!!) He is currently featured on the magazine-- on his A-Z of Style. I aint posting the whole thing here, I merely am giving you a teaser.

On another note, My accessories designer friend D! also has her DiVa bangles featured!! :) Back to back with BB's feature :) *wink wink*! You can find D!'s bangles at Atelier Debbie Co (2nd floor Jupiter Place, Jupiter Street Makati). Anyway, go get your own copy of Mega Mag! It's just Php 150 for that quick fashion fix and it promises to last you through the whole month :).

Before I went to sleep this morning, I leafed through Architect MT's magazine one more time. I can't believe this bag escaped my 20/20 vision! Ok. I know some of you might think this Bottega Veneta perforated intrecciato pewter bag is quite on the matronic side, but hags, I LOVE IT. (this bag reminds me I often wondered why, oh why, not many can appreciate the beauty (haha and price) of Bottega-- so far I only know of a handful of die-hard Bottega fans-- Shang's AA, Dr.M (who has tons of all- black designer bags whom I believe has a black intrecciato cabas), and fashionable DP who has a brown frame bag (if I'm also not mistaken). :D Well, I'm a growing fan, sorta. But geez I can't afford their bags! But oh my this is a beauty.

The bag shape is very reminiscent of Celine's vernis bags about two seasons ago (I featured a purple Celine that I saw during my last trip to Hong Kong). I fear asking the price of this bag. Really.

*Yawn* I gotta get a quickie shut-eye (hehe) because I slept at 5am this morning and woke up at 9am for my children's pediatrician appointments. Have a small dinner thingie at an old friend's place in Intramuros (I am looking forward to this-- I have not been to Intramuros for a looong time!!)

For Shopaholics in Manila:
Paul Smith's Spring/ Summer 2006 Mens and Blue Label of the Women's Collection has arrived at both Glorietta 4 and Shangrila boutiques.

CMG is having a sale -- 10% on all new arrival shoes (and I believe 20% on all other older models). Go check it out. Was at Glorietta 4 earlier and saw. There's a nice pair of thong slippers with coral pebbles. It's under Php 2,000 now!